People Who've Experienced Missing Time With No Memory Explain What Happened

I can't recall....

People Who've Experienced Missing Time With No Memory Explain What Happened
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Was it deja vu? Am I awake? How much did I drink? All good questions, all valid questions.

When we have lapses in time every so often it can be daunting. It's like having little mini amnesia strokes. At first, we wonder if we even lost time and we try to put the puzzle together.

How much time is gone? What happened right before? On soap operas, the amnesia thing is intriguing, in real life... not so much.

Redditor aadrita__ wanted to hear from the "amnesiacs" out there by asking...

Redditors who have 'missed' time (e.g; you're doing something at 4:28, the next moment it's 8:00, and you have no recollection of anything that happened in between), what's your story?

Emergency Levels.


"Usually I'm un/undermedicated with adhd and hyperfocusing. I look at a clock it's 9am seconds later my paper it done, it's 10 pm, I'm thirsty, hungry, tired, and have to use the bathroom all at emergency levels."



"Accidentally played Skyrim for 13 hours straight once without realizing it. I don't think I even took breaks. Just suddenly the sun was coming up and I was like "oh crap."


The Usual. 

"I'm epileptic, so this can happen to me quite often."kerrangutan

"I only had 1 episode but it was a doozy. I was sitting on the couch with my mom and dog around 6:30 PM. I woke up in the hospital around 1:00 AM to my mom saying "you had a seizure, I called an ambulance. Then you were sitting on the hospital bed and they didn't put the bars up, you had another seizure and fell right on your head, they are taking you for a second MRI."

"And that is how I lost all memory of the year 2015. It was really strange to be told I had a boyfriend I did not know and a new job. Didn't keep the boyfriend, kept the job."



"I was exhausted after being rotated Closing/Opening every other day for two weeks. I got in my car after a particularly long day, started it up and waited for it warm up, next thing I was aware of was sitting in my parent's driveway (I was about 20 at the time, had just broken up with an fool and moved back) with the car off but I was still buckled in."

"My job was 12 miles, straight shot on the freeway, from home."

"I have no idea how I drove myself home safely, because I have ZERO memory of it."


Those 2000s....


"Early 2000s, I used to do a rural paper route, 6 days a week, 1am to 5am. I never saw other humans or even animals often. My route almost never changed, no new customers, no new areas added, the monotony made all the days blur together. One night, 1:00am, I drove out of the depot where I pick up the papers, blinked and it was 4:30am and I was on the road to my house with no papers in my car. I remember very clearly the radio skipping from an advertisement to the middle section of an Unwritten Law song."

"My car lights were off too, the thing that snapped me out of it was that my rural street to my house has no street lights (most of the route had on the road) and I was driving into total darkness. I was confused and even called in the next day to make sure my papers got delivered, and they did. I think the level of boringness just made me go into a mindless trance."


Those Pills....

"Xanax- I was prescribed a great deal of Xanax daily due to an extremely traumatic event. I have very little recollection of those 2 years."


Don't Forget.... 

"Mainly ADHD, sometimes I get to work, forget to take my medication and then realize literal hours have gone by and I've got no idea what happened in that time."


Don't Panic...


"I didn't miss hours, but did miss minutes. I was driving home from work in the middle of the way and all of a sudden was conscious and felt like time had passed. I looked around and was in a completely different area. Not a "oops I zoned out and drove straight and missed my turn," but in a I had been driving for 20 minutes and was on a different side of town."

"In order to be gotten there I had to have drove straight for a while, turned right, turned right and got a highway, stayed on it until it ended, which it ended in one of those round practically circle exits, exited, got 3 lanes over, left turned, then drove straight for a while, left turned again, drove straight for a while and woke up there."

"I panicked, pulled over, and called my dad. He said I probably just zoned out and that I was fine. I found out a year later that it was some type of seizure. Haven't had a seizure in about a year."


​I had an "urgent cesarian."

"I had an "urgent cesarian."

"I remember being in the operating theater and my baby being whisked away to the nicu. My next memory is being in a room with my husband and he's about ready to head home, but got me snacks."

"Apparently I missed five or so hours of my life in the recovery room after surgery. I was having full on conversations with everybody that entered the room, but I can't remember any of it. I've asked my husband what I would talk about and he said everything, whatever the means. I don't even remember what the recovery room looked like."

"ETA I wasn't under general anesthesia. I had a spinal block and fentanyl."


​It happened to me in first grade.


"It happened to me in first grade. Class was over and I remember walking deliberately to the bus pickup area. Only, when I got there, there were no buses. No kids, no teachers, just an empty parking lot. I went back inside where my teacher found me and called my mom. I've always wondered if I'm repressing some horrible event."


Scariest moment of my life.

"I decided to take an impromptu weekend trip for my son's birthday. He lives in Wichita I lived in Atlanta. Flights were too expensive so I decided to drive."

"This is a 17 hour drive each way without including stops. I made it in time for his birthday but had to drive back home a few hours after."

