People Describe The Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened To Them
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Ghost, zombies, vampires, and other beings of the supernatural are terrifying, and we hope to never encounter them under any circumstances.

But some of the terrors rooted in reality are scarier.

Whether it's a brush with death after hydroplaning on black ice while driving or being held at gunpoint, they are the stuff of true nightmares.

However, the jury remains out about the reality of ghosts.

Regardless, Redditor Geace_69 asked:

"What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?"

One of the worst things must be to look down the barrel of a gun as these Redditors did.

Kid With Pistol

"Pistol in my face by a kid no more than 13 years old. I was sure that little f'king idiot was going to kill me."


"Wrong Taxi"

"A guy stopped traffic and walked up to the window of the taxi I was in and pointed a gun at my head through the window. Then said 'wrong taxi', and casually walked away."

"I hope he never found the right taxi."


Cashier At Gunpoint

"I got robbed at gunpoint when I was working alone one night at Subway when I was 16."


Getting Authentic Tacos

"I got stopped by the Cartel in Mexico. I live on the border and we decided to go eat some authentic tacos. My dad, my brother and his blonde girlfriend and I (12) were driving to our favorite taco place when this truck behind us started honking at us. Unfortunately there were 3 speed bumps in a row right in front of us. So the truck got impatient and pulled up in front of us. Then they stopped at the intersection which was right in front of us. Along with another truck that was behind them. And a van. Then, like insects, they all swarmed out of their vehicles with AK's and body armor. They lined up pointing to both out car, and then down the street in the direction our car was facing. 2 guys started smacking the car with the butt of their guns and yelling at us to leave. Then they shot some warning shots at the ground in front of the car. My dad floored it backwards while my brother shoved his white girlfriend into the floor and I tried to become one with the seat. Almost died that day. At least thats what it felt like."


Sound Of Gunfire

"An hour ago. Waiting for an Uber outside in Nashville. All of a sudden, shots fired. Like twenty shots total… everyone runs for cover (where there is little). It happened so quickly, it was hard to know what was happening. Scariest moment of my life, especially knowing that two minutes prior we were standing in a way more exposed location. We were fine, but… nothing on Twitter or the news. WTF."


Vegas Mass Shooting

"I was in the middle of the crowd at the concert shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 (deadliest mass shooting in US history). Jason Aldean was performing and we thought it was fireworks until he was pulled off the stage. Everyone got down to the ground and eventually I couldn't take getting shot at anymore and sprinted out of the venue, leaving my friends behind. (If you know or Google, he was using an automatic so it was just round after round after round of gunshots, not knowing if/when one was going to hit me or my friends.) Called my parents hysterical to let them know I was okay and walked to MGM. They had triage set up in there, otherwise no one else there had any idea what had happened outside. Finally met up with one of my friends and thought we were safe. Then someone comes running through the casino saying there's an active shooter (there wasn't) so my friend and I darted and got split up again. I am freaking out trying to get a taxi/Uber back to my hotel because I'm thinking there are shooters everywhere now. One taxi kicks me out because I'm screaming to get to my hotel. Eventually I walk a couple blocks and am able to flag down a Lyft and get to my hotel. As I'm walking through the lobby, they announce they are shutting down the entrance to the hotel for safety so I sprint to the elevators to finally get to my room before they shut down elevators too. Spend all night not sleeping, unable to comprehend what had happened. Still triggered by gunshots."


These Redditors recount the times they were asked to be taken to the ATM. And not in a very polite way.

Unwelcome Passenger

"I stopped at a light in a questionable part of town and a strange lady hopped into the passenger seat of my car. She told me to drive her to the ATM and get her some money...I told her that I had forgotten my purse and could not do so (my purse was behind my seat and I was really hoping she wouldn't look around and catch my lie). She kept insisting that I give her money and I kept driving and telling her I couldn't... I'm pretty sure the $20 or so dollars I had in the bank would not have been enough anyway."

"Finally I saw a cop car stopped on the side of the road. I pulled up behind it and told her she could either get out then, or I'd start honking my horn to get the cops attention. She decided to leave."

"I was pretty shaken by that... I'm not sure what I would have done if I hadn't seen the cop and she was getting increasingly insistent and I know I would not have won a fight with her."

"Also... She took my bag of gummy worms."


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Drive To A Construction Site

"Something similar happened to my friend's dad. Guy got into his car, pointed a gun at him, told him to drive to an ATM, and pull out money. The dad was scared shi*less, but seemingly, calmly agreed. He drove the car to a construction site nearby, hoping that the workers would be on duty that day. Fortunately, they were and the dad, driving a luxury car, looked so out of place that a bunch of the workers started watching him. The dad then told the guy, 'You can either get out of my car or you can shoot me and have a dozen witnesses. Your choice, but you're not getting money from me.'"

