People Explain What Happened To The Person They Lost Their Virginity To

They are someone who never forget, for good or for bad or for mediocre. The person we share that special moment on life with. For some reason (hopefully a good one) we gave this person one of our most sacred moments. Sex is a huge step in the life and the person we first lay with is the blueprint for all that follow....

Redditor u/wayback82 was wondering if anyone was willing to discuss one of life's most intimate moments by asking..... What happened to that person that took your virginity? Where are they in life?



Probably still taking hundreds of peoples virginity. RockinWarkok

​She's now my step-sister....

She's now my step-sister....

Edit: she's not a anime banjo playing teacher, wtf you all talking about?

However for some context: we were together for about 2years. First proper relationship for both of us. Broke up 6months after I went to uni. Within the year our parents were dating and are now married. Thankfully I've never had to live under the same roof as her, although our parents bought a house where we both have a bedroom so stay if we want.. I've stayed there once in about 4 years. It's all very civil as it seems a while ago now, we pretty much only see each other at Christmas dinner. ThisIsBuzzard

Oh Girl...

She married the next guy she dated. Had 2 kids and moved to Boston. He cheated on her with another dude and left her recently. Boston_balloon_boy


Dead. HATE cancer. We did have an almost 25 year run though. EDIT: thank you for the warm wishes. I lost her 2.5 years ago (come Tuesday) and our children and I are doing much better. Interestingly I just noticed the date and realized that first time was 25 years ago last week. damageddude

I Think About Her....

We are still decent friends for the last 19 years, she recently got married to a very nice guy and they have good careers in tech. I am very happy for them. BaronSolace

It's always wholesome when you can still hold someone in a kind regard after a breakup.

My answer: not long after we started dating, she took on two jobs while also caring for her grandma. She didn't have time for me anymore so we broke up even though we didn't want to. Last I spoke to her, she rented a house to live with her grandma in and was having ovary problems so she was going to get surgery to get them removed, ruining her goal of having kids. I asked her to let me know when the surgery was so I could check up on her, but I never heard from her again. It's been a year and I still think about her every day. redgroupclan

I'm #1!!!


He is now an OB/GYN.... sometimes it makes me laugh that he sees dozens of vaginas a day, but mine was the first. jul1992

Hey South Carolina.... 

We took each other's virginity about 20 years ago. She's a psychologist now, has her own practice, lives in SC. Still looks amazing, still does gymnastics. Married, Has two kids. We still talk once a year or so and are still friends after all these years. B_Addie


He's married but he's only been faithful to her for two years of their six year marriage. So. She's only ever been with him and he resents the heck out of her for "having" to settle. lynrenle

Ever After...


He's downstairs playing video games and watching over our newborn twins while I take a bath. Mama2Moon

Congrats on the new babies. Twins are a wild ride :). kittycoppermine

There is Hope. 

I have no clue, but I hope he was able to move on as I have. We both spent years mourning the loss of the relationship. I'm good now and I hope he is too. It was a nice relationship, and it ended amicably. tanya6k

Rough Tines....


I saw her at a parade a while back. She had a couple of kids and looked rougher than I remembered. Meth'll do that. TheDudeMaintains

Hey Counselor.....

She's an attorney. She gave me some advice when I wanted to adopt a few years ago. Sweet girl, and still gorgeous 20-something years later. dookie1481

This is unexpectedly pure I like this answer a lot. Reddit


He died in a car accident about 15 years ago. I found out when I was cyber stalking people from my past and found his obituary. It was quite sad finding that out. Just wasn't the expected outcome of that particular internet search. FloridaParalegal

Big Top Life...

She joined the circus.

In an administrative capacity, but it's less fun to say that way. rokr1292

Mine actually literally became a trapeze artist, so.... lolbrbnvm

Best Wishes Lover....


Man, haven't seen her since she moved out and divorced me 5 years ago. I honestly have no idea what she's up to, but I actually hope she's found help for her mental illnesses and is generally happy.

But she can stay wherever she is, I don't need to see her again. xv9d


She married some military dude, and had a hard life. Last I found her on Facebook she was promoting a GoFundMe so she could get new teeth. Had recently lost everything in a house fire. Has a couple of kids.

ETA: I'm not entirely sure of her husband's military involvement, the pictures I saw could have been taken at a Halloween party for all I know. It makes sense though that a military spouse should not have to crowdfund a set of chompers.

Also, she didn't lose her teeth in a fire. I'm pretty sure the tooth loss was a much more gradual process. sardineclub


I ran into her on the street not too long ago. She's engaged and seems to be doing well otherwise too. Still drop dead gorgeous as well.

Edit: I just looked her up on Facebook because of this thread. It seems she's unfriended me. Now I'm kinda sad.

Edit 2: For people trying to console me, we broke up like 14 years ago. This isn't a recent breakup and she's not still in love with me or anything. But I know we were friends until pretty recently, because sometimes I saw her posts. Pandaburn


Sitting next to me eating spaghetti O's out of a pyrex bowl. Not because of a lack of better food or bowls, but because he likes it and the pyrex is the biggest glass bowl. joyously-lost

I can respect that. xomacattack


She became an herbalist out West and died a few years ago. My third GF died also and my first wife. I have a kind-of large pile of corpses of people I've loved for somebody who's 63 years old and doesn't murder people.

(figuratively, I don't actually have a pile of corpses). Oknight

Unfair Life.


He passed away at 19 after suffering a seizure in his sleep. We'd broken up about 6 months before.

Its been 10 years, but every once in a while I still wonder who he'd be today. k_isom

I'm so sorry. My partner's death was determined to be SUDEP as well. Hate seizures.

Edit: because I understand how upsetting this can be for folks with epilepsy, most people who have seizures don't have what B had. B had IIH which just presented as seizures. Reddit


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