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When you open the doors to your home, you would expect the guest would treat your property as if it were their own.

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KJ Styles/Unsplash

If you don't have any experience with construction, it can be pretty interesting to watch those reality HGTV shows (I know I'm addicted at this point). Some of the best episodes can be the one's where they open up the walls to find the builder didn't do anything right, causing a huge blow to the budget. The drama!

As someone who doesn't know much about building, and is dreaming of homeownership, Redditor Vast_Recognition_682 asked a question I wish I had thought of first.

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Image by ambermb from Pixabay

When you are alone at home, your imagination can get the best of you.

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People treat their homes as their sanctuaries - so having a job that takes you into peoples homes gives you a glimpse into things that the rest of the world may not get to see.

Sometimes you kind of wish you didn't either.

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It's quite common for children to discuss their dream houses. They conjure fantastic images of all-powerful gadgets, rooms dedicated to desserts, and houses high in the clouds or down at ocean's bottom.

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