People Explain Their Best "They Can't Stop Us All" Experiences

There is always power in numbers.

People Explain Their Best "They Can't Stop Us All" Experiences

One person can do and accomplish plenty but it is never a bad idea to gather in squads to face adversity. For instance, one singular vote can't unseat a President but a sprawling, brawling passionate group can take on the legion of the powerful. Group to group... working together can save many.

Redditor u/joyjoy12354 wanted everyone to share about the times being involved in a group effort was a success by asking.... Rebels of Reddit, what is your best "they can't stop us all" moment?

60 pairs of hands....

The time I gathered every other guild leader in my game server and then worked together to overthrow the top guild and shared the loot. They may have plenty of cash to throw but they sure as hell can't stop 60 pairs of hands from being faster than them when they only have 22. ShiningAway

Happy Halloween.


Halloween costumes were banned at my high school because of some idiots like 10 years before that dressed up and used it as an excuse to hide their face while they vandalized the school.

My senior year more than half of the class decided that we would still dress up and march into the school together in the morning. We all knew we would be punished right away, but it didn't matter. I stayed up all night making a suit of armor out of metallic duct tape and cardboard, along with a broomstick horse to ride. Here is a picture that ended up in the yearbook

The next day we all gathered in the parking and waited for everyone to show up. People went all out and there were a lot of amazing costumes, and after about 20 minutes of waiting we started our march in. The deans had learned of our plan and were waiting for us right as we entered. They started pulling people aside in groups and taking student IDs to hand out detentions.

In my group there was one guy dressed up as an ATM and when the dean asked for his ID he started making ATM noises and then slipped the ID out through the slot where you would put your debit card in. It was one of the funniest things and I was so jealous that my costume was not as clever as his. Even though having so many of us participate was pretty awesome, his costume just made that whole event for me. -eDgAR-

Forget you 7/11....

Worked at a 7-11 for about a year. Was planning on quitting for a while. Turns out the dedicated night guy was quitting and I figured it'd be opportune for them to look for day shift positions not expecting me to be there for the summer. Put my two weeks in. Next day the assistant manager puts his notice in. We all left at once, they offered me more money and hours to come back and finish out the summer. pretend_shower


This was when I was in 8th grade....

My school has a really strict dress code + a uniform but one day they went too far,they said WHITE SOCKS ONLY we decided to get the 2 grades above us and below us to wear black socks that day,we had over 400 people wearing black socks for a week straight until the school decided to remove the rule. someones_kid100

The cops were called to stop it.


Lol... it was senior prank week and I went to a high school of about 3k. We had two cafeterias at the time, a small one and a large one with two stories. In the large one every senior went around passing notes that there was gonna be a food fight at a certain time during this lunch period. And... it happened about 100 students flipped their tables as shields and started throwing food everywhere. People were taking running into the kitchen grabbing food to throw as well.

When I thought it couldn't get worse about 40 other seniors came through the doors before teachers could barricade the doors and everyone started throwing shit. It was awesome. The cops were called to stop it. They never caught the original guy who started it. And they definitely weren't going to waste time asking 140 students. So no one got in trouble, but we were all asked to clean up. Despite it being in the middle of the day. It was fun. NothingsxBothings

face the music....

At a party in high school. 2 cops showed up at the front door. 20-30 drunk high schoolers all at once ran out the back yard into the darkness including the kid who lived there. We all got away but he had to go back and face the music including having his parents called while they were away on vacation in another state.

I just remember running into shrubs and shit as I couldn't see anything and I had never seen this yard before. ImWhatTheySayDeaf

We're ALL it!


In 4th grade they banned tag, so me and some rebels started a protest with most of the grade joining. We were all sent to the principal's office. Thatonelesbiancousin

Air Travel Control. 

Last week at the airport, I go to enter security and they tell me to go downstairs because it will be faster. Me and a group of people go downstairs and when we get there they tell us to go upstairs because it will be faster. All of us collectively told them to screw off and went through security downstairs. vovodiva

Fight School.

Closest we got at my school was a fight. There's a zero tolerance policy, so they were going to get arrested anyway. A cop came to break it up and the fighters joined forces momentarily to shove him and knock him down. We have some ex-military teachers though so they got choked out no more than 30 seconds later.

After that school extended every class by 5 minutes and shortened lunch by 10 minutes so that "everyone would be so focused on eating that they wouldn't have time to fight." Made everyone mad so now kids fight just to spite the staff. Reddit-Is-Anonymous

15% too far....

In South Africa they implemented "e-tolls" on some freeways where they basically privatized roads we already paid for, upgraded them with a resurface, and then tried to charge people to use them. People were supposed to buy a disk that scans as you drive past, otherwise the cameras scan your license plate and mail you the bill.

Pretty much everyone just decided they can go screw themselves, I think the pay rate is at about 15%. The company that did the shady crap is in the hole for billions. WyrmKin

You're all shorted...


