A Woman Photoshopped Her Corgi Into Popular Movie Posters And It's Perfection


Maxine the Fluffy Corgi is an Instagram famous pupper in NYC.

Her entire account is movie-based — all the captions are movie quotes.

So Maxine's humans decided to photoshop her into movie posters and the results are Oscar worthy.

The pupper's papa, Bryan told BuzzFeed where the movie poster inspo came from.

"Maxine's Instagram account is movie-themed. Every caption is a movie quote. So my wife and I thought it would be fun and cute to photoshop Maxine into some of our favorite movies of the year!"

The results of the photoshopping are pure paw-fection.

Maxine's take on A Quiet Place.


Move over Lady Gaga, Maxine is the real star.


Netflix was also represented with the corgi's take on Roma.


Corgis forever.


The Mission: Impossible series has a new hero.


I love you, Timothée Chalamet, but dogs will always win the beauty contest in my eyes.


First Reformed.


Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade also got a revamping.


Sorry To Bother You, but this poster is pawsome.


Mister Rogers may be the friendliest face in the neighborhood, but he's got competition with Maxine.


This fluffer-butt is absolutely fabulous in all of her feature film posters.

People everywhere think the posters are worthy of their very own Academy Award.

To be honest, I'd rather watch all of these movies with the Maxine edit.

And if she ever decides to delve into horror, she can team up with Maineiac author Stephen King's Molly: the Thing of Evil.

1388843 / Pixabay

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