People Break Down Their Funniest 'This Person Is Out Of Touch With Reality' Experiences
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There are just some people you come across in life, that when they speak, you just have to laugh and say... "Bless your heart!"

You either laugh, or move along and mind your business.

You can pretty much can tell reality is not involved in their everyday lives.

Redditor CindyQuicknFye wanted to hear about the people we've all encountered that left a bizarre impression.

They asked:

"What did somebody say that made you think: 'This person is out of touch with reality?'"

I've worked in the hospitality industry and the acting/writing business.

So I don't know where to begin with this, except to say... "Bless their Hearts."

"the elites"

"Working for a super wealthy client who lived in the most expensive gated neighborhood in the country. A Walled community, filled with old money and old political families, and he was complaining about 'the elites' who the hell do you think you are ? Joe F**king 6 pack?"




"One of my relatives 'Joined the illuminati' on facebook... On. Facebook. He was really serious too and excited about it."


"I was 'invited to join the Illuminati' by a vegan raw food store I bought something from. I knew it was BS but wanted to show someone what it was so we could laugh about it. It sounded like some pyramid scheme that would 'have me vacationing in the alps with my investments' but it looked like my friend was considering it. :( "



"I remember a while back I read a post about a man who refused to wipe his bum hole after number 2 because he believed no man should have anything touch him there.... I remember vividly thinking 'how out of touch with reality do you have to be to have such a belief?' I am still occasionally haunted by this stranger."


Isn't that a crime?'

"I'm a 911 operator and had a man call 911 because the internet at the hotel he was staying at got disconnected. I told him it was not a police issue and he would have to talk to the hotel staff and/or just wait for it to reboot. He responded, 'Not a police issue? This is criminal. If I unplugged someone's life support, isn't that a crime?'"



"Had a coworker that noticed an item’s tag said Made in Vietnam. She’s said 'Made in Vietnam? That’s a place? I thought it was a war!!'"



And I bet you these people are allowed to operate vehicles unattended.

Oh my...

Life & Death

"'Nobody has ever died from rationing their insulin, nobody' - My FIL. That was an odd take of his, I'm still kinda puzzled over it. People have died doing almost anything. He didn't think they died from rationing something that costs hundreds of dollars per week though."



Nasty Girl

"16 yo at DMV office getting her driver's license. Coworker asked her for ID, pulls out her phone and shows photos of her expired passport. Coworker said that's not acceptable. The girl turns around and hits her mom on the head and blames mom for no bringing in her IDs. Coworker yelled at the girl and said if you are old enough for a license, you are old enough to check online what IDs you needed to bring. 😐"


Bad Thanksgiving

"My aunt is a bit into that. She's done really well for herself but has forgotten that not all of us are retired engineers who play the stock market for funsies part time. She suggested Thanksgiving at my place one year, and I had to remind her that I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and inviting around 15 people there wasn't going to work."



"There are a lot of older ugly apartment buildings near the house I grew up in. My friend at the time that lived a very privileged lifestyle, $200-300+ weekly weekend dinners with the family, timeshares over the place, skiing and snowboarding trips, etc. She was like why would anyone want to live in these apartments? I would never I was like, people that live there don't have a choice."


Me. ME. MEE!!

"Former roommate declared, 'I'm an only child, that means I don't have to be nice if I don't want to.'"




"Pretty much any time I see someone yelling at a Starbucks or other service employee. They come into a crowded shop, wave their big $5 bill around like a high roller, then yell at a 16 year old for making their coffee incorrectly. Lame. If you find yourself to be one of the people yelling at service workers, fix your own problems before telling other people what to do."



"Within a week or so of meeting my new roommate he without joking announced to all of us that he will have 20 bodies by the end of semester, as well as a 'rotation' of girls that will come to him whenever he wants. just made me think he watches way too much porn. He’s still a virgin."


Mommy Easy

"I’m a nanny and I’ve worked for some rich clients. Old money. These people know nothing about reality. The best one I heard was this family I was working 12 hour days for. Good pay, terrible schedule. At one point I was bouncing their baby on my knee and the Mom goes 'Being a mom isn’t that hard. I don’t know why other women complain about it so much.' While her nanny is literally caring for the baby."


I Promise

"When my boss said 'My word is better than getting it in writing.' I can think of several instances where they’ve promised something or given their word on only to later renege on the deal."


Hulk Hogan Handshake GIF Giphy

Choose to Live

"Once got in an argument with a girl that people would rather die of starvation than eat something that's carcinogenic. I asked if she was seriously saying people would choose to starve to death over the course of a month than risk potentially developing cancer in a few years and she said yes. I asked if she'd ever gone an entire day without eating before or knew what that felt like. she hadn't."


Meth it Away

"Tried to tell me meth is perfectly healthy and natural because the Nazis used it during WW2 and that it's looked at badly due to people mistaking it for crack, 'a n-word drug' (hard r too). This guy married my grandma."


"…ok so like, the WW2 part is true, but it doesn’t really prove his point. Does he know what happened when the Germans stopped giving their soldiers meth? Cause I do, and the memorials to the civilians at the receiving end of the psychotic breaks that resulted from entire units being cut off cold turkey dot a significant portion of Eastern Europe to this day."


The Book Place

"A friend of mine in college was absolutely shocked when I and several other friends pulled out our childhood/hometown public library cards at dinner one night. She could not fathom that all of our families went to the library regularly when we were growing up and that this is an extremely common experience for a lot of people. When I asked her what she did when she wanted to read books growing up, she said 'My family just bought them all.'"


Ghost Attraction

"My ex's mom believed that during Easter ghosts can travel between our world and the spirit world. She legit started seeing and hearing them because she thought her apartment and her spiritual personality attracted them. She hyped herself up so much that she had to leave her apartment for a couple of days and seek refuge at her sister's house. She didn't bring her cat with her. I suppose she thought the ghosts would feed him."


5 and UP

"I heard someone yesterday suggest that children should operate heavy machinery to address supply shortages. Turns out that guy happened to be the freaking prime minister."


Okaay What GIF by ABC Network Giphy

Egg It

"In Colombia the minister of finances stated that you could buy a dozen of eggs for what was the price of 3 or 4 at much. If I remember right it was an interview about the problem that minimum wage isn't enough to cover people basic needs like eating, besides it is sort of his job to at least be informed about this kind of facts."


Well none of us are perfect.

As long as know one is not violent, just nod and smile.

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