The high school experience can be many things: awkward, exciting, hilarious and horrible all at the same time. But occasionally, something happens that could only be described as 'legendary'. Here, people share the most legendary stories that happened during high school.

1/27. A student accidentally butt-dialed his mother while the class was watching Platoon.

The SWAT Team showed up.


2/27. This happened at my school in the UK around 2002. We had an indoor swimming pool at my school that was always really cold, and one particularly freezing December day, a bunch of us decided that we really didn't fancy having to do swimming for PE. So we dared this kid called Todd, who was pretty crazy, to crap in the pool. He said he would do it for 10. We had a quick whip round and managed to get the money pretty quick between us.

To avoid getting caught, he decided to crap into the pool from the roof, through a sky light. A lot of the buildings in our school had staircases on the outside, so it didn't take much effort for a couple of us to give him a leg up onto the roof. Once he was up there we ran back down to the pool and looked through the windows.

Sure enough, after a couple of minutes, we saw two or three of Todd's a** apples drop into the perfectly still pool, causing a gentle, disgusting, but oddly beautiful ripple. There was no PE for us that day


3/27. We have a school news channel that sometimes did live segments about new stuff going on. This was every morning in home room. One morning they are doing a walk through of the new part of the school just built. They walk into a staircase and some girl is sitting in some kids face on the floor. This is at 8 a.m and the entire school saw it.


4/27. My middle school was on a hill and the tallest building in the area. During fleet week, the Blue Angels flew (what must have been) 100-200ft above it. Shattered like 30 windows on the top floor of the school.


5/27. We had this librarian who was a real stickler. If anyone made any noise whatsoever while in the library, she would have a coronary. To add to that, the computers in the library, for whatever reason, had this feature that when you held the down key for more than 2 seconds, they would make this screeching noise. I don't have a clue why on earth they thought we really needed this feature. I can't imagine excessive down key pushing was really going to wreck the computer, but whatever. People would forget all the time and she would go nuts. She would burst out of her office and give you the death glare if you triggered the down key alarm.

Anyway, we had a girl at our school who was deaf and had a great sense of humor and we suggested some library fun.

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She held the down key, it started screeching, and the librarian went batsh*t. Most people stop holding it down after a second or two because it's so annoying, but she just kept going. For a solid five minutes, the librarian ran around the room screaming "Who's doing that??? Who's doing that???" Most people in the lab weren't in on the joke so they had no idea who could be so ballsy.

Eventually, she found where the sound was coming from, but she couldn't yell at her because there was obviously some plausible deniability. Like, she' legitimately couldn't hear the sound and she actually kept a straight face throughout. Apparently she did it a couple more times and played the "Oops, I forgot!" angle, but I wasn't there for it.

Maybe not legendary in the grand scheme of things, but she was a cool chick and it was hilarious.


6/27. "Someone"(not me), was tired of drug dogs going through the halls. So they sprayed bong water all over the principals car. Dogs didn't come back.


7/27. My junior year, the seniors put hay everywhere inside the f*cking english building, where it basically looked like a farm. One of the admins wasn't even letting people look at the mess inside.


8/27. One hot day in June there was basically a riot at our school. Pretty much every kid in the school at lunch recess gathered at the office entrance to the school and started chanting "It's too hot! We wanna go home!". It was pretty incredible. A teacher at one point came out and said "We're calling the police!" to no avail. Finally the bell rang and everyone cheered and went inside.


9/27. There was the time a girl had sex with two dudes in the auditorium during a basketball game and it was caught on the school camera.

Her family ended up sending her somewhere else after that.


10/27. Twice a week at our school, the junior and senior guys were on garbage/recycling duty after lunch. We'd gather all the garbage bags and recycling from the classrooms and offices. The building was a school attached to a church with offices and a sort of community center. It wasn't a huge building, but it was pretty big. We'd take all the garbage and trash out to the dumpster which was set next to some sheds behind the building.

That's how it all started.

