Woman Demands Her Overweight Friend Use Mobility Scooter At The Mall Or Just Stay Home
Sometimes going on trips or outings with friends can be surprisingly challenging. In spite of the bond of friendship you share, you may otherwise have very little in common, making decisions on what to do is something of a trial. Then too, some people are of the “go dogs go” mindset, preferring to get things […] More
People Divulge Which Things Instantly Ruin A Conversation For Them
Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

Sometimes everyone needs to hush up.

Wouldn't that be nice?

If people could catch onto social queues and actually engage in conversation with another human, maybe then we'd be able to triumph at the basic art of communication.

But humans seem to be failing in this department.

So who among us hasn't been trapped in a nonsensical splattering of words we'd give limbs to escape from?

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Couple Balks After In-Laws Call Them ‘Rude Guests’ For Putting Decorative Bed Pillows On Floor
When you’re a guest in someone’s home, it’s only polite to abide by their rules. Even if we wouldn’t behave in quite the same way at our own house, we still suck it up and obey, as the hosts were generous enough to let them stay. At the same time though, if hosts do offer […] More
man holding telephone screaming
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Sometimes people are intentionally malicious. They say awful things and other people get offended; those people have every right to be.

Other times, people are kind and say or do something completely ordinary that offends other people. The first time my brother made scrambled eggs for me (I used to be the one to cook), I added some black pepper.

My brother did a great job with the eggs, but I liked the food a little spicier than he did. The pepper was just for my own taste; it had nothing to do with his cooking skills. However, he got offended, thinking I was commenting on his lack of proper seasoning skills.

Redditors have faced similar situations, in which they did or said something completely inoffensive, but the people they were with got offended anyway. As per the norm with Reddit, some of their stories elicit an “Are you kidding me?” reaction!

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Redditor Refuses Request From Boyfriend’s Friends To Surprise Him On Birthday Trip As His ‘Present’
One of the downsides when finding a new partner is navigating a relationship with your partner’s friends. As there is no guarantee that you will hit it off with their friends the same way you hit it off with your significant other. In some cases, you find that you simply have nothing in common with […] More