People Share Their Spookiest Ghost Stories

People Share Their Spookiest Ghost Stories
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As a race, humans are inherently skeptical.

We are loath to believe that there is any interaction with the afterlife or of spirits roaming the earth. But sometimes something happens that is so undeniable that we have no choice but to acknowledge the possibility.

u/RyanBlitzpatrick asked:

[Serious] What's your ghost story?

Here were some of the answers.

Well Dressed

I was around 10 years old and living in San Antonio. I got back to the apartment first after school. About 5 mins of being in the place alone I saw on the reflection of a mirror an older man in a tuxedo was in the kitchen. I flipped out and ran to my room and grabbed a bat. I waited 10ish minutes before coming out. I locked the door when I got home and never heard the door open for someone to leave. I didnt tell anyone about it Fast forward 6 years. I was watching Ghost Hunters with my family and my Mom asked if I remember the old man in the tux. Crazy stuff.



I'm Cambodian-American, born and raised in America, never been to Cambodia. This takes place in California.

My mom believes in good spirits and getting blessings for good luck and protection by putting out food offerings for them on our dining table. My mom does this for special days and after she's done with her prayers that's when anyone can eat the food. She usually does it in the morning and then by the afternoon that's when food is free for the taking.

So it's a typical afternoon, I was online on my laptop in my room and I got hungry. My room was connected to a small hallway and at the end of the hallway is the living room and the dining table. So I opened my door and stepped out into the hallway and I saw something on top of the table eating. It was hard to make out at first because I'm nearsighted and this thing was kinda transparent. I got closer and stopped halfway through the hallway and I realized.. there was a literal transparent brown monkey on the table. It was making motions as if it was eating some of the fruit offerings. It didn't notice me yet and in my disbelief I got even closer, but when I stopped in my tracks again right at the end of the hallway, it noticed me and got startled. I'm startled, the monkey's startled, and I'm just standing there and not believing my eyes. Very quickly, this transparent monkey just jumps off the table and ambles off hastily towards the exit where the outer door is locked.

That's it, I just stood there staring at the door where it fled and I'm just like... wow I really can't believe what I just saw. In American horror movies and scary stories, there's hardly anything about ghost monkeys. I don't consume that kind of content... and ghost monkey?? Who'd have thunk it.

Anyway later on I told my mom about what I saw and she didn't even blink. I might as well have told her that the sky is blue, I'm her daughter, etc. She really believes in spirits that much and didn't doubt my story at all. Also years later I told one of my coworkers (who is also Cambodian around my age, speaks fluently, and has also been to Cambodia) about my experience. He said that there's a lot of monkeys in Cambodia. I didn't know this at all and have never seen a monkey irl. My mom doesn't talk about monkeys and owns nothing related to monkeys. So that's my story. Neither me nor a ghost monkey expected to be spooked that day lol.


A World Within A Mirror

I stayed at my grandmother's house that my father spent a large amount of time in as a kid. My father drove us there in one go and was understandably tired after a 17-hour drive. We all started to lay down and my father checked in on us before going to bed himself. As he was talking he talking, he stop himself and told us to cover a large mirror "or you will have nightmares". Now, nightmares from a mirror of all things sounded like a little fun to me, but my brothers, who were also sleeping in the same room, ask me to cover it. I did. I asked my Dad about it before he left and he said ghosts use it as an entryway. A week later, I brought it up with my grandmother and she scoffed saying, "oh, this house ain't haunted". I agreed, but told her that the reason I brought it up was because my Dad told me to cover a mirror. My grandmother then changed her expression and said, "OH, the mirror?"

Apparently, that mirror came from her grandmother. She worked as a nurse and took in those who were going to die, but could not pay for care on their last days. So, she made her home into a hospice. Those who stayed in the room with the mirror, saw things. A lovely old lady saw and heard a young lady come into her room and played a harp. She was thankful for the lovely songs, but no person was known nor was a harp owned or heard elsewhere. A young boy found an older boy who played games with him and "really knew his games". Lastly, a terrible woman (refused to use the bathroom and shat in a cooking pot then hid it under her bed and well as argue/issued everyone daily) saw, and this is her words, "The devil" that spat fire at her. (The police were called and she tried to accuse the nurse of trying to kill her with the devil) I also got stories from my mother seeing the same young lady who played the harp (without her harp that time) and my grandfather seeing the "devil" guy. My grandfather described it as a red man with horns that was too tall for the room he was in so he, still standing up straight, bent his neck down to fit. It stared down at him and simply asked, slowly, "WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE?" I kept that mirror covered.


The Light Game

From the time I was about 12-17 years old I lived in what I believe was a haunted house. I've never had experiences like I had in that house since moving out. A few specific memories come to mind. Once I was hanging up laundry in my closet. I heard someone whisper my name in my ear, clear as day. I'd never sprinted out of a room so fast.

Another time my sister and I had friends over and we decided to use a tape recorded to ask questions to the ghosts like they do on those paranormal shows. We played the tape not expecting to hear anything and could hear a very soft voice say "I'm in the closet". We were sitting near a small closet in the basement.

