People Share Their Most Controversial Food Opinions

What exactly is in that recipe?

That is one of life's most important questions.

With allergies and tastes all over the map, best to always ask before you eat.

Everyone has strong thoughts on food.

There is a visceral hatred for certain combinations and ingredients.

Families have fallen out over serving sweet potato pie or pumpkin.

The kitchen can be a dangerous place.

So let's try for a civil conversation.

Redditor xSurpriseShawtyx wanted everyone to disclose their thoughts on what we eat, so they asked:

"What’s your controversial food opinion?"

There is no reason to spice up everything.

Bland can be fun.


cauliflower GIF by It's SuppertimeGiphy

"We put way too much pressure on cauliflower to be things that aren’t cauliflower."


"Cauliflower pizza will be disappointing every time. But if you CALL it a cauliflower flatbread, it’s not half bad. It’s all about expectations."


Fill it Up

"Entire sleeve of crackers in my soup."


"Same! And chili. The chili basically has cheese, crackers, and Fritos added until it’s no longer a liquidy texture. You could sculpt a bust from a bowl of chili after I’m done adding the crackers."


"Yes, and/or Fritos, depending on what I have available. Sometimes both. If someone gives me chili with no crunchy addition, they can f**k right off."


"I love crackers with my ramen."


The Base

"Vanilla being used to describe bland or unexciting things is such a travesty. It has such a unique flavor (the real thing, not a flavor extract) and is the second most expensive spice after saffron."


"I don't look down on it. It's just the base that a lot of the other flavors use. When I go to new ice cream places I always start with vanilla."

"Because if their vanilla (which should be amazing) sucks, the other flavors probably suck too. Using toppings and additives to hide the crap vanilla flavor."

"What does give vanilla a bad rap though... Cheap imitation vanilla extract. Buy the good stuff people!"


The Real

"I prefer the term 'traditional' over 'authentic', and even 'traditional' is a very flexible term when it comes to food."


"Also, some foods are authentic but may not be traditional. I’d say American Chinese is authentic because there’s no 'real' or 'fake' anything, but the dishes/ingredients may not be traditionally made/used like in China."


Just Blah

animation loop GIF by Katy_Beveridge_StudioGiphy

"Crab > Lobster. Lobster has always tasted like a shit*y crab to me no matter how expensive, fresh, or well-prepared it is."


"First time I had lobster was in culinary school. I couldn’t see the hype. It was such a huge letdown for me."


Who can hate lobster?! It's the king of the sea.


"Bacon doesn't go on everything."


"I completely agree. I'm very picky when it comes to food and will not have bacon on my pizza!"


Pile Up

"Sandwiches overstacked with meat are usually very low quality and mess up the bread: meat: vegetables ratio that makes a sandwich enjoyable."


"When I worked in foodservice I was taught to make deli sandwiches with meat folded and distributed to be thickest in the middle so the filling looks more generous when cut in half (even though it’s thin near the edges). Sandwiches made this way are silly and annoying."


Not on my salad...

"Thousand island dressing is just fancy ketchup for salads."


"No one I know actually puts it on a salad. Honey mustard too. I put it on my salad and it was nasty."


I feel like thousand island, Russian dressing, and honey mustard are called salad dressings, but are really more for burgers, sandwiches and fried chicken, respectively. I dunno if I’ve ever actually had any of them on a pile of greens."


Bad Changes

"Girl scout cookies are overrated."


"They used to be much better, especially the trefoils."


"I was a girl scout in the 90s and LOVED Samoas. I've noticed multiple formula changes since then. They don't taste good anymore. Cheap garbage."


Stay Away

episode 7 rib-wich GIFGiphy

"The McRib should stop coming back."


"The McRib is just the crappy pork sandwiches you'd get at school."


I've never understood the McRib. I stand by that.

So, what are some controversial food opinions that you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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