People Share The Worst Thing They've Ever Seen Someone Do At A Funeral


This is a funeral not a rave....

Any major life event that draws together everyone you know and love is going to be sizzling with drama, especially when family is involved. Funerals in particular are a dicey situation. Long held secrets and aggressions tend to bubble over and explode once liquor and overwrought, raw emotion is commingled. Even so, a funeral is not the place to display a sideshow. But more often than not a passing of life celebration loses all dignity and tends to mirror an episode of "Dynasty."Cheers to the dead who don't have to witness.

Redditor u/Bankrupt-R-Us wanted everyone to share some inappropriate behavior they've witnessed when some one has passed by wondering.... What is the worst thing you've ever seen someone do at a funeral?


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Her ex told us about all the great things she did in bed and what a loss for mankind that is. In presence of her boyfriend.


If you need Dwight, don't call...

He handed out his business cards at his stepdaughter's funeral. There was very nearly a fistfight!


Dwight: Good morning. Dwight Schrute. Thank you all for your prayers and your remembrances. Like Justin and his disfigurement, I too have had a horrible year. They say that the middle class is disappearing, and with it, the soul of America. So, as a gift to this beautiful congregation, I would like to offer a 4% discount on all Dunder Mifflin Sabre products if you buy a printer at full price.


Family Drama

The gentleman had a large family and all of his siblings got up and made it all about themselves, dredged up old family drama, made it clear that they resented his wife, etc. It was so painfully awkward.


This was my biggest fear at my father-in-law's funeral. My mother-in-law is incapable of not making everything about herself. They got divorced about ten years ago, so I spent the whole time holding my breath. For the most part she wasn't as bad as I feared. Any time someone told a story, she'd have to find a way to make it about her, but she didn't trash him the way she typically does, so I was relieved. I hope I'm able to be as kind at her funeral.


The Will Matters

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My uncle was pissed about something in my grandmother's Will. So during the funeral, he went out to the parking lot and keyed everyone's car. It should be noted, he has severe brain injury from a motorcycle accident that causes him to be constantly angry and paranoid. Still....


Skipping Over....

No where near as bad as most comments but the family didn't allow for his twin to speak.

Straight up skipped over the allocated time for the living twin to get up and speak about his brother. Who was his last remaining immediate family.

I don't think I can ever forgive the late wife for putting him through that. She treated him so horribly all throughout the sickness, and then to not allow him to be a part of the funeral was the final nail in the coffin.



A few years back, when the uncle of my mother died my young cousin (8) cried a lot at the funeral. It took some time but eventually he calmed down and his parents went for a little walk with him for some distraction.

But then he noticed that his first name was written on one of the tombstones. He mentions it loudly and one of the bystanders said: ''Yeah its already reserved for you''.

He immediately started crying again....



Not a funeral but when my grandad passed and we went to view his body at the crematorium my aunt started stealing from the facility the second the employees back was turned. Just shoving anything that wasn't nailed down into her purse and pockets. Unbelievable. And yes we called her out and made her put it all back.


Evil Nan....

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My nan told my dad at his own father's funeral that her pain was much greater because she had lost a husband, while he had only lost his dad. As if grief is a competition.

She is a crappy person anyway, and not even blood related to us so we just kinda don't associate anymore.


"Life is Grand."

My Mother in Law took a photo of a wine glass during the lunch we had after, and she posted it on Facebook. Guess what her caption was?

"Life is Grand."

It was my mother's funeral. And when she was asked to take it down she couldn't understand why. It's been two years since my mom passed, but that memory still sticks with me.


Gross Girls

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My husband went to his great aunt's funeral and while they did the little ceremony in the cemetery, great aunt's granddaughters were all hiding behind a tombstone giggling and doing drugs.

Edit: Guys her grandkids were like 17-23.



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