People Break Down The Subtle Signs That Someone Is Not A Nice Person
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One of the best things you can do for yourself is to surround yourself with the right kind of people. These can be people who are fun or intelligent or hilarious.

When you're making new friends, it can be easy to find someone who seems nice at first, but turn out to be different than you imagined.

Sometimes this can be made very obvious. However, other times, these signs are very subtle.

As long as you pay attention, you should be okay. However, it also helps that Redditor my-dogatemy-chancla asked:

"What’s a subtle sign that someone is not a nice person?"

Laughing At You, Not With You

"Once you start noticing the people that are constantly laughing at someone else’s expense, it can be a wake up call to keep different company."

– Joyful_F**ker

Will Dish It Out, But Can't Take It

"Likes to make a joke of other people, but can't stand being the butt of a joke themselves."

– AnotherDreamer1024

"I'm nice. I'm so nice!"

"They keep reminding you that they’re a nice person."

– TrinixDMorrison

The One-Uppers

"Everything you say you've done they've done twice"

– SoftwareRound

Pot...Kettle. Have You Met?

"People that call the kettle black. Will judge people all the time, usually low hanging fruit that’s on the mark, but sounds awfully silly coming out of their mouth bc they’re guilty of the same things."

– Rough-Tension

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

"They're around for stuff that benefits them, and exclusively for that. E.g. they'll be there when you throw a barbecue but won't be when you're moving."

– silhouette-of-a-gun

Honesty Is NOT Always The Best Policy

"They’re always “just being honest”"

– forgotten_alamo

A Mess Can Be Cleaned Up

"Someone that drops litter or doesn’t clean up after themselves in a fast food restaurant. No thanks. Bye"


Do The Bare Minimum

"They don't put their shopping cart back in the rack."

– PurplePap

Me, Myself & I

"When you are talking about something, anything at all. and they say something that isnt apart of the conversation to get onto the thing THEY want to talk about."

– Arturo271

Now, of course, there are plenty of people who are just as nice as they appear to be. Maybe even nicer.

However, it never hurts to pay attention to those subtle signs.

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