We all dream of that big, spacious home or three. We think we need every thing extra... but it's all really excess in the end. If this pandemic has taught us anything it's that appreciating the little things is monumental. How many living rooms are really necessary? Like.... does television feel more special in 20 different rooms?

Redditor u/Interferis_ wanted to discuss why everyone square foot of our homes can be something we never really needed by asking..... What is one feature of your home you never use?



The treadmill. LegendaryTy

You mean the laundry hanger? viderfenrisbane


Central vacuum system. It sounded great when we built the house but in reality it's easier to use a regular vacuum. thalos2688

The only useful part of having a central vacuuming system is if they have the.... nozzle...opening.. whatever the thing under the kitchen cabinets that you can sweep stuff off the floor into is called. Those things are super handy. If I redo my kitchen I want to see if I can just get one of those installed. Sipid1377

For the Rabbits....


The disgusting unkempt garden with a garage that's falling down that my ex husband insisted was brilliant. I just wanted a small space with a bit of grass my rabbits could run around in and they're both gone now anyway. Now he's moved out and I have this wild disaster out the back of my house that I don't want.

I have zero enjoyment of gardening but cant afford to pay someone to sort it. It makes me miserable every time I look out the back window. I wish I could afford to pay someone to just dig it all up and put a load of fake grass down and some decking that all requires zero maintenance. JustAFluffyTail

Chest to Knees.....

The bathtub as a bathtub. It's one of those ones that you can use as a bathtub or as a shower. PMForDickGraysonPics

I'm 5' 9" but most bathtubs are not designed for grown men. I just want to soak and relax once in a while without having my knees or chest out of the water! firehazelfirehazel



The milk delivery door. derf82

I had to look that up, thought you were messing with me. HundredthIdiotTh

3 Years...

I live on the top floor of my apartment building (Floor 3, I know...what a life), and one of the big selling points of the "penthouse" was having a fireplace. Have not used in 3 years. TheBoysSouls



The attic. SouthWestDakota

When I Was younger, my family stored Christmas decorations in the attic. I was too young to go up into the attic to get the boxes. We have since moved all the decorations to the basement because a squirrel once got into our attic or something.

I don't remember the reason only that it involves a squirrel. Now I am a teenager and have never been into the attic. I really want too but Im scared I'll get jumped by a squirrel or something. I'm still bothered that there is an entire part of my house I have no idea what looks like. AcebiWriter

In the basement...

The water heater or some other machine in the basement will turn on in the middle of the night, and it sounds like someone's stomping up the basement stairs. Poop my pants every time I go downstairs for a 3am meal and it turns on. Oddlydehydratedgurb

6ft x 6ft.....

My apartment's balcony. Can't remember the last time I went out there; plus the door is blocked by my TV stand and speaker stand. I'd rather have the extra sq. ft. inside.

Also Idk why they thought the bedroom needed a huge 6ft x 6ft window (to make matters even worse it's a crappy single pane, aluminum frame model); if I didn't have it covered with a foam insulation panel all of the cool air from the AC would go right through it. tnpeel



The doorbell. xszbf

I've got a couple sneaky cats that try to escape when I open the door from the outside. If I ring the doorbell, the dog barks and the cats run away. xsited1

Shelves Away....

There's a set of shelves above the fridge that I can't reach. InkMage94

I bought a step ladder so I could put things in those cabinets then my step ladder broke so I have to do without those things since I'm too cheap to buy another. Old_Classroom

The "I Hear You System."

I have one of those whole house intercom systems. It lets you listen to the radio and talk to people between rooms. I'm sure it was pretty snazzy back in the 1970s when the house was built but I never use it. ilgeo

Oh my god, the house I grew up in was built in the late 70s and had a house-wide intercom system too! Intercoms in every room, even the bathroom (the bathroom also had a landline phone attached to the wall which we never used hahaha).

We used the intercom system a little at first as a novelty, and then stopped, and then one day we tried to use them again and they had stopped working. Which was sad even though we'd stopped using them at that point. LilyKnightMcClellan

Dish It....


I can turn on my dishwasher using my phone, but anytime I would ever actually need to run the dishwasher would be immediately after I put the last dish in it and filled the little soap thing up with dishwashing detergent. If I just put the soap in, I'm already standing right there and can just turn the dial on the front.

Not really sure why anyone would load the washer, walk to the couch, and then decide to use their phone to run it. firstheir

Hey, Tim.

An old cistern in the basement. We call it the murder pit. bernorma69

Their FBI agent knows.

Hey, Tim. CordeliaGrace


A rotating rooster weathervane on the copula that indicates which way the wind is blowing. Back2Bach

People waste money on those things, but NOBODY i repeat NOBODY thinks they are pretty or useful. Interferis_

Flamed Out. 

The fireplace. Mainly because I don't know how to tell if the flue is open or closed and I don't want smoke to back up into my house. Voldemortsawkwardhug

Hire a chimney sweep to inspect your fireplace and then ask them also how to tell. You'll likely need some maintenance. Lagduf

nothing extra....

I have two balconies. The one side is spacious, sunny and relaxed, the other is in the shade, looks out on a bank and doesn't have enough room for a single chair. I haven't opened the door to that balcony in three years. iwtmmhlbsocn

I have two balconies too, but they both face the same way. We sometimes use one of them, the other one is never used at all. Janitako


Shutters. I never shut any of them. NakedPizzaHutAd

Blinds are SO MUCH BETTER. We used to live in this huge house with blinds and now we moved to a place with shutters. I hate them, they make weird noises at night and sometimes an old grandma passing down the street just comes by and like closes them. Interferis_

in the dark....


There's a light switch in our basement that controls the same lights as the switch at the top of the stairs, so unless i choose to walk up the stairs in the dark, it serves no purpose. shutupandtakemyfunny


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