People Share Which Item They've Lost And Never Found That They'd Kill To Have Back

That thing completed my life!!

People Share Which Item They've Lost And Never Found That They'd Kill To Have Back
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We all have those few select items we acquire through the course of life that fill us with glee and contentment. It could be something as small as a pen. Everyone loves a rare find and often those finds come with a deeper meaning; or it was just something totally rad. That's why it is heartbreaking when we lose track of those instruments of joy. Instruments even Marie Kondo would keep. The hunt never stops when these items get lost.

Redditor u/gbizzle2 wanted to know who is still yearning for some possessions they'd give other's lives to find by asking...
What is an object that you lost, never found again, but always think about?

Chucky & Toby Forever.


I had a small stuffed dalmatian from disneyland. Got it when my grandma was dying of lung cancer and they want us kids out of the house. It was my "blanky" and it was named Chucky (not a joke, 5yo me thought that was a fitting name.)

Fast forward a decade, finally going to public school, i gave it to my dog when he found it in the closet, and it became his new favorite toy. Rip Chucky, beheaded by a cute little boy named Toby (also rip.)

No regrets. Its one of my favorite memories of Toby. justaregulardude1989

The Killer. 

Not an object but a pet. I had 2 hamsters when I was younger. They lived in a plastic cage where the only entrance was a caged flap at the top (like this ) One time I came home and discovered that one of them had killed and partially eaten the other and then disappeared.

We never found any trace of it. I've no idea how it could have gotten out as there's no chance it could open up the caged bit at the top! You hear stories about a finding a murdered body in a locked room but you never think it'll happen to you.

What makes it worse is that the murderer was probably living in my house for a few weeks afterwards. miiiiiig

Phone Home. 

You know those small baby blankets with animal limbs and a head so it's kinda like it's wearing a dress with bottom legs? Well I was probably four and I had a knack for usually picking out odd stuffed animals, a homemade thirty year old E.T. and spider puppet until I saw this blue baby bear blanket, I fell asleep with it on the third night and I never saw it, I looked everywhere and was so devastated. I still want it. owoIlivealieuwu


A zombie frog teddy I took to a university archery competition. Set him on a chair. Some other team thought he was a mascot and stole him. There was an announcement asking to give him back but the team that stole him thought I was from a different uni as I wasn't wearing a uniform. This was in 2011 or 2012, UK. I still have his eyes though (he wasn't always a zombie). CatTatze

Counting Pennies....


10 years ago, I had an envelope with 800 DKK (~$120 US). After spring cleaning I could not find the envelope. Still mad at myself that I probably threw out money. LindaE24

Personal Value. 

My wedding ring. My wife didn't have much money at the time and it was only $50, which makes it insanely more valuable to me. It pops in my head out of nowhere and It makes me sad. Whynotacoconut

Maybe it's Lost?


A small lego man I lost in our old house. Specifically in my parent's bathroom. (might be a false memory). But it was the greatest lego man ever. BlueScreenOfDeath-

I'm why I can't have nice things.

A golden bracelet I received from my grandmother. Lost it when I was going out when I was 18ish. It had my name and d.o.b. on it, in case you found it. Reddit

I had a necklace my grandma gave me with my full name and dob. 20k gold made in Spain ( where she was at my time of birth). Fell out of my pocket on a ride at Marriott Great America when I was 13. Into a lagoon.

I'm why I can't have nice things. Chaotic-NTRL

The Gone Stage.


This little side table I got in Australia. It was the only thing I could bring back when I finished my degree and followed me through many stages in life. Till I lost it in a move a few years back. wanderingpluviophile

A Turning Point. 

A drawing I did as a kid. I dedicated hours to it and it was pretty awesome for the work of a 7 year old. Went to take a nap and when I came back it was gone never to be found, no one in my family ever remembered seeing it. The loss actually discouraged me from ever pursuing an artistic career. zakcary0007

Hey Alice....

I had this pair of hippie pants that were light and dark green stripes.... comfiest pants I ever wore. In high school I wore them to play the caterpillar in our production of Alice in Wonderland. Stolen from my dorm in college. I hope whoever has'm loves those pants as much as I did. flowerburgerstand

DS Down!


