People Share The Richest Thing Someone Has Ever Done In Front Of Them

All the Money in the World....

Money makes the world go round and can make people go crazy!! Some people truly don't get the value of an earned dollar because they've had so many dollars they don't know what to do with. What's is some people's normal is others crazy.

Redditor u/Zhanteimi wanted to know some of the most over the top money spending stories they've witnessed by asking.... What's the richest thing someone has done in front of you?

It's just a car.


Buy a brand new $60,000 BMW without hesitation. He was a Saudi dude I was tutoring in English and he needed a car. So he just bought one with the same attitude that one would have when buying a gas station sandwich. People with that kind of money are just living in another reality. CaucasianDelegation

Wake Me Up Before You go-Go....

I had just turned 17 a few days prior and had some money saved to buy a POS car for $2k. It's all I could afford to buy myself at the time and I did not want any financial help from my family. After driving it for 10 miles, smoke started to pour out of the hood and the temperature of the car was in the red zone. I let the car cool down, drove another 5 miles, and it happened again. I called my mom and dad for help to no avail, so then I called my grandma, also known as Noni.

Well, Noni flipped a crap that I wasn't given a safer/better car from my parents, so she picked me up, gave me the keys to her 2001 Mercedes E320, and had me drive her to the Mercedes dealership where she then bought herself a brand new Mercedes GLE class that had just come out a few months prior. This all happened within an hour. I remember thinking at the time "Damn, I hope I can be rich enough one day to buy a brand new Mercedes on the spot." Richest thing I ever saw. Love you Noni. Deech5115

Thank you, Next. 

A long time ago, I worked at as security at a casino. I remember once watching a man bet $15k (three $5k chips) a hand at black jack and lose literally every hand without any reaction whatsoever. He probably lost $60k in the five minutes I sat watching him.

Also, there used to be an elderly guy who would come in and have the entire section of the high roller slot machines reserved for himself. He'd spend ten or twelve hours going down each row pulling handles at between $100 and $500 a spin. He would usually give advance notice that he was coming and there would be servers and attendants specifically assigned to him while he was there. bestattemptataname

The Replacements. 

I saw someone crash a Lamborghini and 10 minutes later a driver showed up with a Ferrari and buddy drove off while his driver waited for the tow truck.

How rich do you have to be to have someone on call to bring you a new luxury car when you're in an accident. ThatOtherGuy_CA

Fill it Out?


I finally got this amazing, beautiful LEGO 6990 Monorail Transport System that i had been wanting for years. Go to rich friend's house -- i see some pieces, he has it too! let's build it

"naw, the pieces, they're all mixed in with the others..." so let's pick them out, right? "naw, it'll take hours. quicker to have the maid just go buy a new set."

and she did. she went out and bought TWO lego space monorails plus a few other sets to "fill it out."

my friend summoned with a wave of his hand more lego than i could hope for in years. he gave orders to an adult. i was astonished. redditsavedmyagain


Delivered a pizza to a hotel. Dude was super drunk and had a bottle of expensive scotch almost finished. Bribed me like $20 every 10 minutes to keep talking to him by literally throwing money onto a chair every few minutes. Let me try to his 15k rolex and offered me the keys to his classic car for free. Dude was boasting the whole time about owning an oil company too.

Turns out he wasn't lying when i looked him up. Still didn't want to risk a millionaire sending lawyers after me when he sobers up and realizes he gave away his car while drunk. seinfeld11

Home Goods. 

Refurnish an entire house with brand new, expensive designer furniture, and toss out the old designer furniture on the curb like it was broken down junk. Couches, beds, wardrobes, you name it. The old furniture was only a year old - they'd purchased it all brand new the year before. SockInAFrockOnARock

All That Gin & Juice. 

Snoop Dogg once left a bag containing all his tour takings (several hundred thousand) in a nightclub in England. He rang the manager of the club and got it back though. Cthulhus_Trilby

Where's the Remote?

My brother is fairly wealthy, not like super rich or anything, but he makes way more money than anyone else in the family.

He buys new stuff all the time. Like, he'll replace all the TVs in his house every year or two. They still work perfectly, but there's a new one out that's slightly better and it's apparently enough to get him to buy four or five TVs.

Most of the nice stuff I own is just stuff he gave me after he'd had it for a couple years. Aakujin



Opened their safe with $350,000 cash inside. shmumecky69

Yeah, I did that all the time...

in Vice City. TGEPhoto


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