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Jeff jumping off a 10-12 foot shed into a dumpster full of cardboard boxes. We'd laugh, roll the dumpster out to wear the garbage guy could get to it, someone else rolled it back when garbage was collected.

One day Jeff climbed the backstop of the baseball field right near the dumpsters...that was a 25-30 foot drop, I think. He made that one look easy. Then he dropped in from out of a tree, that was probably about 40 feet.

Finally, about a month from our graduation, he told us his plan. He had to break into the crawlspace above the chapel (accessible by a padlocked trap door on the third floor of class rooms, then climb up through the attic space of the chapel and onto the roof. The chapel parking lot sloped sharply by about 7-8 feet, which is where the 50 foot drop comes in.

We saved boxes for weeks, set them up in the dumpster, put it in the parking lot about 15 feet from the chapel wall, and watched him jump.


11/27. Kid gets yelled at. Runs out of school into the woods. Helicopters come and search for hours for the kid. School goes on lockdown. SWAT team finds him a mile away eating snickers in the woods.

Comes back next week like nothing happened.


12/27. At the school where I used to teach, the students told me that years ago, someone swapped the science teacher's Bill Nye video with a hardcore porn tape. According to legend, the teacher didn't notice for quite a while, and the students watched several minutes of smut that day.


13/27. Two teachers having sex in an empty class. They thought they had locked the door. A student caught them. They were both fired.


14/27. When I was in Grade 9, I was sitting in the computer lab working in during the communications class. All of the sudden, we hear this loud revving getting louder and louder, something passing by very quickly then fading away.

Our teacher ran out of the room after it, and crike, I had no idea the man could move that quickly. I was in crutches due to a sports injury, so I had to hobble out behind the rest of the class as we tried to find out what was going on.

Apparently, one of seniors brought an ATV to school and drove through the halls. What was 'legendary' was that he somehow was never caught.


15/27. I took an A+ course in high school. We had an alright sized lab room for stripping computers and another room full of computers for other work or lessons. There were a few stuffed animals in the lesson room as a half assed attempt by my teacher to decorate. Those come into play later.

My teacher kept finding porn history on one of the computers. It was always horribly spelled or incoherent searches, and she assumed it was a freshman being a smart ass to impress his friends during a different class. One day she gets fed up with it and makes a special project for us nerds in her A+ course. She gave us one of the lab computers and the smallest cam she could find and asked us to make a hidden camera. We complied and made a decent one and brought it into the other room, set it to record with more than enough hard drive space and aimed it at the perps 'puter.

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The next day we fire up the vid and see one of the seniors coming in before schools starts, googling some porn and giving himself the old wax job. He cleaned up with one of the stuffed animals and went about his business. She threw out the stuffed animals and the cops got involved. Kid got into trouble but went into the army after high school, so maybe it all worked out in the end.


16/27. Our school has a huge statue of a mustang at the front because that's our mascot. It's about 40 feet up above the entryway so everyone sees it when they come in.

One morning there was a bright pink dildo on it. It took them awhile to get it off of there because they didn't want to ruin the statue or leave any piece of the evidence behind. It was too heavy to remove from its place, so there it stayed with a banner hung across the entryway blocking the statue. Nobody knows who did it except for the masterminds of the crime.


17/27. In another class they managed to get into the ceiling tiles and plug socket, so they took an old phone with dirty ringtone and a charger and left it up there. For whatever reason, because of acoustics the sound seemed to shift around the room as you walked.

The number got passed around so people could call whenever they needed to disrupt the class for a while.


18/27. Seems like every couple months you practice fire drills, and one day the alarm goes off. We start making our way down the stairwell, and there is smoke.

I get outside, and say to somebody, "wow, they make these fire drills so realistic, smoke and everything!"

The reply I got back was, "the school really is on fire."

So yeah, my school caught on fire, that was legendary.

I'm not the brightest tool in the shed.


