The Strangest Orders And Customer Requests According To Employees
Photo by Yosuke Ota on Unsplash

Working in the service industry always leads to customer requests.

Most of them are normal. Guests mostly preferred booths, so if one was available, they’d ask to be moved. Some guests had allergies so they’d ask for a dish to be prepared without a specific ingredient.

However, some requests are just plain weird. During my time as a server, a guest asked me for a BLT, but to hold the B, L, and T. I told her that was just two pieces of bread. She looked me right in the eye and said, “I know.” We served it to her, and she paid the price of a BLT, but we never totally understood the order.

The service industry is full of stories like that. If Reddit is to be believed, it happens most often at sandwich shops.

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