There are just facts in life that are a given. At least that is what most of us believe. Right? By the time we're in high school we know 1+1=4... KIDDING... it equals 2. But you'd be surprised how many people believe it's 4. And not necessarily that math but a different life equation to it. The Earth is round, the sky is blue, Adele is a God. All life information that shouldn't require repeating.

Redditor u/waldo06 wanted to know information they had to discuss over and over again for some reason by asking.... What's something you can't believe you had to explain to another adult?

"the one that is always hot."


In regards to the North and South poles, neither is "the one that is always hot."


I guess they were thinking about the equator.


100% Fishy...

Was tipped a twenty dollar bill to be spilt between myself and a coworker. I handed her $10 I had in my pocket and took the $20. She said it wasn't fair that I had $20 and she only had $10. I tried to explain to her that I already had the $10, so another $10 equalled $20. She couldn't wrap her head around it, insisting I was trying to rip her off.

She gave me back the ten bucks, took the twenty to a register and made change of two 10 dollar bills. As she hands me mine I showed her that now I still have $20 and she has $10, but somehow she was satisfied she'd thwarted my attempts to short change her. Needless to say I didn't stay friends with her after that.

This is made all the more ridiculous by the fact that she had once told me she was forced to repeat grade 12 math class because she got 100%, and the teacher accused her of cheating. The following year she got 98%. I'm thinking something fishy is going on there.


Call Geico...

Yes sir, when you sign up for insurance you're agreeing to pay for it.


I guess technically you only agree to make sure that the insurance company gets their money; they don't actually care if you pay it.



That no matter how much you might want to put a camo pattern on your walls, you (not the paint) have to determine what that pattern looks like and you will also have to purchase multiple cans of paint tinted differently because "camo" doesn't come out of a can that way.


Spicy People....


I once had to explain to a college friend that Indians didn't have spices running in their blood that allows them to eat spicier food.



I had to explain to my friend that the earth wasn't 2019 years old.


Happy birthday to the ground!


No Cezmate....

That Earth has one moon. The new moon on the calendar every month confused her.


It seems that a lot of people have confusion when it comes to the Moon!

I used to be a Primary School Teacher. We were planning our unit on Space, so talking about planets, moons and stars etc. Two colleagues of mine (other teachers in their mid 30s, I was early 20s at that point) got really confused when I explained to them the Moon wasn't a star, that it was a moon. They paused, looked at each other for a second and just said, 'No, that's just it's name, it's actually a star.' I tried explaining the difference but they were on the senior management team and because I was younger and more junior assumed they knew better.


Pickle Seeds....

Had to explain to my wife that pickles were made of cucumbers. She didn't believe me, still not sure she does.


Ask her if she can buy you some pickle seeds... you want to grow some next spring. 😁


"you only have to drill through sand."

That oil isn't easier to get in the Middle East because "you only have to drill through sand."


I don't know too much about the drilling end of things, and even less about the specifics over seas; but your friend might have a very slight point on one small aspect of exploration and drilling.


Know your food....


I had to explain to my mother that muscles are meat.

A piece of meat was tough, and so I must have said something about what part of the cow the muscle came from. No, we weren't eating muscles, we were eating 'meat'. She was sickened by the concept that anyone would eat muscles. Somehow this got to the point of her claiming that humans didn't have any 'meat' on them because they aren't food.

I did not 'win' that argument. Humans have no meat, meat is not muscles. Period. Oh, it turns out people are not part of the animal kingdom either.

It was a dismal childhood.



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