"After about 4 hours of driving it was 8am. I remember distinctly checking the time. Next thing I remember is glancing back down at the clock and it being 2pm. Scariest moment of my life. I panicked like I had just slept through work but instead I "slept" through 6 hours of driving."


The Computer Knows. 

"It's not the juiciest story, but it really freaked me out at the time. I was playing games on my computer one evening at around 10 PM and decided to just finish what I was doing and then head to bed since I had work the next day. Next thing I know, I'm sat in front of a black screen in just my undies and it's 4 AM. Computer was cold, so it must've been off for at least a little while. No idea what happened because I don't have a history of sleepwalking."


No Mixing.


"Do not mix sleeping pills with alcohol"

"Was on a transatlantic flight. Got into a good conversation with my seatmate, had several glasses of wine. Then about 4 hours from the destination, we both decided to get some sleep. But I was still animated from the discussion so took a sleeping pill."

"On landing, the flight attendant woke me up. I exited, went to baggage claim, was picked up by my friend, went to her house, then crashed on the sofa."

"Several hours later I awoke and could remember NOTHING of the landing, getting off the plane, going to baggage claim and immigration, meeting my friend, the drive to her place, our conversation---NOTHING. A complete blackout. Complete memory loss. No telling what I did or said during that time."

"They mean it when they say on the pill bottle DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCOHOL."


Before Phones. 

"I use to work nights a long time ago (I was about 19 or 20 at the time). This was pre-cell phones. I got off work around 4am and it usually took about 30 min to get home. There is a fairly empty stretch of highway to get home (small farm in the mid of no where)."

"Driving along the road and it was like I drove into a cotton ball. Everything was so white and so bright. It washed out the color. I could only see the road a few feet in front of me so I stopped and pulled over. It was weird. No panic. Just a mild curiosity. I got out of the car and looked around but it was cotton ball every where and so quite."

"And then it wasn't. It was like a vacuum sucked up the whole cotton ball up and turned the color back on. I looked around and there was another car, maybe 100 feet away, and both of the passengers were like me, standing outside and looking around wide eyed. We waved at each other got in our cars and left."

"When I got home Mom was at the kitchen table and asked were I had been. I gave her a funny look, she said she had been worried as it was almost 8am (I am normally home by 4:30). I would have sworn that the whole thing lasted less than 15 minutes total. That the sun had come up really didn't register. The missing time didn't register. I never turned the car off and the tank did not reflect it running for an extra couple of hours."my_alt_4096

Darn NyQuil. 

"I was sick, had a long day at work, and I made the mistake of asking my in-laws if they had anything to help with my cough."

"My mother-in-law came back with a little dosage cup and told me to drink it."

"One moment I was feeling better and playing video games in darkness, the next I was being handed the phone by my wife in a room flooded by sunlight."

"On the other end was my boss, concerned with why I wasn't at work."

Me: "I'm sorry, sir. I took something for my cold, and the last thing I remember was yesterday a little after 10. What time is it now?"
Boss: "It's three-thirty in the afternoon! You must have been sicker than you looked. I'll put it down as a sick day, take tomorrow too."

"I'd spent seventeen hours passed out in an office chair because my mother in law had given me a double-dose of NyQuil instead of cough medicine."technos

A Few Summers Back. 

"I went to a festival one weekend a few summers back. It was a pretty heavy weekend, but nothing out of the ordinary. I drove back to my apartment on the Sunday and figured I'd have the day to myself and just chill, get some takeaway etc. So I get in, pop a couple etizolam (similar to Xanax) and smoke a joint."

"Come to and it's Wednesday evening. I had missed 3 days of work, most of my stash is gone, call log shows I had two 7 minute phone calls with a director from my company at some point and I had absolutely zero recollection of anything since Sunday afternoon."

"It was absolutely wild, never been so disorientated in my life. Luckily everything was OK with my job and I ended up just going in on Thursday with minimal repercussions. I had a bit of a drug problem at the time and this was the low point that made me start turning things around."


The gaps. 

"I had a suicide attempt that ended up causing me serious brain damage. I woke up having no memory of the last 5 months prior to the attempt. 7 years later I am just now beginning to fill the gaps."


"Glitch in the Matrix"

"Not me, but there was a "Glitch in the Matrix" thread that had a pretty cool one. From what I recall, a guy was taking his drivers license exam and they were approaching the first stop sign. He remembers preparing himself for what to do as it was a 4 way stop."

"The next thing he remembers is his driving instructor saying "Did we pass that stop sign?" followed by him looking in his rear view mirror to see it already behind him."


Lost in Translation.


"I have PTSD and this happens a lot, just flashbacks and memories I get caught in and can't escape. I snap out of it sometimes minutes or hours later, had full text conversations whilst in the middle of it I don't remember."


Some of these were quite distressing! We hope everyone that submitted stories is doing alright.

Do you have something to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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