19/27. I attended a High School called Rampart that, despite being a blue ribbon school, had serious budget issues. The budget problems got so bad that the principal started renting out the school gym to anyone willing to pay up to use it. Some guy rented the gym out for a Saturday night, saying he was going to hold a church dance. Instead he...

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Instead he held a rave that got so out of hand it destroyed the gym. The incident quickly grew into legend amongst the students. Many claimed to have been there or to have known the guy who threw the rave. We weren't able to use the gym for the rest of the year. They kept the doors locked but there were constant attempts to force them open so we could see the damage.

It didn't take long for the students to start referring to the school as Ravepart and whenever we had to sing the national anthem would finish it "and the home of the rave." The next year we had a new principal too but we never knew if the old principal was fired because of the rave incident.


20/27. Apparently some if they guys a few years ahead of me got into the principals car, took of the brake and pushed it up a makeshift ramp to the roof of the shed. I don't know how he got it down.


21/27. A guy from my high school thought it would be a great idea to streak through the halls on the last day of school. After running around buck ass naked, people who witnessed it began whispering about "some guy streaking". Pretty soon the entire school was talking about this unknown mystery guy who ran around with his dick out. Biology teacher witnessed it and said "maybe it's just chilly today, but he isn't very well endowed".

Soon after, he went to the front office and turned himself in. He apparently walked in to a room full of administrators - all women - and just said "it was me". They all busted out laughing and said "just don't do it again, kay?"


22/27. There is a tradition here in Australia that the year 12's (final year of high school) usually have a day called 'muck up day' where they play pranks or whatever in the school. Well one year, the year 12's decided to f*ck with the whole school and placed road work signs and cones on one of the main roads next to the school. They diverted all that traffic through the school essentially f*cking up a lot of people's day. It's the best thing anyone has done on muck up day at our school.


23/27. I'm from a small town in Indiana. That means two things:

1. Nobody really knows what you're talking about when you say where you're from. Here in Indiana, you're either from "around Fort Wayne," or "around Indianapolis."

2. You NEVER see fights break out. Maybe a little slapfest, but that's it. The worst I'd witnessed before this was this one girl dumping Gatorade on another girl. Nothing exciting.

But this day. This day broke both stereotypes.

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We were put on a hard lockdown that day, meaning we had to sit in class until the teacher released us. We missed the entirety of third period, sitting there in second period while our teachers got bored and started watching cat videos with us on YouTube. Typically, a hard lockdown means a shooter got in the school or something, but nope. That apparently wasn't what was going on.

A senior (who was over 18) got in a fight with a freshman over a sophomore girl, and then they pushed each other out a f*cking window. We were on the news. You don't say "you're from around Fort Wayne" anymore, nowadays in Indiana you can get away with saying "we're from that town where the kids went out a window."


24/27. The guys in my year managed to swipe the vice principals smoking pipe, they put up ransom posters everywhere.


25/27. A guy drove through the school on a dirt bike. He was doing wheelies and dodging the supervisors who couldn't catch up to the dirt bike on their golf carts. Then later that day he posted the video he recorded of the whole thing from a GoPro on Twitter.


26/27. In high school we weren't allowed to wear costumes for Halloween. My senior year a giant group of us, about a good half or 3/4 of the class decided that were going to dress up anyway and meet in the parking lot before school to march in together.

I spent the night before making my costume, which was a suit of armor made out of cardboard with metallic tape, a sword made the same way, and one of those broomstick horses.

The next day we all gathered like we had said and marched it together. It was hilarious, but I guess they found out so the deans and assistant deans were waiting for us in the cafeteria to take our IDs so we could report to detention. One of my friend's had dressed up as an ATM that he made out of cardboard. When they asked him for his ID he was ready and slipped it out of a slot like a debit card.

The best part was at the end of the day when we all gathered for detention. They didn't have enough room for us and all the other people that were there for other reasons. Out of frustration they decided to make our detentions Saturday ones and spread them out. It was totally worth it though.


27/27. Someone sh*t in the middle of the hallway.


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