People Share Their Best Clapbacks To 'Go Back To Your Own Country'

People Share Their Best Clapbacks To 'Go Back To Your Own Country'
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We've learned in the last few years racism is still alive and well.

Another word you could use is "thriving," and while our world is constantly expanding, integrating with one another, and breaking down barriers that once were impossible to overcome, it's commonplace to see people ignoring this progress.

People who think where you're from, what nationality you are, what culture you're brought up in, are the only defining traits you have.

Thus, if you don't match what they believe to be the "correct" form a person should take in their country, they'll tell you to "go back home."

And aren't those people just the worst?

Reddit user, godfatherdoh, wanted to know what to say when they asked:

If a person tells you angrily to go back to your country, how would you respond ?

The simplest responses work the best, and keeping things short and sweet will make sure you don't have to talk to that person anymore.

Simple, Clean, Elegant

"Walk in a circle and say I'M HERE!"


What Do You Mean By That?

"I would sincerely ask "Why would I do that?"


"Related fun: pretend to not understand racist jokes and ask for them to be explained."


"this tactic works for all ignorant statements! I always do this when people make sexist/mysogynistic comments or "jokes", when people make rude/racist "jokes", when narcissists make rude backhanded 'compliments'. It's fun seeing them squirm."


Living In A Bureaucratic Nightmare

"My county's one of the reasons Brexit happens. You think I'm gonna go back now???"

"Or I might just start laughing."

"For context, I am Romanian and currently living in the UK."



"Ugh as a Polish person in England I have gotten this comment more times than people on the planet."

"I just say "bruh".


Feels Like They Walked Into That One

"If you're in America, tell them the same thing"


Already One Foot Out The Door

"I'd ask them to specify."

"If it means leaving this sh-thole and going to live in the USA, Spain, Croatia, France or Sweden then he's in luck because that is exactly what I was planning on doing."


Ooh, Bring The Mothers Into It

"As soon as you crawl back into your mother and rethink your life choices"


Maybe the person doesn't understand how the world works? Some individuals are where they are because of decisions made by others hundreds of years ago.

Tell them to wise up.

Give Them A History Lesson

"Not my fault my great great great great grandmother stole bread and got sent here (Australia)."


Welcome To My Prison

"My country sent me here as punishment. "


"Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!"


Can You Imagine??

"I'm Native American (Oneida Nation) soooooo go back to your country. Checkmate biyatch"


"I remember my white boss saying "they" should be sent back to their country. I turned to my white coworker next to me and said, "Can you imagine all the white people returing to Europe? People at the local reservation would be ecstatic to get their land back." Coworker laughed with me and boss remained silent."

"I've gotten a DNA test and genealogy research to show that I have over 30% DNA of the Chichimeca and possibly Aztec people that had migrated from New Mexico about a thousand years ago. My shower thought is wondering if that is enough for me to stay if "everyone returned to their country."


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Might Want To Call Up Your State Senator

"Ok, I'd be happy to. Technically I would just have to move about an hour or so East to the Mohawk valley and rejoin the Iroquois nation. Oh, and I'll need you to reinstate the Iroquois Nation."


All of this is fun to speculate and imagine, being in that moment and having the perfect response to such a spiteful person. Yet, when you're in the moment, the most you might feel is sadness.

It Can Be Tough To Take The High Ground

"While this should not be taken as advice since it could backfire and may not be the right way for a lot of folks to handle the situation, when someone is raging at me a smile and a "have a nice day" really seems to piss them off much more than a middle finger or an "F-U". It can be an almost impossible strategy in many instances though."


Break Their Brain A Little

"Given that I've only ever been told this in the country I was born in (I have a foreign accent from my family, who are not from there), I tell them I was born there. They always short circuit a little on that one."

"In the end we all got our way and I f-cking left."


Get A Free Trip Out Of It?

"Ask them to pay for my fare"


"If they pay up what will u do then ?"


"I'll go. I'm a dual citizen, so it's not like I can't come back, and they just paid for a trip back home to see my mum lol."


No Matter When Or Where, Racism Sucks

"In my mind I say something really clever and hurtful back! Especially since my family has been here for four generations!"

"In reality, every time this happens my face gets hot, and all I can muster is to roll my eyes and fight back angry tears. It sucks."


Paint The Picture

"I've heard one of our residents answer: 'Ma' am, I'd love to. Unfortunately, there's a war going on that has already pretty much destroyed everything I hold dear and they were coming for me too. Would you have stayed?'"


Move On And Let Them Live In Their Own Hatred

"Honestly? I'd give them a shake of my head and move on. Anybody who speaks to me like that is just wrong. The fact that they say such things is a reflection of their character, not yours. The freedom of speech allows you to speak freely, it doesn't mean you need to be heard. And nothing drives these people more insane than not being heard."


Don't be that person who lets your hatred cloud your mind to the fact we live in an integrated world and we're all the better for it.

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