Security Guards Reveal The Spookiest Thing They've Ever Seen On Their Monitors

Security can be a tough job, and it's easy to get a bit distracted when a large part of your shift is spent staring at CCTV monitors.

Sometimes, though, things will happen that snap you right back to reality—and totally freak you out.

Reddit user u/Supreme Hydrostatic asked:

"Redditors who have a security job watching monitors, what's the creepiest thing you've seen?"


Someone once came into the gym at 1:00 AM and got naked and started rubbing themself. I made my presence known and stopped watching



There was a guy who would stand just off property dressed in a dark clothing and a hoodie with the hood pulled up and stare into one of the cameras for long periods of time.

This was always after midnight in a poorly lit area, so all you could ever make out was the outline and you could tell it was always the same guy because of the body language.

You could also tell that he was staring in the direction of the camera because of the angle his head was tilted at and there's literally nothing else there of interest but blank brick walls.

This would happen sometimes 1 night a week or sometimes 3-4 nights in a row and sometimes went on for hours at a time. Never saw him move.

It was especially creepy running patrols past that area because there's a wooden fence that you can't see through but the camera is on the second floor and can see over it, so you walk past that area every hour knowing there's a creepy nutter staring at the camera who could literally walk 30 feet and come around the end of the fence at any point in time.

You never saw him arrive or leave either. Go out to patrol, and when you come back he's there. Go out on patrol again, he's gone when you get back.



I frequently spend nights alone in a building by myself, sorta not really watching a camera feed.

Really haven't seen anything weird, but I did get a chuckle this one time. It was spring, and apparently we had some kind of fruit-bearing tree on the property. Some suburban mom pulls into the lot, jumps out of her minivan, and looks at the tree. She sends a text on her phone, and starts picking fruit off the tree.

Within 30 seconds, there were five more suburban moms in the parking lot. Then eight. Then ten. They brought a ladder.

That tree was STRIPPED in four minutes flat, and they all jumped back into their cars and disappeared. You could have gone to the bathroom and missed the whole thing.



It's not what I saw on the monitors, but what I didn't see.

You see, I'm a security guard at a distribution warehouse. Sometimes I have to work the graveyard shift.

During this time the only people on the premises is me, and a rare truck driver bringing in a late load.

Our guard shack is concrete, with sliding glass doors on the sides (no locks) and big windows in front and back.

Sometimes when I'm the only person on the premises, I'll see a reflection of someone walking past the shack in the windows or the doors.

Every inch of this shack and the yard is covered by security cameras. No one has shown up on the footage when I see these reflections.

It's not a reflection of me, as I'm usually sitting down.



Worked security for a few years at a rather major electronics company/distribution center in the Midwest for a few years.

During off-season, we'd close the warehouse down for the weekend and only myself, and my boss would be there.
This was a pretty big warehouse consisting of 5 buildings connected together so if you heard ANYTHING, it would echo throughout the entire warehouse.

One night about 2:30 in the morning, I'm on my hourly patrol of the warehouse and was just getting back on post when my boss called from the surveillance room asking me to check outside behind a semi trailer as he thought he saw someone.
I went out there with my flashlight and checked the surrounding area but didn't see anything out of place or anyone.

About 15 minutes later, it was dead silent, only the slight hum from the computer where I was playing solitaire was making a noise when all of a sudden I heard violent banging on one of the loading dock doors (think a metal single car garage door. That very distinctive metallic/aluminum banging). Scared the absolute sh!t out of me.
I ran back outside again and checked the area once more and again came up with nothing. I called my boss and told him to check the cameras and didn't see anyone. We couldn't find a draft and there wasn't any wind that night.
The next time I worked I requested to be put back on days.



I dunno about creepy but definitely horrible. I was security at a company that makes electronic parts for space shuttles and military planes. We had PTZ camera's that scanned not only the outside of the building but that could also be used to check out traffic on the highway. There was this one incident where one truck driver hit a parked (he had broke down) deadheading truck driver at about 70mph. Impact Killed the sitting driver and busted the conventional Cab all over the road, truck and body parts were picked up By the first responders. PTZ caught it all....that was about the creepiest most horrible thing I have ever seen on the PTZ cameras at work.



