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We are much more complicated than seeing things in black and white.

For example, those who subscribe to liberal perspectives may potentially agree with one or more views shared by those who are conservatives.

Conversely, those who claim to be strict adherents of conservative views and beliefs can have liberal opinions depending on the topic.

Curious to explore the notion that we may share ideologies and opinions from opposite ends of the political spectrum, Redditor RainbowRevolver asked:

"Left wing people of Reddit, what is your most right wing opinion? and similarly right wing people of Reddit what is your most left wing opinion?"

People found that we were on mutual footing when it came to the home we inhabit.

Environmental Ally

"Right- extremely pro environment and conservation."

– skinvalker

"Agreed. It's my POV that it should something the Evangelical right should rally around. The Bible tells us to be good stewards of what's been given to us and the Earth is our biggest collective responsibility. We should leave it better than we found it. Arguments against that are crazy frustrating."

– grandpasmoochie

Two Farmers Talking

"I live in SC, so it's obviously a very red state, but I overheard two older, christian, country farmer fellas talking at a car dealership one day while I was waiting to pick up some cars for my job a couple of years ago and their consensus on the environment was basically along the lines of, 'it's here, it was given to us, so we might as well use it all up.'"

"No thought given to keeping anything around or preserving it for the future. So f'king short sighted. They did also go on to talk about how we only started losing the Ozone layer once we started burning up a bunch of jet fuel and sent rockets up in to space and the rockets are what punctured it and caused all the holes, so I think their grasp on anything involving the environment was lacking at best."

"But, the biggest problem I have with what they were saying is, not only what they were saying but, the fact that you can bet that their kids and grandkids had to listen to that kind of ignorant sh*t and I bet more than a few believed them."

– Horrible_Harry

These are opinions concerning people's lives that are literally at stake.


"Socialized health care."

"Bear with me here - it costs us more after the fact to have unhealthy citizens, smacks the worker class, and creates a huge barrier to starting a company."

"Your job shouldn’t provide health care. Let the government concern itself with keeping citizens healthy and educated (and do a good f'king job of it instead of the bare minimum), and you’ll find yourself with a healthy, willing, working class and a system where smaller businesses can compete more openly."

– whateverathrowaway00

Matter Of National Security

"Many people have mentioned universal Healthcare already, but youre the first to say its government's responsibility to keep citizens healthy, and its true."

"Public health is a matter of national security, a sick nation is a weak nation, covid shouldve taught us that."

"Also love the mention of a healthy working class, because of course it means we would have more workers and more hours worked if people would be able to have their health treated easily."

– CrazysaurusRex

The Death Penalty

"I'm right but I've become pretty anti death penalty as I get older. I've seen cases where the wrong person was executed. You cannot undo that."

"And while I think there are still people who just need killing (Ted Bundy or Oba Chandler for example), the way we go about it and the way prosecutors sometimes use it as a club to make people do what they want is just wrong."

– lonelysilverrain

The Right Decision

"Yea for me it’s not a question of whether some people deserve to die, it’s a question of whether juries and our justice system are accurate enough to make that decision. And, as you mentioned, there’s just been too many exonerations - sometime even after the person is dead."

– sgtsand

People share their take on lifestyle and LGBTQ+ views.

​Cannabis Among Us

"Right wing here:"

"Legalize Weed."
"Gay/Trans/whatever is none of my business.Do what you want. Let's take better care of the environment."

– goddess_of_fear

Trans Rights

"I once had a pleasant discussion with a conservative about trans rights. He said the same thing. I replied, 'ok great but what if you’re a landlord, and your tenant, who has always paid on time and generally has been a good neighbor, turns out to be a transwoman. What if you’re very uncomfortable with this knowledge. Are you legally allowed to end tenancy on those grounds?'"

"He said as a conservative he feels he should be able to rent his property (or not) at his discretion."

"And I said, 'that’s where liberals and conservatives deviate most often.'”

"And that’s why it’s a political issue."

"Source: I volunteered at a place that helped lgbtq people find resources. I learned that almost all trans people experience homelessness due to this situation at least once in their lives."

– Outside_Classroom_38

Body Autonomy

"I'm right- homosexuality should not be a political issue. It's your life, why should other people care."

"Correction- do whatever you want with your body, not my decision."

– Excellent_Gap2333

Bedroom Activity

"I've always been confused why the party of small non-intrusive government is so concerned about what people do in the bed room."

– Kup123

Most of the examples above demonstrated how we can come together on the same issues and have civil conversations about them.

But offline in the real world, we continue struggling to make a connection. Why is that?

There should be no excuse as we are very well capable of listening to one another. So let's hear each other out and work together to come up with legitimate solutions to our real world problems.

Is it really that much easier said than done? If so, we have much much work to do as members of the human race.

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