The 10 Best Star Trek "Starfleet Academy" Swag

There is one thing all Starfleet officers have in common. They all went through intense training at the "Starfleet Academy" before serving in their respective starships.

Learning how to communicate with alien cultures and fixing a starship were both part of the experiences in the Academy. So, no matter who your favorite "Star Trek" character is, they were once cadets at the most celebrated training facility in the universe, Starfleet Academy.

I think that the communication classes would be my favorite, and maybe even do a study abroad program in Jupiter would be fun. Either way, joining the Starfleet Academy would be like getting accepted in any of our Ivy League universities—but with a way cooler job at the end. And, instead of taking Spanish classes, you would learn Klingon.

Other than that, it's like any other university, where SWAG is an essential part of showing your pride. You know, like how everyone seems to have a Harvard sweatshirt even though there's no way all these people went to Harvard. Anyway, these fresh items will show people you're fit to be a live-action pilot at any starship.

Popfunk Star Trek: Starfleet Academy T Shirt & Stickers

What's more fitting for a student than a deal? Nothing. This t-shirt comes with free stickers! Wear this red shirt to class and use those stickers to decorate your favorite water bottle. That is the ultimate college look. Plus, it shows that San Francisco pride.


BSW Star Trek Starfleet Academy "2161 Ex Astris Scientia" Premium Hoodie

School isn't school without your favorite hoodie. Many students wear only hoodies and jeans year round. And, that's still better than the incredible amount of students who wear sweatpants, or even pijamas. Besides if all you do is study and play video games this is your uniform.


Alumni Starfleet Academy T-Shirt

Prove that you aced the Kobayashi Maru Scenario and passed every flight simulator test thrown your way. This alumni t-shirt shows you have the wisdom to portray a Starfleet officer with the likes of Walter Koenig, William Shatner and George Takei. Just make sure that you don't confuse your Starfleet alumni shirt with the one from your actual school during the reunion.


Ata-Boy Star Trek Insignias Collectible Buttons

Again, any stereotypical college student has a backpack covered in pins and buttons. I'm sure young Pavel Chekov-like cadets would also cover their bags with cool buttons if it didn't infringe with the uniform regulations.


QMX Star Trek Starfleet Academy Class Ring Replica

You deserve a class ring. Even if your training on exploring new worlds and fighting federation enemies mainly consists on a pc game released in 2000, yes I'm talking about the Klingon Academy. This is the perfect accessory to show off when you want to prove that you are both a Trekkie and a dedicated scientist, or engineer, or explorer, or whatever you are.


Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide

This is like a "Starfleet for Dummies" kind of book. But, let me tell you, it is good. Going to school means reading a bunch of books anyways, so might as well read one you are actually going to enjoy. According to the Amazon description, this book will alow you to learn all the basic skills a Federation officer needs. Like "mapping countless solar systems, greeting new species and establishing ties with civilizations large and small." Basically, this book turns you into the next Commander Chekov.


Star Trek Starfleet Academy Delta Emblem Raglan Baseball Tee

All schools have sport teams. Which means that you will need to rock some game-day approved attire. This is exactly what baseball tees were made for. This tee includes the Delta emblem, and is one of the comfiest t-shirts you could own.


Star Trek Starfleet Academy Parrises Squares Champion T-Shirt

Since we are on the subject of school sport many are not expectations, but jocks, even at the academy. Granted, they might not be as obsessed in who the captain of the football team is as regular American universities, but sports require a degree of discipline and effort that I'm sure Starfleet appreciates. So, whether you were a jock at your own school, or the captain of the chess team, you can wear this awesome shirt and show who's the champion of parrises squares.


Deluxe Star Trek Starfleet Academy Certificate

Nothing says "graduate" like a diploma. Most of us spend thousands and thousands of dollars (and end up in debt) just for that piece of paper. Thankfully this one is pretty cheap. You can get a Starfleet certificate proving that you are done with your warp studies and Klingon language classes even if you have no idea how to say "hello." Either way, you can put it up in a frame and start collecting degrees without the debt and stress that comes with college.


Speedy Pros Faculty Vehicle Starfleet Academy Zinc Metal License Plate Frame

I know I've been going on and on about everything students need. But, we have stuff for your favorite Trekkie teacher too. Because we all know they'd rather be working at the Starfleet Academy than in some other school where you can't use the transporter to beam wherever you want, and replicators to have your favorite meal for lunch every day. Plus, they can use this for their car while blasting the "Star Trek" soundtrack by Ron Jones, and feel like they are driving through the CBS Studios.


No matter how you wish to show your Trekkie pride, we all know that you would have aced the Academy. Although I am thankful we do not have to go through those training exercises that leave you in the middle of the desert for months in order to see your survival skills. I think that the Starfleet Academy experience overall might be more fun in theory than in practice. But hopefully someday we do have the means to create starships and explore where no ship has gone before.

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