Professionals Confess Industry Secrets From Their Chosen Field

Professionals Confess Industry Secrets From Their Chosen Field
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We've all heard some conspiracy theories about certain businesses, most of which are outrageously false.

That laundromats are simply a facade for shadier practices (including, not so ironically, money laundering) or that the Coca-Cola company invented "New Coke" with the express purpose of improving sales on original Coke.

But every now and then, we can't help but wonder what really goes on behind closed doors in certain professions.

And are eager to hear all the juicy tidbits from people working in that industry.

Redditor WoOoOoOoShHhHh opened the door for people from a wide range of professions to share some of their juiciest secrets, by asking:
"What’s an industry secret in the field you work in?"

Literal Money Grabbing Machines

"I design slot machines for casinos."

"Don’t play slots."- psychfan5

Speak When Spoken To!

"I'm an attorney."

"The secret is shut the f*ck up."- --IIII--------IIII--

They Are In Good Hands

"Managed boarding and grooming kennels for 8 years."

"The secret is that the employees actually do love your pets too."

"Even the difficult ones, most of us realize they just miss their people."

"The number of times I’ve weeped when a pet died, or spent way too many hours comforting a dog with separation anxiety, or spent hours off the clock with a boarder who needed to be rushed to a vet office, wouldn’t trade it for the world."

"Some pets just suck though, not gonna lie."- breadandbirds

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They Just Want To Go Home!

"I'm a server."

"No matter how much we insist it's 'okay' that you are keeping the entire restaurant open after we've closed, please know we are 100% lying."

"We will get fired if we deviate from anything other than pure delight that you are keeping us from going home."

"We dread it."

"Please don't believe us."- MorddSith187

Don't Be Fooled By The Price

"I used to work in jewelry."

"Most of the prettiest gemstones are also very affordable."

"Tanzanite is a beautiful purple and looks nicer than amethyst."

"Topaz comes in lots of colors, including a pretty blue color which can be as nice as aquamarine."

"Opals aren't as brightly rainbow hued as they look in pictures."- rubicks56

What Are You Looking At?!?!

"Almost every hairstylist gets the heebie jeebies when we shampoo your hair and you just stare up at us."

"CLOSE. YOUR. DAMN. EYES at the shampoo bowl!"- picklemetimberzz

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You're More Qualified Than You Think!

"Used to screen resumes for small companies."

"Job 'requirements' are more of a wish-list situation."

"Never let some unchecked boxes deter you from applying, you have no idea what the applicant pool is like."

"The biggest boon, especially at small companies, is someone who legitimately cares."- TwoPesetas

If You Wonder What Makes It So Delicious...

"There is way more butter than you think in almost every dish you eat at fancy restaurants, and that is usually the reason you won't see the amount of calories in each dish."

"5 years as a chef in Italian cuisine head chef, 8 years in an Italian kitchen."

" f I could recomend one guide book for you all to have in your kitchen it would be Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking by Samin Nosrat."

"Yes there are a plethora of others but this one is my personal favorite."- BackslashR

That's Why It Smells So Familiar!

"Former bath and body works associate here."

"The scents they 'discontinue' will come back with a different name and new marketing."

"They’re just recycling the scents."- xyenz08

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Nothing Wrong With A Second Opinion

"Some therapists/counselors are on the wrong side of the couch, so to speak."

"If you feel your mental health provider is unhinged, they may very well be."- FriktionalTales

Hygiene Issues...

"I'm a forklift driver at a plastics manufacturing facility."

"We melt down various types of plastic into sheets, then a different department molds them into whatever the customer asks for."

"We're a food supply company, so that means everything has to be spotless, right?"

"When I worked in the molding department, the machines had toothed chains to hold the plastic in place while it was being molded."

"Those chains were constantly over greased, and the plastic would rub up against various sections, so at the end of every shift, no matter what machine I was on, I had to clean up big puddles of plastic powder/grease slime not only from the floor, but from key sections of the machine itself."

"Plastics manufacturing companies are constantly at war with each other to produce the least amount of scrap."

"In my region, we're #1 for least scrap produced."

"On paper, anyway."

"In reality, we throw away about 30-40 lbs of plastic every day."

"This is because the plastic we throw away is not able to be recycled."

"About 60% of the material is like this."

