People Share The Scariest Thing They Ever Personally Witnessed
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Life can be pretty frightening sometimes.

And anything can happen: Accidents. Deaths. Other traumatizing experiences.

Believe it or not, everyone has a story. It's worth remembering that when you deal with total strangers.

But it's difficult for some people to open up compared to others. We get it though—why would you want to remember some horrible memory?

Nevertheless, people were kind enough to share with us after Redditor relaxito asked the online community:

"What is the scariest thing you have witnessed with your own eyes?"

"I woke up..."

"I woke up and saw a shadow man run then jump at me while I was in bed. I was so struck with fear I was unable to move but he disappeared right before he landed. The memory was so terrifying I still remember it nearly 30 years later."



The things we see as kids, real or imagined, can really traumatize us.

"One night I woke up..."

"One night I woke up to yelling and crashing and walked into the living room to see my dad fistfighting a complete stranger. He beat the absolute sh*t out of him and threw him down the stairs into our unfinished basement and locked the door since that was the only way in or out of there and called the police."

"Guy thought nobody was home and decided to try to burglarize the place and walked around the corner and bumped right into my dad in the dark who was half asleep on his way to the bathroom."


Thankfully you all survived!

Having an intruder walk in is scary.

"I just thought he was worn out..."

"My fiance of 14 years dying in front of me, while I stroked his hair. I just thought he was worn out from trying to get up after tripping over his sweatpants, as his lower back had been hurting. Horrifically tragic, heartbreaking beyond all reason, he just went limp. I'll never be the same."


Sorry for your loss. There is no taking away that shock or pain.

"I was trying to nap..."

"I was in a bus that crashed into a house. I was trying to nap after a late-night flight when suddenly the bus shook, so I opened my eyes and saw us going off the road, knocking down a small tree and then colliding with a house."

"There was a strong smell of gas, so we thought the bus was going to explode. We all had to get out through the fire escape window, and I cut my hand on broken glass when I landed. Thankfully the bus did not explode and everyone got out with only minor injuries."

"Nobody was home in the house either."


It's good to hear that no one was seriously injured or killed!

"My grandfather's..."

"My grandfather's seemingly lifeless body as he was dying from stage 4 cancer. Never was the same when he left."


Cancer sucks. So devastating. Sorry for your loss.

"Forty years ago..."

"Forty years ago I got home very drunk late at night. The police had my house staked out waiting for me and tackled me in the driveway and took me to jail for burglary that they accused me of."

"Spent three days in jail before they figured out that I was innocent and just cut me loose about an hour from my home without my wallet which they still had at the county jail that I was originally booked into. Didn't have a cent on me but I was sure happy to be out."


This is terrifying.

The feeling of powerlessness must have been immense.

"It took me years..."

"When I was around 9 years old, I was on vacation with my mom. The hotel gave our room key, in the middle of the night, to some random man claiming it was his room. Luckily the chain was drawn, but the man was very drunk and stood there yelling into the room."

"It took me years before I would stay in a hotel again."


This must have been so scary to experience as a child and I can't say anyone would blame you.

"Arrived at an accident..."

"Arrived at an accident about 30 seconds after it occurred. A friend of mine was driving and rolled the car, she was thrown clear (no seatbelt - wear them FFS!) and hit a tree."

"I found her, did first aid and helped the paramedics lift her onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. Her body stopped functioning about a week later but it's pretty obvious she died there (massive brain trauma), it just took a while for the end."


Sorry for your loss.

Thankfully you were able to be there for your friend.

Wearing a seatbelt saves lives.

"Was so strange."

"Saw the aftermath of a teenager who fell at a skate rink and hit her head on a concrete step that surrounded the skating surface. Dead right there. Ambulance came, carted her off. Then everyone started skating again. Was so strange."



I think I would have left after seeing something like that.

"Within 15 minutes..."

"Saw an old man slip and die at a bus stop in Portland early in the morning when I was a teenager. That was sad, but what really shook me was the way he was picked up by an ambulance, the sidewalk was washed off, and they left. Within 15 minutes people were occupying that space waiting for a bus, and it was like it had never happened."


Life goes on.

It's wild to think about.

It's a bit unnerving to know that something terrible could happen and life would continue with most people being none the wiser.

"At a job I used to work at..."

"At a job I used to work at, my boss had a heart attack in his office and died in the middle of the shift. The office lights were motion activated so we thought he left to go something as it was dark. I went into the office to get a new radio and there he was, leaned back in his chair with his eyes wide open. Scariest thing I've ever seen."


That must have been so horrifying to witness, especially once the lights turned on.

"I was living..."

"I was living in Naples, Italy and got off a train to see someone shoot a man feet away from me. I’ll never forget the woman who was with them screaming."



I can only imagine and admit I am curious about the aftermath.

Everyone around you?

They have a story.

They've SEEN some stuff. Remember that next time you're out in public. You never know what others have experienced.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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