"Guy with the gun got out of the car and ran off. The dad called off work that day and went home to spend time with his wife and kids. My friend said she had never seen him so freaked out before in her life and he made sure to tell them all that story so they would be able to do the same in that sort of situation."


Sometimes, a brush with death is caused by fate and not by gun-toting lunatics.

Out In The Elements

"I was driving on the northern part of the ring road in Iceland. Buddies and I were seeing the whole country and it was bad weather in the middle of winter. Roads were closing behind us so we couldn't turn back. We finally had a clear day ahead of us where we should have been able to drive and prevent being snowed in for a few days. We hit a stretch of road with no gas stations for many miles and we fill up on gas and go. Along the way the weather starts declining and eventually it gets to white out conditions. We couldn't stop for fear of being snowed in. so we crawled along at 10 miles and hour. Closest I felt I ever came to dying on a road in the middle of nowhere in Iceland in a blizzard. great trip though 10/10 would go back"


The Treacherous Slope

"nearly fell off a cliff when skiing (but got rescued)."


Swerving Towards Death

"Me 17, on a rainy day with slippery tyres went through a corner too fast. Two friends in the car with me. Lost control, car swerved, we missed on-coming traffic by probably an inch. It happened in an instant."

"I regained control when the car was pointing in the driving direction again, by lifting from the brakes so we moved forward as if nothing happened."

"A week later going around the same corner an accident happend, head to head. I was second on the scene, and held a strangers hand as they are trapped under the steering wheel. Slipping in and out of consciousness, in total pain, while waiting for emergency services. I was asked to leave by the police when they learned I was not an eye witness to the actual accident. But I knew what happened, because I escape a crash like this just a week before. I never asked people what happened to the people in the other car and I do not know if the person I assisted made it."

"All I do remember is the total chaos in my memory of arriving at the scene, linked to my irresponsible behavior behind the wheel a week before."


Carnival of Fear

"I was 14 I think. Went on a swinging boat ride at the fair, the kind that pause upside down. The auto locking seatbelt bar didn't lock all the way down against me, so when it stopped upside down I started to slip out of my seat. It probably only lasted 10-15 seconds until we went down again but I was holding myself into that car for dear life. Pretty scary, but it didn't kill my love of roller coasters!"


Shortness Of Breath

"About two years ago, I had severe bronchitis. Severe coughing and shortness of breath were the main symptoms. I couldn't talk without coughing. I couldn't lay down to sleep without coughing. It got so bad one night I was home alone and I couldnt breathe deeply anymore. I could only take a shallow breath. My roommate was out of town and I had no one to reach out to. I started getting panicky because I was afraid I wouldn't ever be able to breathe normally again and that I would die because I couldn't breathe or catch my breath."


Fever Dreams

"I had a pretty high fever once and i started to dream. I vaguely remembered having a choice of saving earth or destroying it and for some reason I destroyed it, woke up feeling so guilty I seriously contemplated jumping off the roof. Made me realize how crazy fevers can be."


Pricked And Spared

"Was stupidly free climbing a big rock in Sedona and lost traction and just started to slide down and couldn't stop myself. There was a small ledge with a cactus on it beneath the rock and then a drop of at least 100 feet. That cactus stopped me and likely saved my life."


Waves Of Death

"I nearly drowned. I was swimming way out in the ocean when a really bad storm came out of nowhere. I was a strong swimmer but it didn't matter. It felt like my lungs were on fire and being shredded with knives. There was so much sand in the water that I couldn't see; I figured out which way was up by being slammed into the seafloor and swimming in the opposite direction."

"I was underwater long enough that I lost consciousness and my last thought was 'I'm going to die now and nothing will ever hurt me again.'"

"When I came to, I was being dragged up the beach. I coughed and vomited up what felt like more than a litre of sand and seawater. Every time I blew my nose for weeks afterwards more sand would come out."


Friend For Life

"I was walking down a sidewalk, just about to cross a trolley track."

"My friend pulled me back, and the trolley drove on just a few feet ahead of me. Really saved my life."

"Taught me to keep my head up, and look both ways, no matter how sad or down I'm feeling that day."


My brush with death continues to haunt me and I still count my blessings.

Years ago when I still lived in Los Angeles, I barely avoided a head-on collision with an eighteen-wheeler – presumably driven by a drunk driver – who was swerving in and out of their side of the road at around 10:30 p.m.

I was blinded by the headlights, and as the truck came careening towards me, I steered the wheel at the last second and my vehicle's rear was clipped by the truck.

I spun out of control and luckily managed to not collide with the parked cars on the street.

My car was not drivable after that hit-and-run incident.

But I sure was glad my life was spared that night. I have never been so scared in life until that moment.

For the record, I'll take being haunted by ghosts over these brushes with death anyday.