People Break Down Which Discontinued Fast Food Items They Want Back On The Menu
Photo by Janice Lin on Unsplash

Remember when McDonald's sold pizza... or rather "McPizza"?

If you don't, it's fairly understandable, as it was generally reviled, and today there is exactly one McDonald's in the USA which continues to serve it.

As a result, not many people go to McDonald's wishing the McPizza would make a comeback.

But there are other items once seen on the McDonald's menu which people do wish might return to their menu, such as the McRibb sandwich, or the adult oriented Arch Deluxe.

Indeed, almost every fast food restaurant in the country must have at least one item which has since disappeared from their menu which at least one loyal customer is campaigning for a return.

Redditor Sudden-Equipment3281 was curious to learn which retired fast food dish people are wishing would make a comeback, leading them to ask:
"What's your one discontinued fast food menu item you want back?"

Not Your Grandmother's Burritos

"The Volcano Burritos from Taco Bell were my fav fast food item ever."- kefefs

"Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito."- insertcaffeine

The Perfect Alternative To A Big Mac...

"McDonald’s Snack Wraps."- MadisonPearGarden

"McDonald’s chicken snack wrap ;(."- Ok_Moonlight

Food Burger GIF by McDonald's ParisGiphy

If A Taco And A Quesadilla Had A Child...

"Meximelt."- Canesfan2718

For Those Who Needed More Than McNuggets...

"The original McDonald’s Chicken Select Strips."- H0D00m

...Or Couldn't Settle For An Egg McMuffin...

"Mcdonalds Steak, Egg & Cheese bagel."- TheRealSzymaa

National Bagel Day GIF by BagelNetGiphy

Who Doesn't Love A Handheld Pie?

"McDonalds fried apple pies."- NoOneEscapesTheFury

Don't Leave Any Consonants For Anyone Else!

"McDLT."- ManimalBestShowEva

Desert Empanadas? Yes Please!

"Taco Bell's carmel apple empanadas."

"They dropped them like a couple years ago."

"Plus side is that I very rarely ever go there anymore."

"Maybe twice a year now."- Pragmatist203

Hungry Taco Bell GIFGiphy

We generally don't go out for fast food to expand our palettes and try new things, but rather to get a reliable and comforting favorite.

Which makes the disappointment of discovering that old favorite is off their menu all the more bitterly disappointing.

Though, one can only assume that anyone who actually misses the McPizza might not actually understand what pizza is supposed to taste like...