Laws are amiable. We know this. They often change with the times, with enough revolution that is. Laws are there to protect and serve, however they can be too complex and just downright odd and often absurd.

Redditor u/AshSpergers wanted to discuss the rules from around the world that may not make the most sense by wondering.... What's a stupid law where you live?

2 Wheels Up! 


If a motorcycle crashes into a car, no matter what, it is the car's fault and the owner goes to jail for (I think) 2days.

There is a story when someone was literally sleeping and at 2:00 am a motorcycle crashed into his parked car, he went to jail. ThatOneWeirdGuy14

Full Moon Kitty....

Carrying a cat above your head during a full moon is illegal. adcn14416

Probably some witch hysteria. dps524

Tubs Away.....

My hometown has an archaic law on the books - I think they leave it there now because it's too funny to remove - which states that it's illegal to carry a bathing tub across the town green, while armed with musket or sword, on Sunday.

Ya gotta wonder what event prompted the creation of that law. magusjosh

Peckers Away Gents! 

It's illegal for men to have erections in public.

showing of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.

There's not really a backstory. It's just stupid as is. JebediahKerman001

While They Roam....


You can't shoot someones buffalo from a second story hotel window.

Me: shoots someone's buffalo from a third story hotel window. "hehe loophole." Chibi_studio

Bugs? Is that you?

You can't take pictures of rabbits from January to April. i don't understand why bc they are so cute. I just do it anyway. johnny_youtubes

My educated guess is that's in place to try keeping people from searching out warrens and nests for pictures of the first babies of the year. Akitiki

You're Archaic! 

In Georgia all sex toys are banned.

In 1968 a Fulton-county resident was convicted under this law. This is despite the fact that the Fulton-County jury publicly stated that the law was "archaic" and noted such gadgets can have therapeutic value.

Thought it was funny. Carbinem1911

Oh Florida....

In Florida (of course Florida) if you were to park in elephant at a parking meter, you would have to pay it as if it were an automobile. jediareboss

We folk in Ireland have a song called "horse outside" which puts to why it ain't going to be easy giving your horse a parking ticket... And other reasons why the horse is soooo much better than a car. lineageofhobbis

Simmer down ladies....

No more than 4 unrelated females living in a single residence. Dvl_Brd

We have the same law here in my college town. we can't have sorority houses of because of some old lady calling it a brothel back in the day and getting the law passed. we actually just had a big ordeal where some girls got kicked out of their house, because of the law, because some of their neighbors complained about them parking on the street. kns1190



They changed this one last year. It was illegal for liquor stores to be open on Sunday.

Edit: For clarification, my state is Minnesota. If you were really desperate for liquor, you had to go to the bar down the street. Wishing4aCroat


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