I worked security at a local convenience store. they'd close at midnight and were allowed to stay past closing to clean and do chores. The worker and I locked the door at midnight as per the usual. About an hour later I come out of the bathroom an there's an old lady standing at the counter with items. I go get the employee and he even freaked out. He checked her out and everything. I ran to the door to open it for her and it was locked. I gave it a push and it didn't budge. I had to physically put the key in. It was theoretically locked since we locked it about an hour before. He mopped the entire store. Did chores and there was never a lady in the store. Mind you this place was tiny. You could see the entire building from the cash register. We checked the cameras and we never seen her enter.

It bugs me to this day.



I've been called in to review security tapes on a piece of machinery that was apparently starting up by itself and running for the longest time, like someone was fucking with it to sabotage it, or just to be a troll. Nonetheless, it was draining money while it was running at night off the electrical bill.

Plenty of the workers had watched the tape, same as I did. Sure enough, the thing just started up like someone had pressed the On switch. No sign of anyone in the area.

"Is it haunted?" and, you know, I still have enough curiosity about the supernatural to have wondered, too.

Called an electrician in with the maintenance crew to take it apart during off-hours, right about the window of time the machine normally started itself. Had to be out there myself, in the dark, to be on the lookout for a possible return of the possible saboteur. Or, hey, an actual ghost.

You ever heard about spaghetti electrical wiring, where you turn on your light in your apartment and it somehow turns on Grandma Sander's garbage disposal in her home? The electrician that came out identified that it was hooked to a neighboring company's grid, and that their night shift people were apparently turning something off or on that was turning the machine on, somehow.

Didn't ask him to go over and figure out what on the other side was doing it. It wasn't supposed to be hooked into our neighbor's system, but I suppose in the past it was, so we had to get city utilities out to sever the two properties completely. Some old system configuration from at least the 40's. I just had to take the electrician's professional opinion on the matter as the last word. That's not my expertise.

Machine never started up by itself again, so, hey, fixed that ghost's wagon.



When I graduated from college I was having trouble finding a job. I ended up deciding to take a seasonal job (in this area summer was considered a higher risk because of local kids not being in school) at a warehouse that had various items of value (mostly electrical parts which said kids would try to take and sell). Anyway I was tasked with watching the security cameras. Pretty dull for the most part. They were usually just dark screens because while the cameras were always on, the lights were motion sensor so often they werent on. When the lights did go off, usually it was just an animal. However, one time the light came on but I couldn't see anything. I sat there for about a minute until the light went off. Then another light on the other side of the warehouse went on. Again I saw nothing in the camera. Half an hour or so passed and I saw nothing. I assumed that a bird had just flown close to the light or maybe they were faulty. I called the security guy and let him know that the lights had come on but I hadnt seen anything. Then around 30 minutes after the second light came on, I saw the light in the back of the warehouse come on. We didnt have any entrances by this side but I was still concerned. I looked and saw three figures about 20 feet from the side of the building. They looked really confused and looked really rough. I called the security guy and let him know what I saw. The lights went off after a minute or so and I couldnt see the people. Security guy went out there and the light came on because of him. The people werent there anymore after this.

At this point I was feeling pretty freaked out. Then you could hear some noises that sounded like gunshots come from the back side of the warehouse. Guard came running back in and we called the cops. Cops came and looked around for half an hours before saying they couldnt find anything. Next morning out first truck gets to the warehouse and we find that the side entrance had 3 bullet holes in it. I have no idea what was going on and Im not sure I really want to know.



My cousin is a night shift security at a bank on a pretty sketchy street. This is the creepiest thing he says he's seen before. When the first Purge movie came out this guy came dressed in full black with a lit up rave mask came up to the storefront at 3 a.m. He just stood there and stared at the outdoor security camera, tilted his head kinda like a dog. Then he left after about 6 minutes of just staring at the camera. My cousin says he was lucky that this wasn't some type of organised robbery bc apparently people do this to distract guards. It was just some guy trying to be creepy.