People Share The Saddest Thing About Growing Up
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Life hurts. And the truth.

So it's a double whammy when learning the truths about life.

When you're young they try to shield you from the worst of it.

But you're going to catch on eventually.

Lesson one... Santa isn't real.

It's all downhill from there.

Redditor Apeeeu_ wanted to hear about all the things that made people frown in the past. They asked:

"What’s the saddest thing about growing up?"

Life isn't forever. That is my least favorite lesson. I hate death. Who agrees?

It's Me.

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"That it happens so slowly you don't even notice it. One day you'll just find yourself in a crisis thinking 'Oh crap, I need an adult!' and realize, in horror, that you are the adult."



"Everybody you know vanishes. Either they move away, they lose interest, they disappear off the face of the earth, whatever. It leaves you empty inside, like watching your best friend, your brother, fade away as is a candle in a dark room, to nothing but a stranger wearing a familiar face."


Sucky people...

"Coming to the understanding that some humans turn out to be absolute liars, manipulators, egocentrists and delusionals - even some of the ones you once loved most dearly. The only positivity that came from such was the ability to know what I will and will not tolerate. It is never too late to cut chronically toxic people from communications."


Out of Time

"The older you get the faster time is perceived so you are faced with the inevitability of death and how short life really is."


"What helps with this is keeping a daily journal. Even jotting down a few of your thoughts and feelings, a few little things you did that day, anything helps you to remember the time more and seems to slow things down. Then when you go back and read entries years later, all it takes is a sentence to bring back many memories of a day that seemed insignificant at the time."



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"Your parents grow old."


Adulting isn't fun. Wish I had had a warning about that.


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"Growing awfully aware of how sh*tty the world can be."


The Pick Up

"It's an old one but it is sad: at some point your mother or father will pick you up, and it will be the last time ever. My daughter, aged 32, told me this and I offered to pick her up to reset the clock, but she politely declined."


"This one hit me hard when I first heard it. Or when you'd fall asleep on the couch and just wake up in your bed. Literally starting to tear up just thinking about it."


Life Hurts

"Losing friends. I’ve lost friends due to slipping out of touch, fights, etc. but the worst is when a good friend dies. I’m of the generation that was in high school for 9/11, I joined the military and a lot of friends did too. I’ve lost a lot to war, but even more to drug use and suicide."


Narrow truths...

"It is really easy to feel that as you get older that your world becomes more narrow. You realize you can’t do everything and you won’t achieve all your dreams. You try less new things because you don’t want to fail or don’t feel it is worth it. You don’t feel the need to challenge yourself anymore. It can make you feel unremarkable and alone."

"I think that feeling is one of the reasons that just about every generation since the first Star Wars kids will not let their childhoods die and take those things so seriously. Those interests are linked to times when you were younger, happier and optimistic and preserving that feeling can get harder and harder as you age."



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"Realizing how sad everyone is."


Life is gonna life. So be prepared. Bookmark this thread. And maybe some videos of cute puppies.

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