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Sharon Stone Is Back On The Dating App Bumble After She Called Them Out For Blocking Her Account


Sharon Stone is out here, sexagenarian (that's an age reference), still stunning, single and trying to live her best life.

But now she has to get past big tech too.

Absolutely no issue though for Stone.

Did you even see Basic Instinct?!

This woman is unstoppable.


Apparently, Stone was booted from the dating app Bumble after several users complained that her profile seemed fake.

And Sharon Stone was NOT having it.

She took to twitter shortly after she was blocked, even posting the very message she received on her Bumble account.

Asking, "Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary?" Stone raises an interesting dilemma.

What if hugely popular movie stars do want to simply mingle on a dating app with normal people, go on shot in the dark dates, and see where it all goes?

Can someone like Sharon Stone—who recently became single again, and is LOVING it—partake in life like the rest of us?


Of course, Bumble unblocked her account within a few hours.

But in that approximately 3 hour hang time between blockage and unblock-age, twitter went wild about the whole thing.

Now we can all rest easy knowing that Sharon Stone *might* find herself a new year's date on Bumble.

Good luck folks!


You're welcome.

In almost entirely unrelated further reading, check out this satire piece that claims Stone is the prime suspect in that Cannes jewel heist case.

And you can get the film that made Stone a household name, Basic Instinct, here.

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