In high school they passed a rule where you could no longer wear shorts to school. So first day of school we organized to have 150 plus to wear shorts thinking they couldn't send us all home, well they did. We eventually got the rule changed by abiding to the rules, shorts were banned but not dresses or skirts that were knee length. We got a bunch of guys to come to school in skirts for I think 2 weeks before they change the rule to skirts or knee length pants Amazingj16

Not It. 

In 5th grade they banned tag for some reason so I orchestrated a game of tag that all of the 5th grade would join in on. Everyone joined and it was perfect because it was the very last day until we had to stay inside because of the rain. HoarseTheHorse

Tight Tales. 

My middle school tried to ban yoga pants so all of the girls came together and wore yoga pants. lilacnlove

Sounds like there needs to be another yoga pant rebellion. Nickonator22

The bedtime rebellion.

When I was 8, my mom went to the hospital with my dad so she could give birth to my final little brother. There's 4 of us, 11, 8, 6, and 3 iirc. Naturally, they get these ladies from church to watch us for the evening.

Our parents had a relatively lax bedtime for us at the time, which was like 9:15. However, when 8 o'clock rolled around, the ladies decided it was time to put us to bed. We tried telling them that we had another hour before bed, but they wouldn't listen. They actually convinced us that our parents were coming home soon, so we should surprise them by pretending to be asleep.

We all thought it was kind of lame but, being at the age we were, we fell for it. We go through our routine and get in bed about 8:10. Since we weren't used to going to bed at this hour, we were all lying in bed dejectedly, trying not to think about all the play we were missing out on (or at least, I was. We all slept in the same room but it was dark.)

It was then as I was lying in bed, thinking about my life decisions, that I realized we'd been bamboozled. I shot up and said something along the lines of,"Guys! They tricked us!! Let's go get em!"

I leapt out of bed, my siblings behind me, and we ran through the house making the obnoxious noises children our age made. The one lady was actually on the phone with dad, telling him we were asleep, when we erupted from the bedroom hollering joyously. Her face fell with disappointment, but she didn't try to force us back to bed.

The bedtime rebellion. BaddestofUsernames

Stand... or Not.


At my school, we have this thing when you can ask for a song to be played on the speakers during lunch. One kid asked to play the Russian National Anthem. Almost everyone in the cafeteria was standing. The teachers told us to sit down most people sat but a few people kept standing. Afterwards, I heard that the teachers were gonna punish us somehow but decided not to because there were to many of us. grabbypattys

Leave as a Whole...

Back in high school, there was a really big budget cut for extracurricular activities in the entire district. several sports teams and clubs were cancelled. A lot of students needed those for their college applications and things. Different protests happened at other schools, but our school did an every period walk out. Halfway through every class, all the students would get up and leave (the whole school took part, 2500+ students).

The same would happen in the next period. We did this for a month and a half. if you wanted to remove a big portion of what made school important, we would too. the budget was reinstated shortly after lol. other schools would pick a day to not show up. Others had teacher hold the clubs, regardless of budget or not. Good times. CaptGenie

It was the most fun ever. 

I was in show choir, and we ended each school year with a big concert, performing our show for the last time. I was getting kind of emotional for my senior year show, as it was the last time I'd ever be in show choir.

Well, the week before the show, a bunch of us were getting half-off apps at Applebee's (a regular hangout for post-rehearsal cheap treats). The conversation shifted over to Super Troopers, and we started thinking of hilarious moments in our show where we could Meow instead of sing the words. like which soloists could sneak it in, where could we all sing it together, etc.

Sunday show arrives. the set started, I was tearing up already, and our soloist starts out... "a dream is a wish your heart MEOWS."

this is what happened by the end of our set.

It was the most fun ever. it was totally worth our choreographer throwing a fit and threatening not to work with us again, our band director getting all high and mighty that it wasn't appropriate, and our choir director's wife coming to class the next day to yell at us for about 10 minutes. notadilemma

"They can't stop us all!"

Living in Chicago, they blocked off a bridge for filming The Dark Knight Batman movie. A crowd started forming, mostly from people who need to cross the bridge. We are all on foot, going around is a big hassle, and city folks don't like when streets get blocked.

Finally, some guy shouts "They can't stop us all!" and on cue, we all hopped the barriers and poured into the movie set. Christopher Nolan and all the security can't stop grumpy city pedestrians from going where they want. pm_me_your_Navicula

Into the Woods. 

My engineering class instigated the single largest snowball fight the city has ever encountered. Thousands of university students involved. When the cops showed up, everyone ran into the forest for several hours.

It was all a distraction so another team could move 'The Cannon'. stevey_frac

2 Spots Over.


Senior prank 2 grades above me, they all went to school early and filled the staff parking lot with their cars, raided the staff lunchroom and claimed it as their own for a day, and put the school up for sale for 15 dollars on kijiji. Fun times, school staff was pretty chill about it though, spare one teacher who was MAD about his parking spot. corok12


Who else has some group action tales?

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