People Share The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Experienced That They Couldn't Explain Away

I have no excuse for that!

phasers_to_stunLife is full of moments we'll never be able to explain. We see things on the regular that leave us gobsmacked and shaken and we'll never have the capacity to fully describe them. The things that leave us shook to the core are the things that are more indefinable. "Did I just witness that? I hope not." Who hasn't thought that once and awhile?

Redditor u/IdeaAlreadyTaken wanted to know what about the things in life that haunt us all and leave us without a way to reason by asking.... What is the creepiest thing you've experienced that you can't rationalize/explain?

I was seven....


My godfather's mouth hung open while I was staring at him in his coffin. I was seven, and it was my first time seeing a dead body. The family blamed an inexperienced mortician, but until now I can never be sure if that was the case. WabbieSabbie

Be Branded...

I ordered something from ebay, and something from amazon. Two parcels arrive, one plain, and one in an amazon box. Upon opening them I find the amazon receipt inside the other box. It really felt like I was in the Truman show and the props guys had made an error.

I guess ebay person could have had a spare amazon box and used it to ship their thing, and the amazon parcel could have been a third party, so not have had the branded packaging?

Freaked me out for a few hours. Rabaga5t


When I was younger, I used to hear crawling sounds in the crawlspace that's next to my room. (my room was added to the house about 50 years after it was built, so there is a small crawlspace between my room and the outer wall of the house, about two to three feet wide and another two to three feet tall) I was convinced that someone was in there, and that they were going to break through the wall in my room. It freaked me out so much that my parents had to eventually seal the crawlspace because I was so afraid of it. CasuallyDying23

Midnight Alerts. 

I once woke up in the dead of night to the sound of an emergency news report playing on the television. It was as if the news reporter was sat at his desk at the foot of my bed.

My tv was off and unplugged and my phone had no news notifications set up on loud, I was also alone in the house.

Still freaks me out thinking about it and I have no idea how it could have happened or even been created in my mind. inyourpillow



My dad and I were coming home from some event when it was dark and as we were opening the door, the next door neighbor's house (the entire thing) started strobing.

It wasn't an alarm it wasn't something in the back yard. My dad even asked the other guy that weekend if they had something going on and he said no.

My dad and I kind of shrugged it off but I still think about that. It was so weird. phasers_to_stun

it just simply said "Florida".....

About 25 years ago my mother got an envelope in the mail. There was no return address, it just simply said "Florida". At the time, we didn't know anybody living in Florida and we were living over 1000 miles away.

When she opened the envelope, she found a baby picture of herself. Attached was a note that said "I think you sent this by mistake". She insisted that the photo had been stored away years earlier into a box in the basement closet, along with hundreds of other old photos. She never took it out, let alone sent it to anyone. To this day she never found out what exactly had happened and how the random person in Florida had gotten our address. MEJakeCos

Dreams Squared....


I was telling my wife about a weird dream that I had the night before. Before I finished, my son walked into the kitchen and finished telling the dream. He had the same dream. erpagris


Short but here it goes:

I came home from school and decided to take a dump while browsing Instagram. So keep in mind, windows closed, door closed, no wind but suddenly, something or someone blew in my right ear like crazy. I got so surprised and went out of the bathroom. I know it sounds like a joke but I was really afraid at that time. I_am_CONFUSIONtm


All my childhood I was scared of the stairs in my house. This happened because from time to time I would hear something that sounded like marbles dropping and rolling in my attic. I never understood what it really was, but as I grew older I stopped hearing those sounds and never thought about it again.

My younger cousin was always a scaredy cat, and she was terribly scared of the dark, so she couldn't stand to go up or down the stairs of my house alone, which I thought was due to the fact that it is a not very well lit place. Last year, out of the blue she said to me "You know why I always scared of the stairs in your house?" "No" "Because I always heard some marbles dropping and rolling in your attic". oi-nani

That Ding!


This is a story my mom told me once and that my dad refuses to talk about to this day.

Before I was born (they had no kids at the time), my parents were downstairs in the living room drinking wine in normal wine glasses and just chatting. Out of nowhere, they both hear this loud "ding!" noise resonating from one of the glasses as if someone flicked it.

They looked at each other puzzled since neither of them had touched it, but their gaze shifted back towards the wine glass where the noise came from when they heard a sharp cracking sound.

They both watched in horror as a perfectly straight crack made its way around the wine glass, creating a perfect circle. My mom reached over and was able to easily pick up the top half that had just broke if front of their eyes. C_Williams25

August 3 of that year.....

On New Year's Day a few years ago my Dad got a missed call and voicemail on his mobile whilst we were eating dinner. It was from a random number and was a young boy telling him he was going to die on August 3 of that year. He phoned the number and it was a hospital that answered. He explained what had happened but they couldn't shed any light. August 3 came and thankfully he didn't die. Just a really bizarre thing to happen! underlights

When I was about 5.....


