People Break Down The Things They're Still Angry About And Refuse To Get Over
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We wander through life surrounded by so many people all jockeying for position based on their own motivations. Hopefully, we try to be kind to each other throughout the whole chaotic mess.

But things happen. People get slighted, forgotten, or plain abused by others. It's sucks, and we'd better accept that possibility if we plan to stay sane at all.

Ideally, we move one after someone steps on our toes. We might even forgive. If not, life afterwards is spent carrying just a little extra weight.

Unfortunately, we don't always behave ideally. Sometimes, we fester and hold grudges even when it's not in our best interest.

After all, we're emotional beings with a reptilian core in our brain. Old habits die hard and we act on impulse all the time.

IOughtToBeThrownAway asked, "What are you still angry about that you should just get the f*** over?"

Sleep With One Eye Open, Ashley

"In 8th grade, Ashley stole my really nice lipstick that I'd saved up for. And the color didn't even look good on her."

"I'm 36 and it still pisses me off."

-- InannasPocket

A Very Bold Guest

"I hadn't been home all day, just got off work and was just burnt out."

"My roommate invited two friends over to hang out and drink some wine in the kitchen which was in the same area as the living room (open floor plan)."

"I didn't wanna join so said I was just gonna relax with my dinner and watch my show - we are both fine with this plan."

"Anyways, I'm sitting there watching my show (at a normal volume) minding my own business and one of her friends starts complaining about 'the atmosphere not being fun' and saying she was bothered that she could hear my show."

"I ignored it and pretended I couldn't hear it and my roommate asked her friend if it was too loud and her friend said 'it isn't loud but I just don't wanna hear it at all you know? It's girls night.'"

"She asks me to turn it down so I say sure and turn it down a few clicks."

"This girl then walks over, grabs the remote AND TURNS OFF THE TV. Then lectures me about how 'it's rude to watch TV while people are socializing' and says I need to just get over myself and be social."


"It's been years and my petty ass still gets pissed thinking about it haha"

-- jessimaemae

An Eternal Lesson

"How social networking and likability will generally advance your career faster than competence and work ethic will."

"Not in all cases or careers, but I used to be bitter watching brown nosers and yes-men shoot past me while I thought my work ethic would speak for itself."

-- New_Game_P1us


"One of my school principals told a pupil in my class to write down everything questionable that I said/did over the course of a month and submit it to her without my knowledge."

"The snitch submitted her letter and the teacher straight away mailed it to my mom and dad."

"Thankfully they saw the absurdity of what she was doing and WENT TO TOWN on the school for bullying pupils. Still makes me boil thinking about it to this day."

-- Mahershalalhashbazz

Life With Roommates

"someone I knew a long time ago used to make PB&J sandwiches a frequent amount of the time and when ever they made one they would never clean the damn knife they were using and we would frequently have jars of peanut butter and jelly mixed together..."

"...I told them countless numbers of times 'clean the knife' they would always respond with OK but the next f***ing day I would see them doing the same thing!"

"god I hated them for that."

-- I_am_a_robit

A 33 Year Egg Grudge

"In line at a wedding dinner."

"Lady in front of me was talking to the lady behind me in line. After 3 minutes of being awkward guy in between them, I said 'here, I'll just trade you spots' and let the lady behind me go in front."

"That bi*** took the last deviled egg. This was in 1987."

-- HerbertKroopen

An Unfortunate Likeness

"Someone told me they thought I was attractive because I look like Ed Sheeran."

"A second someone told me Ed Sheeran was better looking than me."

"Now, I don't think I'm God's gift to your retinas, but I neither look like that butt gnome, nor look worse than that butt gnome."

"I look like Rupert Grint's and Matt Mercer's love child not Ed pubic beard Sheeran."

-- Layless_the_elf

Design Nerds

"Avatar, the giant international blockbuster, used the papyrus font as it's logo." -- gspi1005

"Some graphic designer just typed out Avatar, highlighted it, clicked the drop down and chose... papyrus. Makes me sick" -- jesusjedi

"I had to look at the poster to see for myself. Dear God, you're right." -- CONFETA

A Collective Sigh

"Game of Thrones last season. It's like eating the best meal of your life and then you find a piece of sh** in it" -- IammYourDAD

"I always think about how much money that series must have lost in 'the entire series'-DVD sales. Like, based on seasons 1-6, buying the entire series was going to be absolutely mandatory for me."

"Probably 150 bucks or more for the whole show on blu-ray and probably a couple more formats in the future and I would have been happy to buy it."

"Then that series ended with an absolute dumpster fire. I will never buy a single season of that show on any format, never mind the entire thing. And I doubt I'm alone in that." -- BigNikiStyle

All About the Add Ons

"While buying a new mattress I got convinced by the salesman to also get a tempur-pedic pillow for $100."

"I want my $100 back."

-- GorillaS0up

Sorry Judy

"I lost Judy's phone number in college."

"I still think about Judy and what would have happened if I called her."

"Judy if you're out there I honestly lost your number because I'm dumb."

-- DarthMurdok

Lazy Apps

"The f***ing Mexican restaurant that gave me sliced avocados on cinco de mayo and called it guacamole. I brought it back (it was a to go order) and they just gave it a few smashes with a fork or something and gave it back."

"No tomatoes, onions, cilantro, salt, nothing. I just got half-a**ed mashed avocados and chips and they charged me like $8."

"This was six months ago and I'm still mad."

-- FriendlySlytherin

Don't Choke

"When I was 9 we had swim class and I was a very good swimmer for my age."

"To pass the final test we had to do some swimming underwater. I misheard what we had to do and did it wrong, I also went first so no one to compare it too."

"The swim teacher fails me and does not let me do it again. However the poor swimmers who were physically unable to do it got to retake it."

"I should mention that the swim teacher was a woman and everyone who was allowed more than one try was a girl."

"I felt so ashamed when everyone else (apart from the really poor swimmers) got a certificate but me."

-- retro_rockets

Unhealthily Invested 

"That one of my favorite characters in a book died. Didn't even finish the series. Just set it down and walked away forever." -- TheChosenOne_72

"When I married my first husband, half blood prince had JUST come out. So, of course, I bought it with our fat $100 'wedding' cash."

"The next day, I'm getting through the book when he starts sh!t with me. I went to the bathroom to get away from him. He ripped the book from my hands... Turned to the back of the book and straight up sneered....DUMBLEDORE DIES" -- buttholeismyfavword

The Backroom Gossip

"Raised my hand in class, teacher says 'oh I've heard about you.' She basically told me that all the teachers talk about me on their break."

"17 year old me was pissed about the immaturity of my teachers."

-- [deleted]

A Sore Subject

"My cat got out and 'ran away.' During a fight with my ex he said it was because I was a sh!tty catmom."

"Lmao that was years ago but I still wish him misfortune for saying such a stupid thing."

-- pleenis


"In high school I had a prom Limo set up with people I considered good friends. They kicked me out because i was adamantly against drinking (still am)."

"I didnt care if they drank, I just didnt want to. I didnt go to prom at all after they silently started ghosting me."

-- romantanon

Power Move

"My bully from elementary school smashed a 'Game of the Goose' board on his own face and framed me."

"I'm still angry some twenty years later..."

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