We are in trying and interesting times. Everyone is on edge when it comes to how they're feel and what they believe. And there are some very real issues that we have the right to be on edge about. A real change is gonna come. But there are a few things that people are getting a little crazy about; like the tv shows or opposing ideas on icing for cake. People.... lighten up. Not everything is so serious. There are pills to help with levity.

Redditor u/Chanel-Number-5 wanted everyone to have an open discussion about all the things and sayings that others take issue with these days by asking.... What's the weirdest thing people get offended by?

Bad. Bad. Bad.

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Hearing about their kids behaving badly.


My niece is freaking hellish. When things don't go her way, or we ask her a simple question, she flips out and throws a tantrum, and when I told my brother (her father) he also flipped out saying "sHeS jUsT StrOngEd wIlLed." He did this as he bounced on his toes from frustration and claiming I 'can't offend him.'


On the Flip Side.

I'm in the US south and I ma'am and sir pretty much every stranger I come across in the wild. It's just what I've grown up with and is meant as being respectful.

We get a lot of tourists and occasionally I'll ma'am a woman and she'll flip thinking I'm calling her old and if I sir some guy they'll think it's like a sarcastic challenge.

On the flip side, any locals who you don't ma'am and sir will get offended, so I'm in a pickle every tourist season. Living in constant fear of ma'ams and sirs.


Judge and Jury

My roommate always has to tell us the same freaking story any time me and my wife are playing Animal Crossing together. "I used to play that as a kid on the GameCube. Now I just don't get the point."

We get it, you're and adult and are passive aggressively judging us for enjoying things you don't have an interest in. Now go away and let me sell my turnips.


"I don't look that old!"

Excuse Me Judging You GIF Giphy

I had a similar problem with a German woman. I was serving drinks in the backstage area of a music festival. I refer to the young woman VIP I'm serving (one of the performers) as "Sie" (2nd person, formal pronoun), because, as far as I am concerned, she is clearly higher status than me in this transaction despite us being about the same age. And she goes off on me because "I don't look that old!" Of course not, but what level of familiarity are you expecting from volunteer bar staff as one of the stars? I'm surprised to be in the same room with half these people, let alone talking to them as equals!


Don't Listen

Seeing people flip out on someone else having a private conversation in another language always confused me. Why are you eavesdropping in the first place?


I've found that the French get huffy if you don't try to speak French, but if you do they'll immediately switch to English and tell you it'll be much easier this way.


thank you....

People who get pissy if you say, "no problem" when they thank you. Some dude, who I imagine must have a very fulfilling life, wrote a whole article about how rude it is to say "no problem" instead of "you're welcome."


Narrow minded....

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When you don't like a certain food, movie, TV show or basically have a different opinion.


Bless You

Religious choices or lack thereof. I don't care what religion someone chooses to follow. I am not religious but I live around some devout Christians. I have a neighbor that would always talk to me but since he found out that I am not religious, he has started to ignore me. I don't get why we still can't remain friends. I'm not running around killing, stealing or lying.


be nice

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If you give someone a complement out of the ordinary. Most people don't expect kindness and think you are being sarcastic.

Sad to see that being nice is not expected by people.


Like seriously lady?

I was approached by a customer a long time ago while working retail, and I said, "What's up, how can I help you?" And she went off on some loud, non sensical tirade of my butchery of the english language, and when she concluded her rant, she casually mentions she's an English teacher in HS. Internally I'm sarcastically congratulating her, and just repeat if she needs help with anything. She huffs and complains to my manager, who just politely shines her on.

Like seriously lady? Her rant just made me continue to use my lazy english butchery.


Say Yes.

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When you say no to what they asked from you.


Its like when your parents used to ask you to do chores but it isn't like you have the option to say no.


Stand Up. 

Standing up for yourself within reason.

People will forever get offended for no longer being able to take advantage of you, and they act like that's the weird part.


People will always be upset when you prevent yourself from being used or abused by them. People who aren't looking to cross your boundaries have no problem with them.


expired since 1971....

Someone just doing their job.

"No, you can't use that coupon that's been expired since 1971"

"I can't believe how rude that cashier was"


Worked in a clothing store that would send $10 off $25 coupons occasionally. For obvious reasons, you can only use them once, so we were told to rip them up and throw them away after scanning them. The anger that would fill the old ladies' faces when I ripped that coupon in half and threw it in the garbage after scanning it was scary. Once, a customer angrily demanded that I give her the coupon back so she could use it again, so I scribbled on it with a black sharpie and gave it to her with a "have a nice day." I really shouldn't be in customer service.


Likes and Dislikes.

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Others' tastes and interests.

(Music, video games, movies, etc.)


As a metalhead I get this a lot, but you ain't seen nothing until you get metal elitists talking about other metal!


Sail on By....

Passing them in traffic.


I recently got a car with cruise control and I was able to test a theory I always had. Do people actually go faster when I pass them or do I unconsciously slow down. Now if I think someone is speeding up I put on CC and keep the speed constant and watch people sail past me like their family's honor is on the line.


Age Range. 

Asking people what they think then getting upset when people tell them what they think.


I've watched too many dating shows where someone asks "how old do you think I am?" and then gets offended by the response.


You don't have any taste!

I have a friend, and his wife, who pretty much have the attitude of "you have to like (and also not like) the same TV shows, music, movies, hobbies as we do, or else we're going to give you the third degree". They're both super into the comic book movies, I'm not. Not saying they're bad, just not my thing. "What!?!? How can you not like them? They're so good!! You have to watch them!! You don't have any taste!"



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Asking to be paid back. I lend you money then suddenly I'm the butthole when I ask for it back.


Then they say "ok, I'll send $100 a month" and then never do it. and still have the gusto to interact with you on social media as if nothing ever happened. istg.


good boy, hey buddy!

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When you get someone's dog's gender wrong. Everyone keeps calling my black lab mix a boy "good boy, hey buddy!" I don't care, but when I got a little fluffy white dog named Tinkles wrong at the park a lady bit my head off. Tinkles is a boy, alright chill.



Food subreddits can be some of the salties subs on this site.

People get so worked up over images of food, especially if that food item slightly deviates from their purist interoperation.

Don't believe me? Make an English breakfast, but instead of normal toast use Texas toast. Also leave out the tomatoes. I guarantee you the comment section will be buttery drama.



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