People Share The Nicest Thing Their Significant Other Does For Them

Relationships are hard, but it's the little ways we show love for each other that can get us through the rough patches. Whether it's a cup of coffee ready in the morning, or consistently making time to be together, showing each other we care is important.

Reddit user Mr_Woodsie asked:

"What is something nice your spouse/SO does for you?"

In It For The Long Haul

She, of her own right mind and free will, remains married to me.


Sometimes I am quite astounded with that myself.


This cracked me up because I tell myself this every day.


"Comfy Time Out" Sounds Amazing

He puts me in a comfy timeout when I get either super irritated over something or am having a bad day. He takes me by the shoulders and puts me on the couch with a warm blanket, pillow, snack, and beverage and I'm not allowed to move for a while. It's sweet because it usually calms me down and he won't let me get up to do anything (dishes, straighten up, etc) and he puts on a show or movie for me.

He does the same when I have a headache/migraine and gets annoyed when I get up to secretly do the dishes even though he said he would do them. I'm stubborn and he's too sweet!


Do What You Enjoy

My wife makes sure there's time for me to play video games. She'll generally watch me play, but sometimes she'll just "have to make a call" for a while and tells me to play without her. Having a toddler makes finding game time a bit difficult so it's nice that she finds ways to carve out a half hour for me to swing some webs and fight some demons.

On the other side, I read to her before we go to bed. It's a tradition we started probably over a year ago with the Harry Potter books. We were originally going to take turns reading, but she always falls asleep. We pick the books together and every night I read until she's too tired or asleep to follow what's going on. We did somewhere between 20 and 30 books last year.


No Judgement

He just lets me be who i am. He doesn't judge me. I can say that whatever I want and be as outlandish as I can and he hasn't ever given me grief over it. Being without that hinderance, which we all deal with every day around all sorts of people, let's home be the best place ever. He also brings me water and buys my favorite Prosecco without asking.


It Really Is The Little Things

My gf goes to bed a lot later than me, so when she does come to bed she always refills my bedside water for me. It's the little things.


Make Time To Be Together

My gf sets an early alarm just so she can cuddle me in the morning before work.


Yes! My bf sets multiple alarms in the morning to start the waking up process and I get morning cuddles because of it. When it comes to the final two alarms he lets me the know the time "that was the 5:55 alarm."


Warmth Is Essential

In the winter he will always clean my car for me. If I try to help he will normally take the brush from me and tell me to sit in the car and stay warm.


It snowed around 8 inches here on Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning to a cleaned off car and waffles. I don't think I've ever loved him more.


Coffee Is The Spice Of Life

I wake up to a hot cup of coffee EVERY morning that my wife prepares. I roll out of bed, brush my teeth And have a delicious cup of coffee waiting for me to start my day. I don't even have to go downstairs to make my own! What a treat that is every day. I should thank her more often...


The Greatest Joy

Every Sunday morning, no matter how hung over he is, no matter how late he stayed up the night before, he wakes up a little earlier to cook breakfast for us before we get up :)


Waking up to the smell of breakfast going is one of the greatest joys.


Provide For Each Other

After his night shift, my boyfriend always stops to a bar to buy coffee and a croissant for me. He doesn't even buy coffee for himself, he just always gets me a warm breakfast to wake up to. It's been years and he never failed to do this, he's just the sweetest man


Guard Dog

He thinks I am asleep and does not know i know this, but every morning before he leaves for work he quietly tells our dog to guard me and keep me safe during the day (I work at home).



Bagels Of Love

I am allergic to yeast. On Saturday he wakes up early to make bagels from scratch so I can still have them.


He makes you bagels? That's awesome. Is he a baker or pastry chef? I just imagine this is a difficult time consuming process.


He is neither. He just likes to cook and bake. Over the course of our marriage he has become very good at both!

It takes about 25 minutes to make the dough and another 20 to bake it. The result is not the same as traditional bagels, but they're a heck of a lot better than none and tasty in their own right.


Just Checking In

He calls me every day at lunchtime to check in. Even if absolutely nothing has happened and there's nothing worth calling about. We just talk for five minutes. Best part of my boring work day.


Everyone Loves A Massage

Wife rubs my shoulders when they get sore. Being born with no legs and always using my arms it happens a lot. Wouldn't know what to do without her =)

I give her foot rubs when her feet get sore.


Alone Time Is Healthy

My boyfriend has finally understood that I'm not trying to be mean, but that I like to have alone time. We have a two bedroom apartment and I like watching TV in bed by myself while he's in the living room watching his own show or playing video games.


Man, being alone near each other is so important! BF and I appreciate our times like this, where I'm usually knitting something and he's happy on his computer, and we're just appreciating that just beyond the elbow room/ breathing space we can reach out and grab the other if need be.


My wife calls it "being alone together". She's an only child.


Gummi Bears Are The Secret

Just today .. he plated my Subway sandwich for me, brought me a glass of water and gummi bears, he gave me a triceps massage...

He's amazing, he never says no to any requests.

I do the same for him :)


If my wife brought me gummi bears I would think she is amazing too!


We Worry

The "text me when you get home" it's always been an unspoken rule so we know the other person got home safe, especially if you're driving late at night.


Make An Effort To Remember

His memory is not great so he has an ongoing memo in his phone that he updates with "important facts" like my favourite kind of wine or chips. He has started other ones for my close family to help him buy them presents. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of him entering new data, I think it's cute ☺️


Just Care About Each Other

So many things. Reading all these comments makes me appreciate all over again how caring, thoughtful, and kind my fiance is.

Every day after work, he looks at pictures of my day. I am a teacher and take about 50 pictures a day of my students. He knows every student's name and every coworker, as well as their personalities. He is the most wonderful listener.

Whenever we fight, he never holds a grudge and is so forgiving. He honestly and kindly tells me when I have hurt him, and moves on with no ill will.

He is incredibly affectionate and cuddles and loves me all day. After almost three years, we hold hands when we walk and spoon before bed and upon waking.

He goes shopping with me and actually makes an effort to find things that look good on me, watching me try them on and giving thoughtful feedback.

We can be children together. We laugh over farts and play board games and chase each other around the room. It's like going back in time.

Whenever I am insecure or anxious, he brings me up and tells me I am perfect.

He doesn't let many people in but he let me in and I am so grateful to know and love him.


The Smallest Gestures Can Mean The Most

My all time favorite was this. Christmas time, the first year she moved-in with me. Earlier in the year we'd gotten in a car accident, no injuries but we ended up being in a bad way financially, and no car.

After a particularly long shift at work, I walk in from a long bus ride and walk from the closest bus stop. It's dark and cold and I'm tired and feeling shitty. On the coffee table, I see a replica of the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown tree, and her standing next to it smiling. I instantly brighten up, and go over to look at it, wondering when she had the time/money to go and buy it.

As I get closer to it, it looks a bit strange. So I look closer, and see that it's NOT the plastic replica, but real! She'd known I was having a rough time, and went out to find a stick with some needles on it, attached a cardboard X to the bottom and got a red ornament from a friend and just MADE the damn thing for me to cheer me up.

That was several years ago, but I'll never forget how much that one simple gesture meant to me.


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