People Share The Craziest 'Sh*t's About To Go Down' Moment They Ever Experienced In School

School is maddening, isn't it? Unless you're in an institution filled with dedicated individuals things can get quickly out of hand. Unfortunately, things tend to get incredibly nuts when they do get out of hand. Turns out when you fill a building with hundreds of hormonal teenagers or eager elementary children things escalate quickly.

Like the following:

Reddit user, u/isimpforavamajury, wanted to hear about:

High Schoolers of Reddit: What is the biggest "Oh Sh-t, sh-ts about to go down!" moment that you've experienced with either students, teachers, or even both?

Don't Cross A Principal Who Can Leap A Table

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Our Dean of Students (the disciplinarian) was a former marine and one day two dudes started fighting in the cafeteria and he vaulted over one of those old school long cafeteria tables to get to them and break them up. The caf went silent when he did lol.


It's Always A Karen

My neighbour's karen of a grandmother came storming over to my school bus while we were still in the parking lot. The driver hadn't closed the doors yet, so she got on the bus. My brother was sat at the back, I was at the front, just behind the door.

Karen starts screaming at my brother while the bus driver tries to keep her from getting on the bus. My brother starts screaming back. She's accusing him of bullying her grandaughter (our neighbour). She tells him to get off the bus so she can beat him, or something, I don't even know. He stands up as if to say "Go on, then!" Then school security comes over and pulls her away. The bus driver closes the door and we leave⁠. Funnnnnn!


Things Get Worse When The Parents Get Involved

A fight broke out between 4 kids selling pot during lunch. The lunchroom erupted. Teacher started dragging kids out. A youngish band teacher picks up a kid to haul him out. Lady next to starts screaming "f-ck him up, F-CK HIM UP!!" It was her son and she told him to go after a teacher...


Seriously. Parents. Get It Together.

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A female student's mother came into class in the 6th Grade to confront the teacher about her child being on detention even though she brought a note for why she couldn't do PE that day.

All I remember, aside from this students' mother yelling at our teacher was her saying she wanted to "take [our teacher] outside".

Our teacher asked if it was OK with us if she did go outside. We stupidly all said Yes, not knowing what it meant.

In the end she had one of us kids run and get our Principal. They ended up arguing outside, we heard it all. The parent was a complete psycho with a daughter that had lots of attitude and personal problems, poor kid, hope she turned out alright.

Teacher resigned the following year and never went back, hardly blame her.


I Think Everyone Is At Fault, Here

A kid got another kids girlfriend pregnant without their knowledge. Kid thinks he can keep it a secret. Girlfriend rats him out. The next day at school everyone hears screaming coming from the hallway before the first bell rang. This kid got his jaw broken, and broke his nose. It took 4 security guards to restrain the enraged boyfriend from beating the sh-t out of this kid. The girlfriend stood there and had an expression of wtf on her face.


Did You Go To School At Movie University??

We had a legitimate food fight in eighth grade. I remember the rumors being spread, and then the girl standing up on the table and yelling "FOOD FIGHT!!" The moment the first few people started throwing food was the moment I knew sh-t was going down.

We had to eat lunch in classrooms in complete silence for the rest of the year. All field trips cancelled.

Worth it.


...What Kind Of Urine?

Not currently in high school, but when I was a freshman there were a few before moving schools. Topping the list was definitely when a kid wouldn't take his hat off his head so a screaming match started. Teacher takes hat off of kid, Kid throws a chair at the teacher, teacher puts hat in microwave and turns it on, kid dumps deer urine on teacher (this was in South Carolina and he had plans to go hunting that evening, not just carrying around deer piss).

Anyways that teacher was put on leave during a lawsuit and the temp teacher was a family/friend who cheated on her husband and was going through a divorce. Her son was also in the class. That made things interesting.


No, This Is Where WE Come To Slowly Die

My school had the usual cliques. There were the smokers, the jocks, the nerds, and then a big mix of just everyone else. One day the smokers from my school and the smokers from the high school across the street started arguing. These arguments went on for a few weeks, basically about "smoking territory" or some sh-t. One day I went and got a burger and then came back and parked in front of the smoke pit. As soon as I did the other school's smokers started walking over with knives, chains, baseball bats, etc. I was like "yep sh-t's about to go down"

They had made threats and someone phoned the police to give them some info on what was happening and what might happen. The school resource officer walked out and resolved the issue. I just sat there eating my burger.


Lashing Out

In third grade I remember there was a girl who had anger issues because of some sort of mental problem. One day in class, she was really behind on work and seemed really stressed, muttering to herself.

I don't remember what the teacher said, but this girl just f-cking snapped. She just flipped her desk and grabbed the teacher by the throat and was like "now you listen to me" or sometbing and started going off. Everyone just sat there shocked, but looking back it's actually a pretty funny sight. A small chubby third grader just scaring the sh-t out of a grown woman lol.

She ended up getting sent to a special school or something. It's kind of a shame because I talked to her in art class once and she was actually a really nice person, it was just clear that she had some issues and would snap sometimes. Never heard about her again.


No Adult Thought "Maybe I Should Stop This"?

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Officers of Discipline in my high school let two students box, literally with boxing gloves, atop the quadrangle stage. The officers, among them being teachers too, did that to let the kids settle their little "fight" beforehand.

These officers tasked other students to film it. So the students did.

These officers also tasked them to upload it on Facebook.

Needless to say, it made the national news.


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