People Explain Which Things They're Thankful Their Friends Introduced Them To

It can be hard to find new things on your own. We're all so busy, who has the time anymore? For example, have you taken a real look at your Netflix dashboard lately? There's like 50 new shows to watch there and another 50 just got uploaded while you were reading this introduction. Don't worry, though. That's why our best friends are there. To guide us, help us, and tell us what cool new thing we've just missed out on.

Reddit user, u/phauuyap, wanted to know:

What's something you're glad your friend introduced you to?

The Freshest Rolls


I feel like everything I like was introduced. I'm sh-t at discovering things on my own. But I'll say sushi.


This. I was always the guy who gave people the Karen-stare because they ate raw food. Until one day my friend told me to shut up and just try a piece.

Now I'm planning to gorge myself on sushi as soon as the lockdown ends.


The Magic Of Boiling Eggs

The fact that you can cook your eggs in your noodles while you're boiling them.


My new technique is to undercook the noodles, crack the eggs into the pot, bring to high boil for a second, take off heat, cover and let sit for 3-3.5 minutes. Perfection every time.

How do you do it?


The Ability To Literally Do Anything

Minecraft. I was mid twenties and they spent years trying to get me to play but I thought it was a kids game. I finally played one day and loved it so much that I spent the next four years way more into it than they ever were.


There are just so many ways to play. You can treat it like a kid's game. You can play it like a kid. You can be an architect. You can be an engineer. Literally anyone can find something that interests them


The Positive Mental Health You've Been Lacking

My friend introduced me to the definition of narcissistic personality disorder. I was going through a lot with my family and constantly being gaslighted. She sent me articles all about it and I never felt more relieved to know I wasn't insane and I was actually being severly manipulated.


The Newest, Hottest Jams

New music.

Its always hard for me to figure out what i like and they helped give me so much from the experiences i got out of it.


Same! I don't have much musical culture and thanks to them i could discover some lesser known artists and new genres.


The Love Of Your Life


My wife.

37 years ago.


Those Killer Forearms, Bro

Rock climbing. It's become my favorite form of exercise, not to mention how fun it is.

Edit: For everyone asking, a rock climbing gym will have all the resources you need to get started if you don't have any climber friends.




Seriously. I stayed up all night, had sh-tty sleep hygiene and poor mental health. We lived together for 6 months and she helped me get on a sleep routine. Changed my life.


Its incredible just how much difference a decent sleep schedule can make. I haven't had to use an alarm in years now, and I always wake up at the same time and don't feel like sh\-t. Not to mention just how much more productive during the day you can be.


The Group You'll Keep Forever

He introduced me to his closest friends - all really great people.

Now we all have good times together and share so many things of mutual interest. It's really opened up my world in a way I hadn't previously thought possible.


That's beautiful. The best gift anyone can get is new friends. Or maybe second best. A flamethrower would be pretty damn hard to beat


The Life Changing Magic Of Your Own Body

A friend of mine accidentally introduced me to the Hitachi Magic Wand when I was helping her move and it dropped out of one of the boxes. She was entirely nonplussed. (I think she laughed and said, 'My baby!'); I was somewhat of a prude at the time and was suitably scandalised at her being so open about having sex toys -- especially the kind that you had to actually plug in like a f-ckin' kitchen appliance.

Yeah, that lasted all of thirty seconds after I bought one for myself on her later recommendation. Hoo boy.


The Critical Roll!



I would have never played otherwise and it's so much fun!



For years -- years -- my friend from university suggested we play D&D during a weekend. Every time, I shot him down. Pretending to be an orc or an elf or a whatever-the-f-ck wasn't my idea of a good time. Then a couple of years ago someone I was dating introduced me to it, and it was dope. Kill some goblins, eat some cheese, drink some beers... I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was older or the fact that I'd finally got over myself a little bit, but I got way into it. Like, way into it. Like, a file of notes thicker than some novels into it.

I finally got a chance to DM for the friend who'd kept pushing it all those years ago -- we're at opposite ends of the country now -- and it was incredibly fun, even with the 10,000 watt I-Told-You-So grin he had the whole time.


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