"Or because it would cost too much to grind up, the remaining 40%."

"Not only that, but you know how I said the place has to be spotless?"

"Well one of the supervisors on the other shifts chews AND SPITS into a trash can on the production floor!"

"Needless to say, I and my supervisor are trying to get him out of there, not just because of that, he's also the laziest man you've ever seen."

"Sits in the break room the whole shift then complains that his job is so boring."

"Remember these things next time you eat a prepackaged meal."- forklift_in_disguise

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Don't Give In To Pressure!

"Mental Health Care /Healthcare worker."

"When hired, the company that you work for will try to dissuade you from forming a union."

"This is not only illegal, it would probably prevent at least half of the problems between the staff and the administration."-jironspoon

As NOT Seen On TV...

"Law enforcement, specifically policing, is not very interesting the majority of the time and certainly not like what documentaries, films and TV make it out to be."

"I'll give you some examples to compare of some of the biggest misconceptions/tropes out there perpetuated by the media coverage of criminal justice/law enforcement."


"The majority of the time, especially these types of investigations, are nowhere near as eventful as they are thought to be."

"In fact, typically all missing persons are located within 24-48 hours after being reported as such."

"Usually, this is because someone in the family or friend group of the missing person knows where the subject is but for whatever reason, a lack of communication or miscommunication has occurred."

"It is much less common for the subject of the case to have been a victim of foul play, but the media obviously cover the cases where a homicide or something else suspicious has occurred."


"These are often sensationalized, unfortunately, when covered by the media."

"Especially when there is a suggestion that the victim may have been victim to a serial killer or other dangerous unknown persons."

"In reality, most of the cases of this will have been the result of ongoing domestic violence, drug deals gone wrong etc., rather than being committed by a complete random and/or a serial killer."

"In short, it is far more common for someone to be murdered by a person they know and trust than someone they don't."


"At least in the UK, where I live, from what I have heard is that many more of the calls received by police are more likely to be things like Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs), arson/house fires, robberies and misdemeanor offenses than they are to be much more serious offenses such as murder etc."

"However, obviously it seems that the media do not cover this kind of stuff since it doesn't have the same shock factor as homicides, but it is another way in which false expectations of the job of a police officer is perpetuated."

"Bottom line is that I just get frustrated with the fact that so many people seem to underestimate and under appreciate the hard work that comes with being in the forces, but also how the job is usually far more mundane than it is made out to be."

"Especially when that is the main reason people are attracted to the job."- PM_ME_SHIT_IDK

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Exactly How "Doers Get More Done"...

"You can return dead plants to Home Depot."

"The handwritten markdowns on sales tags on merchandise that you see on the sales floor, if it’s in the middle of the month, you can ask for a bigger discount and will likely get it."

"Never ask at the end of the month, because all the markdown allowances are usually eaten up and you will likely not get the discount."

"There are cameras everywhere."

"Except the bathroom."

"You will get caught shoplifting by a loss prevention person, if they are at the store that day you are there."

"Otherwise, you can walk out with a lawnmower, and tell the cashier you paid at the other register on the other side of the store, wave an old Home Depot receipt at her and tell her to have a great day- and keep pushing the lawnmower to your car and drive off."

"If you return a faucet, every part better be in the box, otherwise, they will give you hard time-not! "

"Hell, you can return half cans of spray paint!"

"Also, if a sales associate is rude to you, don’t be afraid to call a manager on them while you're in the store."

"Those people are paid to be there to help you, especially in these departments:appliances, flooring, windows and doors, flooring, and kitchen/plumbing."

"All those sales associates are paid well."

"If you are lucky to have a Home Depot with a Kitchen design department in it, just fyi, those sales associates are the top paid people in the store."


"They know everything about most departments."

"Their hourly can top out at $42 an hour in some cases."

"The lowest hourly is $13-14, benefits are great."

"Very rarely does Home Depot hire management from the outside."

"They always promote from within the ranks."

"Every day is different."

"One day you might have two customers who are brothers in the paint department who start fighting and progress to throwing at each other five gallon buckets of oil-based primer on one another who end up being arrested, covered head to toe in white paint and the cops trying to figure out how to get them in the police car with all that paint all over them."

"OR You are taking customers to the vault in the back because a tornado is about to hit the store."

"So, most people who work there do not find it boring."- Southern_9098

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