People Divulge The One Thing They'd Want To Smell Like For The Rest Of Their Lives

People Divulge The One Thing They'd Want To Smell Like For The Rest Of Their Lives
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I do love the smell of lavender. It makes me smile. It soothes me. My love for lavender extends beyond the smell though. I love the color. It makes a room look instantly warm and inviting. It's calming.

Would I enjoy smelling like lavender the rest of my life? Probably. It'd be nice. Though I wonder if I'd be too busy smelling myself for a long time?

Decisions, decisions...

People shared their thoughts after Redditor IllustriousSpend26 asked the online community:

"If you could pick one smell and you could smell like that for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

"The immediate smell..."

"The immediate smell after a light drizzle..That would be a air of change for a second for people far from nature."


A lovely and soothing smell! People would love being around you.

"Have you tried..."

"Orange blossom. Have you tried Trader Joe's orange blossom hand soap? It's the closest I've found in a manufactured scent."


This is a rich and lovely smell. Instantly brings a smile to one's face.

"The morning dew..."

"That morning dew on the grass on a chilly summer morning when the birds start singing and it’s humid but not too humid and the sun is hitting the grass just right and it looks like stars."


This is very specific, which means you have a profound appreciation for it – and people will have a profound appreciation for you!

"It smells amazing."

"Vanilla. It smells amazing."


And so would you! Just steer clear of wasps.

"A crisp winter morning..."

"A crisp winter morning in a pine forest. I grew up in that. That smell is so difficult to describe.

"I learned that the snow actually acts as a sponge for particles in the air, so it's almost an air purifier. That 'snow' smell is actually the absence of smell, which your nose and brain interpret differently than simply 'no new stimuli.'"

"That way, when the pine does hit, it's strong and undiluted with everything else."


Ah, yes. Few things quite like the smell of pine, especially in the Northeastern United States!

"The lumber section..."

"The lumber section at Home Depot. Oddly satisfying."


It is! It always smells and feels dusty in a Home Depot until you hit the lumber section.

"If you've ever got..."

"The smell of wood smoke. If you've ever got a whiff of a wood stove burning you know what I'm talking about."


Careful – people might steal you away and want to smoke some meat over you.

"The hint..."

"The hint of honeysuckle because my wife loves the smell."


This sounds like a creative way to make a marriage last.

"I think..."

"I think I'd like to smell faintly of cinnamon."


You'd instantly make people want to get all of the ingredients together and bake!

"I'd have to try..."

"Fresh bread out of the oven. I'd have to try to not get eaten for the rest of my life."


This is a very good point. Careful that you don't become a total recluse!

There's no shortage of great smells out there. What would happen if you ran into someone who smelled like you? Would you be soulmates? Or would you cancel each other out?

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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