Personal space isn’t just about the little bubble of air around your body. The desk you work off of, the room you sleep in and the car you drive are all just as vital personal spaces. So, when we invite someone to share one of our personal spaces it can be an extremely personal decision. […] More
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Why is it that some of the most unsettling things happen when we're alone at home?

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Keeping a good relationship with your neighbors is hard if they insist on spying on your every move. That also leads to a lot of awkward conversations. A Redditor encountered this very issue with their neighbor. So they turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment. They asked: AITA, For walking […] More
Allowing someone into your home is an act of Trust. Whether that person is family, friend or plumber, the trust is implied the moment they step over the threshold. The trust, of course, is that the guest will honor the rules of the home and treat their host with respect. What happens when that trust […] More

Home is where the heart is. Sometimes you just can't get anything done better than the way you get it at home.

People travel the world and plant roots far from their birthplace and still hold close the best of what home had to offer.

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