People Share The Scariest Stories They've Ever Come Across On The Internet
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The internet sure is creepy, isn't it?

Not in the sense that creepy people are lurking behind every browser window (but sometimes they are and you should seriously consider blocking them without a second thought), but it's more like the internet functions as the greatest collective conversation of all time. Surely, some of those conversations are going to turn to the bizarre and unexplained.

And if you've been on the internet long enough, even you will see things you'll never be able to unread.

Reddit user, u/ivortheimpotent, wanted to hear what's kept you up at night when they asked:

People who search ask Reddit/creepy or unexplained late at night what's the creepiest story out there?

Sometimes It's The Things You Can Explain...

While many creepypastas can have some basis in reality, usually it's the stories with links in major news publications that send the biggest shivers down your spine. "How could someone do this?" can become a very common question you ask yourself as you read.

It's Like Having A Roommate? Sort Of?

There was a guy who sold a house but didn't tell the owners that there was a secret bunk on the property and was still living there.

He never posted again.


Be Smart. Take Care Of Yourself First At That Hour.

I read this in an old askreddit thread. A woman was driving on road between maize fields at late night. Suddenly she spotted a body lying in the middle of the road. She wanted to check but it was scary so she just drove past the body. After some xx metres she looked at her rear mirror and saw a group of people coming out of the maize field.

It was a trap. Maybe for robbery or something worse.


What A Waste Of Life

The one where a man asks Reddit for advice when he finds out his wife was cheating on him with the neighbor. He takes Reddit's advice and files for a divorce. The kids were stabbed to death by the wife the next day.


At Least Leave The Chocolate!

One about a person that occasionally stays at the same hotel for work. They always feel like they're being watched and during one of these trips, their stuff starts disappearing. A while later they walk into their assumingly locked room only for a woman to come out of their bathroom and awkwardly walk out the door! Turns out she had been staying in the walls of the hotel and would come and go via a hole behind the bathroom mirror.


... And Sometimes It's The Things You Can Never Truly Explain

Stories without solid endings are fairly common, whether it's someone stretching their creative writing chops or someone trying to make sense of something they can't explain. Either way, you're going to fall asleep with the lights on the night you come across these tales.

*grabs sword* Parents' House Is Haunted, Dude

A guy moves back into his parents house while his house gets repaired or something. Anyways, one day when his parents were on vacation he starts snapchatting videos of his parents birds. Then when of his friends on snapchat messages him and asks "who's that guy standing at the window behind you?"

The story gets even crazier, when he hears some noise in the parents kitchen a week later!

Edit: Found the link

Edit2: Link to second part


"Not Much, What Are You Up To?

This one always freaks me out because I sleep talk and use a sleep recording app. Sorry for the amp link, I'm doing this on my phone. There's a bunch of other posts that do analysis on the recording.

A lady records audio while she's sleeping. She sleep talks, asking "what are you doing?" and a voice replies "nothing."


All In The Family

Woman relates how her family told her when she was younger, that during her toddler years (she doesn't remember doing this herself) that she would stand up in her crib screaming with terror during the middle of the night. They told her that when they'd try to determine why she was terrified/screaming, that all she could manage to say to them was the phrase "uck-uck", that she was scared of the "uck-uck".

So years pass and same woman is now in her 30's, hasn't thought of this family tale in decades. She's now the mother of a toddler, a girl. Late one night while her husband is out of town, she hears her daughter, who always sleeps peacefully through the night, screaming in terror from her bedroom. As mom enters the bedroom her child is standing up in her crib in the dark, screaming in fright. She tries to comfort her daughter, asking her what is so distressing to her.

Her daughter looks at her, eyes wide, and screams "Uck-Uck!"


Whisper Follows

One that creeped me out & has really stuck with me over time is the guy who posted about hearing specific, creepy whistling as a kid - and then fast forward years later (something like 10-20), and being on vacation, watching fireworks from a river bank, and hearing that same whistling coming from someone paddling down the river.


A Final Good-Bye

The guy whose aunt waved at him from the other side of the street while he was walking home from school. When he got home, his parents told him that the aunt died yesterday.


That Was Not Going How I Expected...

I read this on a message board YEARS ago. Teenager was in the kitchen eating. Suddenly, he hears his mom yell his name from her bedroom. Without leaving the kitchen, he replies "WHAT?!" He hears his mom scream his name again. This time, even louder with an angrier tone. Kid says "WHAT IS IT?!" Mom screams his name EVEN LOUDER this time. Kid finally gets up to go see what she wants. As he's walking down the hallway, somebody grabs his arm and yanks him into the bathroom. It's his mom and she says "don't go in there. I heard it, too."


...Someone Should Hurt For This.

I read this one a long time ago and was never able to find it again. Scariest story I've ever read on here. Guy and his wife go hiking/ camping with their dog in a remote area and eventually arrive at a waterfall. Since they also climb and have some gear with them they decide to climb up the side by the waterfall because there's a cave up top that will provide shelter even bringing their small dog up with them. Once in the cave they see there's a fire that's been put out so figure other people have stayed there.

In the night the guy heard the dog growling and some noise but the dog soon stopped. Well I can't remember the story exactly but they get up the next morning and find out their dog is dead and most of their stuff is missing. I honestly wish I could remember more but I know it was on an ask reddit thread and it really freaked me out. Was never able to find it again if anyone else is able.


Things That Make You Want To Move

Then there are those stories that make you reconsider where you're living currently, if anyone's followed you home, and if it's already too late to get out of the house...

Never Open The Door All The Way

It's probably here somewhere, but I read this one where it was from the perspective of a kid. It was about 9 at night and someone knocks on the door of their house.

The kid's dad goes to open the door, but notices that the security light hasn't been tripped by someone coming up to the door, so he keeps the chain lock on and opens the door just a crack. He can see that there's more than one person there, but they're standing in the shadows and he can't make out their faces. When he asks who's there, a laughing voice of a girl asks if "Kenny" is there. Not sure of the name.

The dad says there's no one by that name at that house, but the sound of the voice is familiar to the kid. The dad slams the door, makes sure all points of entry are locked and they go to sleep. In the morning, every house on the block has been broken into and vandalized except for theirs.

It turned out to be a group of older kids from school.

It may not seem that scary, but the thought of someone deliberately loosening the security light bulb so that you can't see them when you open your door at night freaks me right out.


Seriously, You Have To Move After This, Right?

One where this lady lives by herself and in the middle of the night she hears crashing in the downstairs of her house and then hears someone large running up the stairs toward her. She grabs her cellphone and climbs into an attic in her closet. She called 911 and it was apparently some guy who had escaped prison and was looking for someone to prey on.


NOPE. *shuts computer and walks away

The one where a woman drops her cell phone while talking to her boyfriend (?) while sitting on her bed. She goes to pick it up and sees a man curled up underneath her bed.


Okay. We make it through that one okay? Here's what you do now:

Tell someone you love them. Grab a cozy blanket. Curl up on the couch with your favorite comfort show. Never think about any of this again.

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