People Explain Which Products They Stopped Buying Because Of Aggressive Advertising

People Explain Which Products They Stopped Buying Because Of Aggressive Advertising
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Advertising is an odd beast. On one hand, we need to know what variety of products are available from which retailer. Without it, it'd be a much harder forest to navigate. On the other hand, deep down we know they're manipulating us to see things the way they want, telling us things they think we want to hear. Occasionally it works splendidly, but sometimes it tries too hard and forces people to stop purchasing your product altogether.

Reddit user, Osilux, wanted to know what you just had to cut from your life because of commercials when they asked:

What product did you stop buying due to obnoxious ads?

It's Booty Paper...That's It.

"Charmin. I can't stand those obnoxious dancing bears that sing relentlessly about "hineys."


"Bears obsessed with wiping their butts. Like wtf."


Never Quite What You Expected



"I used to buy a few things from them but their youtube ads give me ear cancer and their products mostly suck so I gave up on them."


"My girlfriends mom bought the "lego" taj Mahal from wish for like $10. It's the really tiny piece lego knock off and according to my gf the instruction manual is like a pamphlet and entirely useless. For reference, the real lego Taj mahal is $370 and the instructions are about half an inch (1.5 cm) thick"


What's More American Than A Cheeseburger?

"Never been to a Carl's Jr because all of the ads I've seen are just women deep-throating sandwiches."


Want To Fix Your Typos? *skip ad*

"As a principle, I don't use Grammarly. Ever time I use a computer on campus of my university, their stupid ads constantly appear, and not just in YouTube ads - which really get on my nerves."

"I tried using their product when I was in secondary school, but I found that it was kind of useless unless you purchased the premium version. I'd rather rely on my own proofreading of my work and using Word spell check to find grammar and spelling mistakes."


Be Honest: Who Cleans In Heels?

"Any and all cleaning products where you see a woman in high heels acting as though cleaning is the greatest thing on earth. Men clean, too. Stop being bad."


I'd Rather Risk My Life Than Buy What You're Selling

"Progressive's Flo commercials."

"Actually all of their commercials."

"They're all so godd-mn obnoxious. Genuinely switched because of them."



"The more you know the more you Kohls"

"That makes no sense! I didn't shop there anyway, but that slogan always pisses me off because its so damn stupid."


Well, That's Just Messy...

"Any ad for a shake/drink/liquid product that shows the product being poured into and overflowing a container and dripping down the sides, making a fucking mess, is a 100% guarantee that I will not even finish watching the ad much less buy the product."


Decide What You Are, Then Come Back To Me

"I have hated every Subway ad I have ever seen."

"Seriously, their advertising department has no idea what to do with the product. Are we healthy? hip? fun? Who the fuck knows. It's just a goddamn sandwich."


Everyone Deserves A Bowl Of Sugary Goodness

"Trix cereal."

"I think every kid in existence just wanted to see that rabbit get a bowl of cereal."


Smell Just Like A Bowl Of Potpourri

"Any. Perfume. Advert."

"Stop sexualising how we smell. Please. I want to be able to smell good without someone thinking I want a shag too."


What If She Just Ate One?

"That current commercial about Tide pods or detergent or whatever it is, with the people singing about their stains. That one lady singing to the tune to "Fur Elise" makes me want to cut my ears off."



"J.G. Wentworth. I haven't ever used them, but if the occasion ever arises, rest assured those stupid opera jingles will remind me who NOT to use."


"Wait until you're in a structured settlement and need cash now."


Kind Of Working In The Opposite Direction With This One...

"Swear to god if I see like 10-15 more Truth anti-smoking ads, I'm gonna pick up smoking."


Way Off Base

"Does a free app that I ditched due to ads count?"

"It was an app where you made little planets and tried to match the required orbits around a black hole/gravity source. Each level had different requirements. When you tapped to make a planet it would be a random colored dot."

"This game entertained a previously screaming 1.5 year old during half of a 5 hour car ride. With him just making planets, laughing at them move around and occasionally informing the car of what color they were. The problem was that ever 3 levels or so there was an ad. Normally would not be a problem but these were some of the most graphically violent ads I'd ever seen on a phone app. Machete's being thrown at clowns and embedding in their heads, men firing automatic rifles and blowing each other's limbs off with blood flying across the screen."

"It bamboozles me why such a tame game would run ads like that and I had to remove it."



"As soon as Head On started those commercials my friends and I stopped using it."


*crunch* *crunch* *CRUNCH*

"Kit Kat had a commercial where they used the sound of people chomping into their candy bar to the tune of their jingle. I'm extremely sensitive to the sound of people chewing so when this commercial would come on I'd have to dart for the remote before it sent me into a blind rage. Haven't eaten a kit kat since."


Well, This Is Just Plain Evil...

"Heinz had a youtube ad with a fake skip ad button."




"Chevy "real people not actors" 🙄"




What products have you stopped using for a similar reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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