Halloween decorations are an absolute must for anyone who understands the abstract concept of Halloween as a holiday. Our pets, however, don't actually know what the deal with Halloween is, and so the yearly appearance of strange decorative specters, stuffed scarecrows, and screaming sound effects can cause some dogs and cats to flip out int he most delightful way.

These animals don't even know they're playing with decorations.

Oregon’s Good Boy got a little too interested in the neighbors Halloween decorations for my likingpic.twitter.com/IJKY7Fdf0U twitter.com

Francis doesn’t like our new decorations! pic.twitter.com/Q2s3jwuNW8 twitter.com

I love how my cat "helps" me put up the decorations.pic.twitter.com/eNwRX4RH0e twitter.com

Think Ori likes the new stream room decorations...pic.twitter.com/kYCiokfBHZ twitter.com

Though, in some cases, they somehow manage to improve on what their owners intended!

my dog took a nap on the halloween decorations and became a halloween decoration.pic.twitter.com/0aEvPOe7Fr twitter.com

For some reason, the new neighbors don't want to come play?

My dog is confused by the neighbors’ Halloween decorations.pic.twitter.com/pX1vhuP02s twitter.com

My dog, Bernoulli, is absolutely sure these Halloween decorations are real birds.pic.twitter.com/y1f3OLCQhb twitter.com

I got a stuffed pumpkin at Target for decoration, and my dog has taken to carrying it from room to room with her.pic.twitter.com/jhFZWozGxu twitter.com

My cat keeps taking down my Halloween decorations...pic.twitter.com/cqdtO0fnKo twitter.com

In other cases, however, the pets would rather these strange new additions to the house would just go away...

My dog is afraid of the rocking scarecrow decoration.pic.twitter.com/dxJI0lXh4b twitter.com

Note to self: carefully close the lid on the Halloween decorations before leaving dogs home alone, because they might mistake it for a new toy box.pic.twitter.com/ooGY9WVUg8 twitter.com

At the end of the day, however, there may be no better decoration that the pet itself! Make this Halloween a real spook-fest with the help of your trusty feline or canine!

For real though guys, get yourself a black cat for an easy good Halloween decorationpic.twitter.com/soElWSqc9B twitter.com

Trick or treat!

H/T - Twitter, Humane Society

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

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