When I was about 5 I saw an all grey old man sitting with his knees against his chest under my bedside table. I did a 180, when back downstairs, and never mentioned it to anyone. Still think about it to this day. marishnu

Run for the Cows.... 

I had just finished unloading a flatbed trailer full of hay, sat down on the back of the trailer and laid back to look at the night sky, when I suddenly felt like vomiting, like projectile vomiting, and there is also a plate and 5 screws in my arm and it immediately started vibrating and felt like it was heating up inside my arm, the cows around me started to run in random directions and I'm isolated, no cell service, no person around for miles, when suddenly this meteorite lit up the night sky with a blue light like it was daytime for like 3secs, as soon as it lit everything up, I felt better but I could see my cows running in every direction away from me, it was completely silent the whole time except for me and the cows. dudeweirdo

On the Shoulder....

This just happened the other night. was sound asleep, on my side, when i felt someone (?) poking my shoulder real hard. sort of jabbing it with a couple fingers. i sat up in bed so fast it made me a little dizzy. No one was there but i could feel the exact spot on my shoulder where those fingers had been poking. couldn't go back to sleep, and even after an hour on reddit, I could still feel that sore spot on my shoulder. monkeygirl2

The White Dog. 

My mom told me once that the weirdest thing she ever saw was a big white dog that came toward her on the street but when she turned around, the dog wasn't there anymore. It wasn't a crowded street or anything, it was just gone. The weird part about it is that I've seen the white dog too. I was heading down a street alone and then there was this big white dog next to me. When I turned around, it was gone.

I am certain I saw it and that it was there. I don't usually believe in ghosts and I'm the kind of person to watch ghost vids on YouTube in the middle of the night and go to bed with no problems because I don't believe in that stuff, but that dog thing that happened to both my mom and I is something I think about often. suicidesalmon

To Grandma's....


I was 10 and visiting my Grandma's for the weekend so I could go to a wedding with her. I had woken up in the middle of the night to see my 2 stepbrothers standing over me. Now, I'd have no problem with this, they sleep walk, but they were 3 states away for a funeral. ani-oop-ididit

to me at least....

When I was a kid I shared a bed with my dad. One night with both me and my dad in bed the radio was softly playing a local fm station when a loud and disturbing satanic voice started mumbling incomprehensible nonsense (to me at least) for 10 seconds. I asked my dad what the hell that was as I was totally disturbed and he told me in a serious tone he will explain what happened in the future.

It spooked me as I've never heard something like this on the radio before, and we always had the radio on most nights. I'm old enough to understand some semblance of English at that point in time, so that incomprehensible mumbling is totally out of place. I could ask my dad now but I doubt he will remember it.

Who knows, it could just be the FM station making a sex joke and my dad obviously isn't gonna explain what it means. Don't know why, but I can't forget this seemingly insignificant incident. throwaway564563

I See It....

A long while back, when I was living with my first girlfriend, my mom came to visit. One morning while they were in the kitchen, I was sleeping in, was in that state of half awake / half asleep, and could hear them talking in the kitchen. As I'm lying there, in that state of twilight, I start dreaming I'm on a beach, like a cold, North Atlantic beach, like the coast of Ireland or England, with a rocky shore instead of sand, and I can hear the footsteps of someone coming closer to me.

I'm listening to my gf and my mother in the kitchen, and at the same time I'm listening to this man approach. The whole time, I could tell the man had a sense that he could see me as well, and then the footsteps get right up to me, and I hear them stop. Then there's a pause, and then man if I don't feel his hand on my arm.

And I sit straight up, freaked the hell out, and I sweat to God I felt the lingering sensation of a hand, as if it had just had a hold of my forearm lingering. Never told anyone about this.

I often wonder if, one morning, a fisherman out in Ireland was out on the beach and somehow saw me in the mists, then reached out to see if I was real. boomhickey19


When i was a child, i lived in a house that had a very large, 2 story high entry way with a long staircase leading to the entrance. Across from the staircase was a large, antique mirror.

I was alone in the house, my mother and siblings out for groceries, and listening to music, when I stopped to look at my own reflection.

I saw myself in the reflection of the mirror descend the staircase. I ripped my headphones off and turned around, but I, of course, was not there. No one was. cannibalking

Thick of the Woods....


A group of mates and I saw a bunch of moving lights in the thick of the woods we were camping in, quite some ways up in the air, moving with ease when doing so should be impossible. It was admittedly dark, and I do feel that there is a rational explanation, but I could never figure it out.

Also, and I am not a big believer in things spiritual at all, I was in NZ when my Granddad passed in the UK and I felt it, for lack of a better phrase. I immediately text my Dad to check in on him as he was receiving the call saying he had just passed. It was expected and probably a coincidence, but it brought my Dad some peace at least. Reddit


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