We all have good ideas. Everyday our minds are literally boiling to the brim with brilliance, or what we believe is brilliance. And then sometimes what's meandering around the mind is unchecked tomfoolery. That mess can lead us to bad decision making, especially when we are presented with the freedom to run amok. For instance... sure, I can jump off a bridge, but should I? Yes, I can cheat on my spouse, is it worth it? Every action has a consequence... why do we constantly neglect that fact?

Redditor u/Wreckersgonnabreak wanted to discuss some of the actions people take, that maybe best left.... not done, by asking.... What is the best example of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should"?



I remember thinking as a kid, "When I'm an adult I can eat at Dairy Queen everyday." doubleflusher


Befriend high schoolers after you graduate college. Toubaboliviano

This is OK as long as there is structure, guidelines, a clear generational gap, etc.

When I was in high school I considered my coaches as non-peer friends… a decade and change later I just got done going to the gym with one of them, and I'll grab a drink from time-to-time with some of the others.

In other cases I have a continuing relationship with my high school friends parents that is independent of my relationship with the high school friend. powderizedbookworm

Be True.

Leading someone on when you don't actually have feelings for them instead of being honest. Paramisamigos

Like reopening a wound and adding sugar to promote infection. holyydiver32


Call 9-1-1 for frivolous concerns. Back2Bach

I have been mildly inconvenienced and don't know how to handle my own problems! Please send help! watchthespeed



Making "Cats" movie. gary7857

If they just had them all wear costumes it would have been fine. Alcohorse

"free speech" 

Giving your political opinion everywhere even if totally not necessary and then wiping yourself with free speech. LucioVersace

Using "free speech" as some sort of magic phrase that absolves you of all consequences from the messed-up crap you just said.

"I'm just saying, Hitler did nothing wrong. Free speech! Why did my boss fire me???" Luckboy28

Stay Still. 

Run for president. I would be a horrible, horrible president. I mean, better than our current one obviously for so many reasons but I would still be horrible at the job. I'll be a grounds keeper at the White House though. That seems like fun. BoWiggly

Bey 'scuse me?


Oversinging a song... I absolutely HATE when an amazing singer feels the need to add a million runs just cause they can. It can really ruin a great song.

Look up Beyonce's cover of silent night for an example of this. (No hate on Beyonce tho). dontjudgemynameplez

Totally agree! Drives me crazy when singers add a ton of unnecessary ornamentation. cheekycamo

Animal Care. 

Adopting a pet. I've seen people get one without having the means to take care of it more times then i care to remember. Those same people then tend to view those animals as entirely disposable as well.

What's worse is when they finally unload that animal they weren't able to care for they often go and repeat the same damn mistake again with yet another puppy/kitten and the cycle continues. RhymedWithSilver

The Limit.


Just because you have enough credit to buy it, doesn't mean you should. MaudeWoolum

In fact, you should probably not have any credit. If you can't pay cash, don't pay for it. Overrandomgamer


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