If you know someone hasn't seen a movie or read a book, but they want to, don't spoil it. It's tough urge to beat, sure. But your friend will definitely hold it against you. Oh, and turn off your phones in a movie theater.

sluna-l asked: What's the worst spoiler someone has ever done to you?

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Reading the last Hunger Games book.

Nephew: "how much of the book is left?"

Me: "I'm about 75% of the way through."

Nephew: "oh, are you to the part where Prim dies yet?"

Me: "..."

Years later, still salty.


How do people think this is an ok way to word the question? If I'm ever asking someone about something they're watching that I've already watched, I'll usually phrase it as "What's happening right now?" or "What's the last big thing/death you've witnessed?"


Saying nothing is always an option.

My Ex-Wife came home from her 3rd shift job to find me on the couch watching The Usual Suspects and said, "oh, this is the one where <insert huge spoiler here>"

I had never seen it before.


I hadn't seen Usual Suspects around 1999-2000 and my roommate found out I hadn't seen it yet. For some reason I got it into my head that it was a bad, cheesy comedy flick about a bunch of goofy criminals. So, I rented the movie and just before I was going to watch it, I saw part of an episode of Just Shoot Me and David Spade's character pretty much spoiled the twist ending of the movie.

The movie was still great; I just didn't get the shock value because I knew exactly what was coming the whole time.


It's still worth it.

I've never seen The Sixth Sense because I already know the whole movie thanks to everyone in the world.


Sixth Sense for me too. Only I overheard it in the bathroom at the movie theater RIGHT BEFORE I was going in to see it. Just writing this is filling me with the rage I felt at that moment.


What a douche.

Someone shouting 'Snape kills Dumbledore' while I was in line for midnight release of HP book 6 (HBP).


I played Warcraft 3 custom games a lot and people were making games with titles "Snape Kills Dumbledore" weeks before the book had even come out. It was a pain.



I was in my early teens and read The Lord of the Rings for the first time. Borrowed it from a friend who had already read it. So I talk about how cool Gandalf is and how he's my favorite character. So he tells me "well, that sucks, because he's about to die." So, I'm mighty pissed and sure enough, once we get to the Mines there's the death.

So I see my friend again and tell him how Gandalf is now dead and how much that blows. "Don't worry, he's not really dead; he'll be back in a couple of chapters." He effectively robbed me of two awesome plotpoints... That's definitely the worst spoiler I ever had.


At first i thought it wasnt 'that bad' because he returns, but man he even took that joy from you. Yikes


Thanks for ruining the game.

I had to work one Sunday during football season. I taped the game so I could watch it when I got home. It was the Vikings against the Eagles. My wife had to pick me up and our sons were on the car. One son said "Dad, I won't tell you who won but it starts with an E".


You suffered a double doink.


Spread the pain.

My aunt spoiled Dumbledore dying while complaining to me that someone at her office spoiled Dumbledore dying for her.


It's been how many years since that book was released? At least 10. So no...at this point no one has the right to complain. Plus it's a thread about spoilers ...


She needs a new hobby.

I was reading Return of the King before the movie came out because I was so excited for the next film. A coworker asked where I was in the book and I said Sam and Frodo are at Mount Doom! She just stared at me silently for a few seconds, and blurts out what happens with Gollum. I was so mad, mere pages away. She said she couldn't help it, loves spoiling stuff.


And i love stabbing people who spoil. And with both it is not okay.


Poor Zoe.

I feel bad about this one... I was the spoiler...

It was 6th grade. And me and close friend where talking about the new and last Harry Potter book. It had been out for less than a week.

We are trying not to spoil it for each other. And he knows I'm a bit of a slow reader, so he asks me about where i am. I remember say "I just got to the part where Hedwig dies." And I hear this little sigh fallow in the saddest voice I have ever heard "Hedwig dies!?"

I turned to see a girl in my class behind us who I hadn't seen or knew she was there. I can still see her about to cry. God that was a bad day.

I still feel bad about that. I'm so sorry Zoe.


No internet before a movie.

I had taken every precaution before The Force Awakens came out. I had unsubbed from /r/movies, /r/starwars, and about five other subs that could have possibly had spoilers from people wanting to talk about the movie.

Then some @sshat posts KYLO KILLS HAN as a title in /r/funny as I'm standing in line about to go into the theater.

Now I am on a 100% internet free ban for like 10 days before any movie comes out that I don't want spoiled.


Exactly the same thing happened to me - literally 10 mins before I see the movie, in a completely unrelated internet post, someone had posted 'Kylo kills Han, his Father'.



Oh hell no.

The Empire Strikes Back: My cousin who knew how much I loved Star Wars, spoiled "I am your father" for me. I couldn't see the movie until my dad took me the next weekend. I still haven't forgiven him.


There is no justice.

When Order of the Phoenix book came out, my mom bought me and my little sister both copies.

My sister immediately looks to the end and tells me who dies, knowing I had waited three years for the book.

Fun fact: the only time either me or my sister we're grounded. And it wasn't me.


Start from the end ya wind up disappointed.

I did it to myself.

I f*cked up and started watching the last episode of True Detective season 1 first and saw the Yellow King.

I'm a f*cking idiot.


Hahaha I'm not proud but this has happened to me before.


Coven is the best season.

I used to watch American Horror Story and I worked 3rd shift during The Coven season. I was driving to my parent's house the morning after the season finale to watch it with my mom. Sarah Paulson was doing an interview on the Elvis Duran show and she blurts out the ending despite being told not to. There was no warning to even change the station. She then said that it's the fault of anyone who missed it and she doesn't care that she spoiled it.

I don't watch the show anymore, but I can never forgive her for doing that. Like I absolutely hate her not just for f*cking up, but for having such a poor attitude about it, like I am less than her for watching it when I get out of work. I try to avoid anything she's in because I can't even look at her without getting mad.

I'm bitter.



When I was a teenager, I was driving around in my car listening to music.

On comes the intro song Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls. The DJ then says, "Alright everybody, here is the song from the movie where Meg Ryan dies at the end."

The movie was still in the theaters, and the previews all had that song.


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