An individual's limits vary depending on the person and what they're willing to put up with. This makes for interesting interactions, particularly in the workplace, as each employee's tolerance levels allow them to handle a variety of complex situations. However, this anecdote in no way downplays the reality that every person has a breaking point, something they can no longer sanction, which forces them to finally say, "No."

Reddit user, u/Mighty_Pengwing, wanted to hear where you draw the line when they asked:

What do you absolutely not put up with?

I Was JUST About To Do It

People making me do something that I was going to do or threatening me.


Oh my god people telling me to do something I was already going to do makes me SO f-cking angry! I remember when I was a kid and I was trying to be impressive and empty the dishwasher before I was told and literally 2 minutes before I got there my mom yelled down to empty the dishwasher. I seriously got so angry and had the biggest fit over it lol


Clear As Mud

People playing games or "testing" others in a romantic context. If you want something, make it clear, otherwise it's your own fault if others don't understand it.


This Hits Really Close To Home In This Country

People who are ignorant by choice.


You would think with all the information at our fingertips people would be less ignorant bit it's sadly not the case.

I know it's fashionable to blame the media for this but I do, that's why I recommend to people to get their news from multiple sources. Getting my news from multiple views whether it be centrist, conservative or progressive helps trim the fat and find where the truthful middle ground is


We're Already In Deep When Going In Public

Bad bathroom habits. F-cking clean up after yourself!


I work in an office environment and regularly I hear people walk out of the toilet stalls without washing their hands. It's not uncommon to find the toilet seats covered in piss too. It's disgusting.


You Get One Chance

Drama with people over petty stuff. I'm not going through the whole falling out with someone (typically a misunderstanding) having to talk and work things out and become friendly again, repeatedly.

I'd rather just not talk again.


"Have You Heard The Good News?"

People Forcing religion on me


people are fine with christian missionaries but if an atheist ever went around convincing people god was not real, the world would freak.


They Want To Set A Precedent

People demanding respect while not respecting me.


Sometimes people use "respect" to mean "treating someone like a person" and sometimes to mean "treating someone like an authority"

For some, "if you don't respect me, I won't respect you" means "if you don't treat me like an authority, I won't treat you like a person"


We're In This To Be Together

Lies & bullsh-t, especially in relationships.


Oh f-cking preach. 95 percent of the teenage drama I ever had in my life came from my only relationship (2 and a half years from age of 17). It's f-cking unbelievable


Less Than What We're Owed

People treating me less than what I deserve. I stopped putting up with people walking all over me and learned boundaries.


Double edged sword there. Quite a few people think alike. They also think the sun sets when they sit.

Totes agree with the rest.


Take This All The Way To The Top

People blaming me for something that's completely out of my control.

I work as a cashier in a popular gas station, that also sells alcohol/beer. Our house policy is that we ID every customer purchasing alcohol (fine and dandy, most people understand that) and state law only allows transactions up to 192 ounces. At least twice a day I have to explain to customers the liquor laws and house rules, then they get upset at me, as if I, a lowly cashier, created the f-cking state laws or the house rules for a billion dollar company. I've just resorted to telling the customer to call corporate or their local state legislator.


False Expertise

Irritatingly dominant people.

I think most everyone knows who I'm talking about. Those people who talk just a bit to loud, a bit too often, and are a bit too full of themselves.

when coming up with ideas in a group they don't add to someone else's idea or help the group move in a productive direction. Instead they follow up someone else's comment with, "no, wait, what if we..." Immediately putting down the person before them because it couldn't have been that important compared to their great idea.

It's weird, there isn't anything specifically wrong with those oddly dominant people. It's just a thousand little things that add up. Like the need to tell you that they worked at Google a thousand times over even though they just worked a minor job that didn't really matter. And how they are good at whatever random thing because of a very niche experience which they remind you of daily.

Or their attitude of pretending to know things that they clearly don't know, and when they get corrected they will act like either they didn't just say that or pretend like you misunderstood them.

The kind of people who condescendingly say, "oh honey" and, "how could you not know that?" As though they are somehow the adult in the room and not acting like a complete child.

I tend to be a pretty chill person. And most personalities are absolutely fine to work with. No nonsense people who don't take sh-t are great; introverted people who don't talk much are great; ultra friendly people who tend to gossip a bit much are great. But those pseudo intellectual, fake friendly know it all, put you down for the sake of lifting themselves up types just drive me up the wall. Where the hell did they get the confidence to think that they are better than everyone else around them?

I can't be the only one who has run into these people right?

Please feel free to tell me your horror stories if you know the kind of people I am talking about.


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