People Share Their Best Pandemic Purchases
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The pandemic has had a lot of side effects: working from home, social isolation, online shopping...

Some of them have led to unexpected purchases.

Redditor mrgreen1464 asked:

"What was the best purchase you made during the pandemic?"

Musical Aspirations

" I finally bought a cello!"

"I’d been wanting to begin learning for years, invested and loving it."

- amediocremusician

"Cello is an underrated beautiful instrument. Watching Adam Hurst on YouTube makes me feel like I’m watching Lestat from Anne Rice’s books play an instrument."

- Reddit

"Cellos are the best!!!! Every song sounds beautiful and haunting."

- GloomyCamel6050


Unexpected Benefit

"I bought a doorbell camera."

"I was internally debating if I had wasted money on it or not when I realized it caught a clip of my best friend—who passed away last summer—doubled over in laughter and having his pants fall down around his ankles while he was trying to catch his breath."

"Worth every penny."

- Greyskiesgreeneyes

The Big Dig

"Heard we were going into lockdown so contacted local earth moving company and said as you will not be able to work can you drop around a 20 ton digger for me to use over lockdown and pay on the hour meter."

"Worked out so good, they dropped around their nicest machine. Chipped away over the month and moved 1/2 my section to make it flat, dug a pond etc..."

"Only cost me $2000 for a month rental!"

- ultimatedbag



"Squat rack."

"Took a long time to get everything set up, but it was worth the wait."

- Longjumping-Dot4301

"*worth the weight..."

- Vinegaz

Comfort Is Key

"Warm comfy slippers."

"My feet get cold easy so it helped a lot."

- ChillPalm


Introspection *results may vary

"I tried some magic mushrooms and realized that my life was headed down a horrible path. That realization made me get trained in a new career that will hopefully be more sustainable and healthy for me."

"Granted it's been a challenge but I don't think I would have been brave enough to change without that experience..."

- CurrentMeasurement29

"Damn I wish this was my experience with shrooms. Every time I’ve just had fun for a couple hours, then slowly descended into a terrifying hell world for the next six."

"No life changing realizations or clarity. And now I am far too afraid to ever try any kind of hallucinogen again."

"The inside of my brain is not a place I want to be trapped in, it’s f'king dark in there."

- fadingstatic

Home Office Necessity

"Heated cat bed."

"Keeps my cats off my work laptop."

- fewlove



"Not a purchase necessarily, but taking in a little stray pandemic kitten."

"He’s brought so much joy to my life and I honestly don’t know how I would’ve made it through the difficulties that the pandemic brought on if I didn’t have him."

- CeLaVieluv

"I somehow adopted two kittens during the pandemic. One May of 2020, the other January2021."

"They are truly the best."

- blackcatsbrew

"Oh, it’s a purchase-cat food, litter, scratching post, vet bills, etc..."

"We took in a little black kitten in September & she’s brought a lot of joy."

"She has a cat tower that’s taller than I am because we wanted to give her a safe spot from our overly-affectionate Labradors. As it turns out, she pesters them more."

- dailysunshineKO

Alternate Reality

"Nintendo Switch to live on an island and pretend the world isn’t falling apart."

- maltymawma

"I impulsively bought a Switch and Animal Crossing days before everything got completely shut down."

"The game still consumes my life, it’s given me online friends, a creative outlet, it’s given me so much more than just the island."

"Truly a blessing."

- Mrs_worldwide_

"Animal Crossing really was the escapism I needed. I probably have a lot of weeds to pull now..."

- Jazzlike_Log_709

"Animal Crossing really came out at the best time. A former colleague got a Switch of her own (her kids had one or multiple) just so she could play Animal Crossing by herself!"

"How many hours I spent with it in the beginning, how many friends I made via the internet that told me it got them through hard times..."

- gezeitenspinne


Better Credit

"Not what I bought...what I didn't buy."

"I saved SO much money, not shopping."

"My credit cards are 100% paid off for the first time in like 20 years."

- NotThisAgain21

Did you purchase anything that changed your life during the pandemic?

Share it in the comments!

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