People Reveal The Best Hacks To Take A Sandwich From Boring To Amazing

Sandwiches are a pinnacle of food.

Who doesn't love a roll with meat?

Sandwiches are the reason why delis are so massively popular.

And the improvements on this simple menu staple have taken food in general to another level.

So what are the small changes and additions that make it all that much better?

Who has the secrets?

Redditor arisal3 wanted to chat about how to improve the sandwich, so they asked:

"What makes a sandwich go from boring to amazing?"

I say mayo. Mayo. MAYO! More and always.

That's the key improvement.


fast food eating GIF by Feliks Tomasz KonczakowskiGiphy

"Seasoning and toasting the bread can seriously elevate a sandwich."


"I like boring sandwiches, but toasting the bread 100% improves them. Especially if there is cheese on the sandwich."



"At the best sandwich places, all the vegetables are basically prepared like side dishes. Marinated, seasoned, grilled, or something."


"Vinegar, whether its a dressing, mustard, brined pickles olives or anything else. Vinegar is king. Its also why i use hot sauce on everything."


"Gonna sound weird but banana peppers in mayo with hot relish. Got delivered someone else's order once and been addicted since."


You Do It

"Someone else making it."


"I actually saw an article years ago about some study where they basically confirmed this. Smelling and handling the ingredients before eating the sandwich reduced cravings for and appreciation of the finished product, similar to how the fourth or fifth bite is less exciting than the first because you've gotten used to it."


Pointed Issues

"Cutting it in half, diagonally."


"Chef John from the fantastic YouTube channel often says 'It's a scientifically proven fact: people like pointy food.'"


"All the fancy kids at school always had theirs cut diagonally. But our lunch tubbies were square so if it was cut diagonally, it won't fit in. My mom refused to buy new lunch tubbies just because I wanted my bread cut differently. Now that I am all grown up I ALWAYS cut mine diagonally and it is just wonderful. Simply wonderful."


A little touch...

salt salting GIFGiphy

"Salt and pepper on the veggies."


"Especially tomatoes. Always season your tomatoes before sandwiching."


Those small changes go a long way.


Hungry Orange And Black GIF by GarfieldGiphy

"Hunger. It's amazing how amazing even a boring sandwich can taste when you're famished."


The Spice

"Sweet 'n spicy mustard."


"Came to say basically any type of good sauce. Depending on the sandwich, chipotle or herb aioli, spicy mustard, pesto, or even just olive oil (infused is better) and vinegar."


"Philly cheesesteaks are my favorite sandwich, and there’s this local restaurant that makes the best one I’ve ever had."

"The main thing is that the add creole mustard to it. The bread, meat, and everything else is also really good, but that mustard takes it too another level. I never would’ve thought to put a spicy sauce on a cheesesteak (though I don’t know much about cooking)."


The Feel

"Wrap it tightly in butcher paper after making. The compression marries all the ingredients together and pushes condiments into the crevices of the bread. Even if you're just going to eat it right after making it, a little time wrapped up seriously improves the flavor and feel of the sandwich."


Just a Touch

"r/EatSandwiches assemble! In my opinion, dressing your greens is critical to a sandwich getting to that next level."

"Typically, for cold cuts, this is a vinaigrette dressing for me. But in hot sandwiches (e.g. the roast pork at DiNic’s in Philly) the greens are braised and thereby dressed as well."

"A touch of olive oil or butter and some fresh salt and pepper will never fail you either."


It all changes...

Episode 1 Mind Blown GIF by The OfficeGiphy

"Caramelized onion jam. It's a freaking game changer. Sourdough with Comté and BellaVitano expresso rubbed cheese, as a grilled cheese."


Now let's go make some sandwiches.

Do you have any other hacks to share? Let us know in the comments.

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