People Break Down The Questions That No One Should Ever Ask
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I get we're a naturally curious species but if you think about it...

you can understand why curiosity killed that cat.

There are some wonderings just best left to the imagination.

But that of course won't stop some... well, most.

Redditor Chin_Chillin1213wanted to hear about the inquiries that need not be spoken of. They asked:

"What’s a question we should never ask?"

So many questions rattle through our brains. Keep them there.


real housewives nene GIFGiphy

"Why can't you be like "insert person's name?"

"Well... because I am not "that person's name."


Speak Up

"Why are you so quiet?"


"As a kid, I was asked that SO many times. I wanted to be quiet because I hated every one but it wasn’t cool to hate everybody at the time so I kept quiet."


"Always been asked that, when I would try to answer them they would immediately get uninterested and walk away. Really made me question if I was an uninteresting person and why I was single during that time. F**k you Kevin (last person who asked me that), I have a girlfriend now and I do talk, thank you very much."



"Have you noticed you're going bald?"


"Had a friend point out I was getting a bald spot. I shaved my head that day and since. Genetics stole my pancreas, I'll be damned if they take my hair first!"


"Friend of mine told me this after we'd first met at a party. She was pretty drunk so she didn't mean it in any bad way lol. That comment is actually what made me look in the mirror and go "oh s**t, I really am losing my hair." I'd been neck deep in an eating disorder for a couple years at that point and that was like, the first big wake up call that it was killing me. Over a year in recovery now, woo."


Look at Me!

"Are you depressed or just want attention?"


Why ask?

music video dancing GIF by Apple MusicGiphy

"Why are you single?"


"I love the, 'Your mom wants to keep it casual,' I read on here recently."


Wow. People are really crazy. Like... do you hear you?


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"When in a relationship: 'Do you think [friend] is prettier than me?' or any related question of which you actually don't want to hear the answer to."


So Much of You

"When did you put on all that extra weight?"


"I got pregnant with my first kid on my honeymoon. We told everyone I was pregnant when I was about 3 months along. One response was, 'That makes sense! I thought all the weight gain came from you just enjoying married life!' The super messed up thing was that I had hypermesis gravardium and had lost about 20 lbs. I just started showing really early."



"So am I better than your ex?"


"Depends on what 'better' means. My current girlfriend remarked several times early on (first year or two) in our relationship that 'we better never break up, cause I’m going to have to lie very badly to future boyfriends about our sex life if I ever want to date again.'"

"My girl might be playing a very clever game, but if someone else is 'better' in that regard it’s a tough thing to get over. If your girl’s ex was better at taking out the trash regularly, though, then it’s a little easier to care less about."


You're on the clock...

"When are ya'll gonna break up?"


"Once I went to the bar with my friends, and one of them told me he and his gf had opened their relationship. So me and another friend warned him about its risks Then as a joke we all started making bets on how long would the relationship last. I almost won it, lost by a few weeks, they recently broke up."


Alternatively, 'When are y’all gonna get married?'"


Better Answers

No Way Wtf GIF by HarlemGiphy

“'What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen?' to any EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter... etc. I promise you it’s horrible and not something you’d want to think about. We (well certainly I) don't want to relive those memories, especially so unexpectedly. Ask about something funny instead. You’ll get a better answer."


Let's take notes... keep your mouth shut!!

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