My Nintendo DS Chip that slid beneath my car seat 9 years ago. I still can't find it. immamemehere

Monkey Gone. 

My old stuffed monkey toy from when I was young, around toddler age. Lost it in Philippines when I went home with my family. My Aunt and Uncle in Philippines never found it. I realized I lost it when on the plane ride and I was crying on the flight back home to Canada. I miss that old stuffed monkey toy. JTyphoon16


Many years ago....

There was a lighter that was called a Nimrod that kind of looked like a piece of threaded pipe.

I had one that was given to me by a guy I knew who was dying. From what I recall, he told me he got it off a dead enemy soldier in Vietnam. As Nimrods were American made, that meant the enemy soldier likely got it from an American (probably dead as well).

Well I actually used that lighter. I was in a bar one night and set it on a pack of smokes at my place at the bar.

I got distracted and was taking to someone a few places down from where I was sitting. Well some a-hole stole it from me.

I lost touch with the guy that gave it to me as this was pre social media and I was leaving town.

I don't even smoke anymore but I still miss that lighter. It upsets me that it has a cool story but to the guy that stole it, it was just a lighter. slider728

Sorry Nan....


A ring that my nan brought me for my 18th birthday, its been lost for many years now, but held special meaning as my nan died 3 days after giving it to me. My ex no longer owns the house that I lost it in, so I sometimes wonder if the new owners happened upon it hidden somewhere. SpannaMunky

Cubicle Thief. 

I used to work at an environmental lab and we used pens all day. This was in 2003-04, so all of our work was recorded with pen & paper (I think they're all digital now). I had gotten this really nice pen from that job, it was one of those fancy, weighty pens, a nice shade of red with their logo in white. I kept that pen for years.

I had it with me at another job back around 09-10 and would use it to jot down notes. I got booted out of my office and was moved into a cubicle. These cubicles weren't the "nice" ones that walled you off with flimsy, short walls.

These cubicles were essentially just desks put in an extra-wide walkway. I was in that spot for less than a month when some piece of crap stole my pen. Then I was laid off a week later in the middle of the great recession. This was 10 years ago and I still resent my time spent at that company.

It was just a pen that didn't really carry any significance other than I liked it. But, that was my pen, marking the time I spent with that previous company and I couldn't replace it. mencken

Saphire Ghost. 

My parents divorced when I was 5. I get on great with both of them and they get on great now too (it was a very long time ago) Anyway mum was going to give me their engagement ring when I got old enough, it was a beautiful dark green Saphire surrounded by little diamonds. I loved it from afar for many years.

Anyway she was taking it to get assessed for insurance purposes and went to get it out of her bag and it wasn't there. I was devastated and still miss that ring. The sentimentality, the representation of my parents marriage. Mum never seemed that bothered.

I still wonder if actually she just sold it. sometimesnowing

I was obsessed.

My ex bought me a $20 stuffed alpaca at the state fair in 2018. I felt bad because $20 feels like a lot for a toy but it was made with real alpaca fur and he had the cutest little crocheted hat. I was obsessed. A few hours later I put the bag down to tie my shoe and before I knew it, it was gone. Someone stole it and the worst part is that they definitely didn't appreciate the little guy as much as I did and probably gave it to their snot nosed kids to destroy. So upsetting to this day. Viiibrations

Lost. Found. Fly. 

Well I got a aer lingus model plane for Christmas. It just went missing and I think someone at Christmas dinner robbed it. I still can't find it till this day and I cant seem to find where I get a new one. hypergemini2005

You can get them on any Aer Lingus flight or Dublin Airport- their website is ididitforcheese

Thanks Bro. hypergemini2005

Grandma's Words....


In high school I recorded an interview with my grandmother on my MP3 player for a family history project. She died about a year and a half later. I had that MP3 player in my car the night it was totaled. A few days after getting out of the hospital I went to get my crap out of my car. My MP3 was missing. I swear a cop stole it. Who else? The car was impounded. But I never found it and I wish I had backed that interview up to something else. killingcain

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