When we all finally purchase a home of our own, we get to choose where anything and everything goes. Some of us wait a whole lifetime for that chance. So it can be an issue when someone tries to take over the moment. Redditor justtuna wanted to discuss his experience and get some feedback. So […] More
No two people share the same comfort level. And even if someone else’s discomfort towards certain things may seem ridiculous to others, it’s always important to respect it. As one never knows where people’s fear or discomfort regarding certain experiences or situations may stem from. The sister of Redditor soontobeaunt, wanted her to be part […] More
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Sometimes people need a lesson in trust. Especially if you’re living in close quarters and people are not respecting one another’s space. In that event a good joke or harmless prank can go a long way as a teaching tool. That is if all the parties land in the same place after the lesson is […] More