Women ripping a receipt in a restaurant
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Sometimes we get a little lost and in need of help in our daily travel destinations.

That can be especially awkward when you're a customer.

How many of us have stumbled into a place thinking we were somewhere else?

I can't imagine being such a diva that I would stroll into a Burger King, stone-cold sober, and expect a Big Mac.

Or run into a Pizza Hut demanding an egg roll.

But... it happens.

Redditor Vengeful8 wanted to hear from people who have had to deal with customers who were... "lost". So they asked:

"What was you biggest 'Sir this is a Wendy’s' moment?"

People really need to pay attention when they enter a building.

Vacay Dispute

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"Had someone call asking for kayak rentals and the best places to kayak despite me saying several times we were a restaurant, ended with being told that I'm ruining their vacation."


Into my Room...

"I was working nights at a Motel 6 in college, Guy walks in fall-down drunk. His left his key-card at the bar, wants me to let him into room 123 (or whatever). I check the registration, his name isn't on the room. I tell him no. He says he knows the hotels owner and he'll have me fired (it's a corporate owned chain)."

"I still say no. He screams , 'LET ME INTO MY F**KING ROOM.' Still no. We argue for a few minutes, but I don't budge, he wanders off."

"He comes back 1/2 an hour later and slams a card down on the counter. "HERE'S MY F**KING CARD, LET INTO MY F**KING ROOM YOU F**KING A**HOLE". I slowly slide the card back to him."

"This card is for a Super 8, your hotel is two blocks south of here.'"



"I would like to complain about your cat food selection' (direct quote)..."

"Miss this is the pharmacy."


"I mean, to be fair the last time I went to CVS, I walked out of there with a razor blade to shave, a Frozen cheeseburger, two energy drinks, a beer, a bag of Christmas candy, some Christmas decorations, some clearance Halloween stuff, some shampoo, a tube of chapstick, and the prescription I walked in for."



"I worked at Medieval Times for a summer; they do 'knighting ceremonies', where the fake queen actress comes out before the show and performs a formal knighting service, for an outrageous price of course."

"This one guy came in very upset and asked to speak to 'The Queen', because the fake certificate with cartoon horses on it, 'signed by the queen herself', obviously mass printed and fake, did not actually grant him any royalty and he was being denied entry to some crap, because his status wasn't royalty. Like this man thought he was actually being knighted by a royal person or some sh*t."

"I literally had to explain 'Sir, this is a fake show where all the knights and queens are just actors and actresses.'"

"He said, 'You should really put that in the notes, some people think this is real.'"

"No buddy, only you."


It's Wendy's

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"Used to work at Wendy’s in high school, and there was an A&W on the opposite end of the plaza that we were in."

"It happened more often than you would think that someone came through and asked for a teen burger or a momma burger, I think one time some guy asked for a whopper too."

"Ma’am this is literally a Wendy’s."


But this looks like BK from afar.

The Elephant


"When my wife was interviewing, the interviewer inquired her how she would respond if there was a 'elephant in the room.'"

"Since she was unfamiliar with the expression, she continued by describing in great detail all the options she would think of to help remove the Elephant from the room. She wasn't aware that they had let her continue the interview until she subsequently revealed it to me."



"I worked nights at an emergency animal hospital a few years ago. One unnaturally quiet night a sweet looking older woman walked in and took a seat in our lobby without checking in with me at the front desk. After about 5 minutes I walked around and asked if she needed anything, to which she cheerfully told me that her girl friend had been bitten by a dog and she was just waiting to meet her at the hospital."

"I didn't say anything for a moment and watched her eyes slide over to the sign above the desk, which proudly proclaimed us as a 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital. 'Oh.' I offered to get her some directions to the nearest human ER, but she declined and headed out. Still the nicest client I saw that night though."


Bless you Tina...

"It was a Burger King, but a woman came in IRATE with a bag full of Burger King garbage that someone had dumped on the side of the road. "HOW COULD YOU POLLUTE LIKE THIS" - Ma'am, we sold the food. The person who threw it out littered. We did not, and agree that's a bad thing."

"She demanded to know why we didn't encourage better disposal of our food containers, and my manager (Bless you Tina) just slowly rotated the bag without saying a word to show the graphic printed clearly on it that suggested people dispose of their garbage responsibly."

"The woman just was silent for a hot second, before yelling how we should remove 'Home of the Whopper' from our signage and replace it with 'Please dispose of your garbage carefully' and then stormed out.'"



"A woman asked me where something in a store was. I stood there awkwardly being a thirteen year-old trying to sell girl scout cookies. I got into an argument with her on whether or not if I worked there. And she brought out the manager who took one look at me and said I didn't and that he had never seen me in his life."


Dogs Only

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"Someone tried to drop off their cat at the child care center I work at. Verbal directions to the cat kennel were unsuccessful, we had to walk them outside and point to the building."


People are crazy.

Do you have any experiences like this to share? Let us know in the comments below.