People Share How They'd Like Their Remains To Be Handled After Their Death

My Dearly Beloved... Listen Up...

Once we're gone we're left to trust our bodies with those we leave behind. Sometimes they know exactly what to do and other times.... they straight up crazy! That is why we must be clear and concise with our remains once we breathe our last breath. The last thing you want is to be used as a doorstop or woven into a blanket... unless you do. It may feel morbid to discuss but it's vital for eternal peace.

Redditor u/Pec4nPies wanted to let everyone know how we should all proceed after the lat breath by asking.... When you die, how would you like your remains to be handled?



Viking burial. I want my body to be shot with a flaming arrow while it's floating down a river. namdog

Because it's the happiest place?

I want to be scattered at Disneyland Florida.

I don't want to be cremated first though. pmdymond

I'll get the wood chipper fired up. Also, it will be $60,000 for this type of ceremony. Stickystickyfingers

Body Chills. 

I want my body put in a cryo-chamber and shot into space. Hopefully maybe a few million years later I get discovered by a intelligent life form and brought back to live in a new time.

Or just explode into pieces when hit by space debris. Either way it's pretty cool. fuzzygonemad

I like this one. Sorta like the cliche of finding a caveman trapped in ice and then when it melts he escapes. Except this time in space. Blazze93

Back to the Earth.....


Natural burial. Wrap me in linen, put me in the ground. Let me go back to the earth. Cremation uses a lot of energy, emits a lot of co2. Traditional burial uses a lot of resources, plus all the nutrients of your body are locked in a coffin instead of contributing back to the earth that those nutrients came from. Haploid-life

Stand Tall. 

I want to be a tree. KorvAfBajs

We sort of did that with my dad. We couldn't decide on what kind of tree to get so we just buried his cremains under a pine tree he helped us plant back in 1990 in our back yard. We placed a plaque and we are all very pleased with the decision. jibberish13

See you in a few weeks... 

Takes a lot of energy for cremating. I'd rather be composted, like they do for large roadkill. Dump into fresh compost, leave for six weeks, break up the bones a bit, give it another few weeks, throw me in a garden. TemporaryBoyfriend

Find me. 

I want the bottom half of me cremated, so I can still have an open casket funeral and have my ashes spread as well.

Speaking of my funeral, there will be an epic scavenger hunt leading to its location. The first to arrive get to call dibs on something from my estate, so find it fast for the best stuff, like my 158 sweater collection or my Nazi German shepherd puppet from the TV show Danger 5. Once everyone is there, the celebration kicks off because my funeral is going to be a party with lots of booze, good food, and live music. -eDgAR-

regardless.... I'm dead so I wont know any different.....


Neil Degrasse Tyson made a good point on a podcast; basically, when you get cremated all of your energy is wasted by burning, but when you are in the ground your energy gets utilized by the earth (bugs, bacteria, etc.). Long winded way of saying, burial in the ground; regardless I'm dead so I wont know any different. Vitruvian_man21

Husband's idea.

  1. Donate organs.
  2. Give me to science if they could use me.
  3. Bury whatever is left in a plain wood box in a pretty cemetery.
  4. Plant catnip all over the plot.*
  5. Have cat friends even in death.

*Husband's idea, because he knows how much I love fuzzy animals. zerhanna

Let Them eat Cake.


My friend can sell my organs on the black market then use the money to buy cake or something. Fandom_Soup

I Will get You. 

Bury me? Fine

Cremate me? Fine

Throw me in the woods and let the animals eat me? Fine

Drop me in a dumpster behind McDonald's? Fine

Get played with by the mortician? Fine

But if you think you are gonna put me in an urn and keep my ashes on the mantel I will haunt you and ruin your life. PM_Me_UrRightNipple



I always hoped to be vaporized where I stand... none of that undignified corpse business for me. DeathisLaughing

So on the mantle she is. 

My grandma just passed in December. She wanted her ashes spread in the ocean. She told this to everyone for years, even in her dying days.

My mom refuses to do it. "I'm not putting her in the ocean with all the plastic and fish!" No one seems to argue with her on it.

So on the mantle she is. I intend to spread her in the ocean one day. BetterLifeNW


I'd like to be mummified and cursed so that I might later rise and spread some sweet plagues. Rockmente

I'll do it for 300$ Cleopatra starter pack, get the anubis 2000$+ to have your own mini pyramid and 500$+ for each family member you want buried (If they're alive it costs extra), and only for this month pay 15,000$ for the Osiris plan and I'll get your corpse to the giza pyramid and enter the tomb to bury you behind some stone.

Find more information in: Pharaoh' HeartVoid

Shake It Off!


My sister wants us, when she dies, to cremate her body and put her ashes into a snow globe and shake it every hour or else she'll come haunt our butts. ShadowJDarkus

he was a heck of a dude......

"When I'm dead just throw me in the trash." _TrippieRedd_

My dad used to say two things, "dig a post hole and throw me in head first so the world can kiss my butt "or " cremate me and throw me in the well so I'll stay cool in hell" he was a heck of a dude. NippleSalsa

Going to School. 

My Dad would say the some things before he died a few days ago. We didn't know what to do so my older brother interpreted his wishes as wanting to be useful in the afterlife. We signed paperwork to donate his body to a medical school. We figured it's better that students learn hard lessons on the dead before treating the living. The school promised to send his cremated remains in an urn afterwards. lk05321

Oh Canada. 

I want to be buried in the deepest part of the largest Canadian forest. For a gravestone I want it to be two wooden boards in a cross shape with my name scrawled across it, then on one side of the cross I want my favorite jacket hung. Abandandmooso3


They have a few companies that will cremate you and shoot you off into space and I couldn't imagine a cooler way to go.

My grandfather and I used to shoot off professional-grade fireworks when I was younger. The entire time I knew him he said that when he passed away he wanted his cremated ashes shoved in a firework shell and shot off over are local high school where he spent a lot of his volunteer time at. When he passed away two years ago we did just that. TheClassyPenguin989



As cheaply as possible. I would like to minimize the financial impact of my passing as much as possible. bill_hilly


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