My parents eventually decided to sell the house. We moved into a new place before selling this place. My sister stopped by the house after there had been a couple of showings to turn out the lights in the house. She went to turn off the lights in the basement which had multiple light switches. One was at the far end of the basement away from the stairs. She turned off the light and swears she heard heavy footfalls of someone running towards her. She ran out of the house without turning out the rest of the lights and locked the door. That was the last time either of us went back until we were in the neighborhood and the new owners offered to show us the renovations they made. Nothing happened then but they did ask us if we wanted to babysit their kids. We politely declined.


A Call Back

My Dad's story, not mine. Early 1980's he is working a summer job at Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming). One day he and his friend Mark hiked up to the top of one of the mountains. They set up their tent inside an "Indian Pit", a man-made hole dug out by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. The Indian Pit's were either used as hunting blinds, or spots where young braves came to for their vision quest.

Late in the night my Dad wakes up and has to use the bathroom (#1). He crawled out of the tent, out of the Pit, and went walking a respectable distance away from the tent. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder pull him backwards. My Dad calls out, "Hey Mark, what are you doing?". He turns around, turns on his flashlight, and there is nobody there. He shines the light at his feet, and discovers that his next couple steps would have taken him directly over a steep cliff. He did his business and hurried back to the tent.

The next morning the two friends are waking up and his buddy says to him, "I know this sounds crazy, but I woke up in the middle of the night and I swear to you, there was an Indian man standing outside our tent". Whatever really happened that night, my Dad is alive, he met my Mom in Yellowstone, and here I am writing this story to you today.


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Never Seen That Tech Before

This is my moms story, but she is completely sane and I believe it. My parents went to South Carolina for a wedding. They stayed at some old plantation bed and breakfast spot. She was sleeping when she woke up all of a sudden. She had her cellphone plugged into the wall and was on her nightstand. There was a notification on the phone so it was blinking. The female "ghost" was dressed in a full on old formal dress and she was fixated on the cellphone blinking light and was walking toward it. My mom said "it's ok, it's just a phone". The ghost turned and made eye contact with my mom, then disappeared.


Through The Fog

Years ago two friends and I were camping in fall in a small tent, staggered with two of our heads on one side and one on the other. It was a silent and still night with fog developing in the moist PNW woods.

What sounds like a muffled voice on a cell phone starts coming out from the center of the tent between all our heads. I heard someone keep asking "Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?" My friend asks "Are you hearing that?" At once we all sit up and start shuffling around in the tent looking for the phone. There is no phone in the tent.

I look to my friend on the other side of the tent and ask what they heard. "It sounded like someone saying 'Hello? Can you hear me?'" We all agree this is what we heard, and that the sound was coming from the other side of the tent.

The next morning we find all our cell phones sitting in the car still, and there's no cell reception at the campground. Still sends shivers up my spine.


Walking Through The House

I used to sell HVAC in Michigan, during college. There was this really awesome old dude that called for new high efficiency furnace in his historic home in Depot Town (near Ann Arbor).

As I'm putting together the quote, we get to talking about the home and it's history. He tells me that it was part of the underground railroad and had a tunnel that led down to the train station (only about 500 yards away).

I'll be honest, I was more focused on the sale than all the details he was laying out about the house. But one thing that made my ears perk up was the 'people that lived with him'. He tells me about a few, but the one that stuck out was he said that there was a lady that was so fascinated with electricity that she would turn random lights on at random times.

As I printing out the quote and going over the details and payment options with him, the light behind me turns on. Then the one across the room. Then the one in the kitchen. Then the one in the hallway. I just kinda got quiet and sunk a little in the seat. Then the old dude raised his voice and said something like 'okay, that's enough for today, sweetheart. We can do it again tomorrow.'

To this day, I don't know if the old dude was just having some fun with me or it was real.

Side note: I closed the sale and the install team said there wasn't anything too wonky or out of the norm with his electricity.


Blink Blink

When I was in 5th grade once I forgot to put my school uniform in the laundry basket, so the next day I need it for school it was dirty. I went to have breakfast in my pajamas while I was thinking how to tell my mom I didn't have my uniform clean.

When I came back to my room there was a woman I have never see before, (in her 40s, brown dress, dark hair) ironing my uniform.

I blinked and she was gone. I would have assume I hallucinated the whole thing, but my uniform was there, clean, dried and ironed and ready for me to use.

And it couldn't have been ironed by anyone else because my parents had breakfast with me and my sister was a baby



This one time when I was little I was laying in bed with my right ear buried in my pillow. I am suddenly jolted awake by this roar that sounded like it was going directly into my right ear. I woke up startled and confused and began scanning my room for anything as my mind was almost full panic mode. When I looked to my right I saw this little boy standing next to me; he was glowing blue but that wasn't the first thing I noticed about him actually. He looked sad and I remember feeling bad for him. After a minute I tried to lean closer to him and even muttered out a faint "hey" but as I did he disappeared. A few days later I told this story to my mother who then informed me that the people who owned the house before us had a son who did when he was five in a car accident. However, it wasn't near the house. I should also note now that our house was renovated since we moved in and a second floor was added. My current theory is that the boy finally found his way back home and realized that his old home was gone. He came to me because I was the new boy of the house.


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