People Divulge The Worst Thing They've Ever Stepped On While Barefoot

People Divulge The Worst Thing They've Ever Stepped On While Barefoot

Most of us enjoy going barefoot, the feeling of warm sand between our toes, or soft and fresh spring grass, there's something about it that is grounding. At home it is comfortable and a part of unwinding, taking your shoes off after a long day.

It's not always great though, sometimes going barefoot leads to unwanted surprises. The worst thing I've stepped on barefoot should have been innocent but it scarred me.

We had a hallway leading from outside to the door we had cts and never knew what they'd bring in. It was summertime and one night after a glass of wine I'm walking into the hallway and step on a grape. Sound fine right? Well it was dark, hot, and I didn't know what it was. All I felt was something warm the size, shape and texture of an eyeball squish under my foot.

It felt so gross and because I remember the dissection of sheep's eyeballs in biology lab that's all I cold picture as the slimy jelly squished through my toes and I fumbled for the light switch to find it was thankfully a fruit. Now I don't eat grapes often because I can't without thinking how they feel like an eyeball...and now you can't either--you're welcome.

Redditor mrbad*ssmotherf*cker wanted to know your worst barefoot stories. They asked:

“What's the worst thing you've stepped on barefoot?"

People had some pretty painful answers.

Jellied frog eggs...

“​I was 9(f) and climbing out of the lake at the end of the dog. But as I went up I didn't notice the jellied mound of frog eggs on the ladder leading up. As simple hit the second to top step, 4 feet above the water, the slime on the step squished beneath my foot and I lost my balance as I felt the eggs splurt between my toes.”

“And then I fell backwards off the ladder, head backward, face first into the freshly disturbed egg sludge. That I then puked into. It was a bad day and made me squeamish for life. My aunts hosed me off while I cried and I never swam there again.”CaffinatedHBIC

​“Was a really long night.”

“Either a sewing needle stuck in a broom (not malicious; Mom dropped the needle and couldn't find it so she swept and blahblah) that got stuck in my big toe. Or broken glass because I was trying to do dishes and dropped a thin glass that shattered all over the only way out of the sink corner. I was barefoot and had to walk to work that evening, and got a few cuts on the tender bits of my feet. Was a really long night.” FunInevitable5213

Hope they went to the doctor!

An xacto blade it was avoidable too. I was working on building a 1/700 ship and dropped the blade underneath my desk. Like a idiot I left it there and didn't have any shoes on. In hindsight I should have been wearing shoes and picked the blade up. Well of course I stepped on the blade and your first reaction is not to move after the initial shock and pain of being stuck."

“My heel started to bleed just a little at first then a little more to the point I started to get worried. I put a lot of pressure on the spot after I removed the blade as it was less than an inch in my heel. I've never seen so much blood come from one area like I did with my foot. Needless to say I stopped the blood an continue to build 1/700 ships and a bit more careful with xacto knives." frogmickey

A mouse glued to your foot?

“I was fixing my mouth to say dog poop, after an unfortunate incident that happened when my lazy brother failed to let the dog outside to relieve himself, but then I recalled something more traumatic.”

“ In the spring/summer out home started getting infested by these tiny, speedy little mice. We weren't the inle ones, as other neighbors had started taking issue with them too and it was really hard to get rid of them long-term.”

“This time around dad tried using sticky traps which he placed all around the house without properly informing the rest of the home, so imagine my surprise when I dig my entire foot into this nasty gunky trap as I'm heading to the basement. But then upon further inspection I notice that there's a partially living mouse jammed halfway under my foot and the glue trap. I'm not scared of mice but it screwed up my night by quite a lot.“ ThotThotlyTheMeek

The foot bone is connected to the...t-bone?

When I was 10 or 11, I went down to check the chicken yard for eggs one morning. These chickens got all the scraps from the farm kitchen... veggie peelings, leftovers, you name it.”

“It was spring, and there was beautiful green grass everywhere, and I loved walking around barefoot. So, anyway, wandering into the yard to check for eggs, and step on something really sharp.“

“Look down, thinking it must have been a rock of something, and there is a bone sticking out of my foot... but it's not one of mine! A gross, half-chewed, sharp ended t-bone from goodness knows when...”

“I pulled it out, and hobbled back to the house to clean it up and put some bandaids on it. (I thought bandaids fixed anything lol) Mum asked what I was doing, and after I told her what happened, took me to see the local GP for a clean out and an injection of some sort. No infection or scars, but I'll never forget the image of it sticking out the top of my foot :-)SaucyPirateWench

Fire ants...

Happy Episode 19 GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

Fire ant colony.”adalaza

Was playing under the slide on a swing set as a kid and apparently there was a fire ant nest I didn't see. Almost immediately I was covered head to toe in fire ants, my mom had to rush me into the shower to wash them all off and I ended up in the ER. Fire ants are no joke.”antisocialsushi

Little plastic kids toys are weapons, change my mind.

When my son was a toddler, we bought him this carrying case for his Matchbox/Hotwheels cars that looked like an 18 wheeler and came with tiny traffic barriers and road cones.”

“You think stepping on floor Legos in the middle of the night is bad? You should try stepping on a tiny road cone made of hard plastic. Ow.” KnockMeYourLobes

The joys of pet ownership...

​“Our neighbor fed our puppy a ham bone and in the middle of that night, I was awoken by the sound of her puking all over the carpet at the side of our bed. After I woke up, I also smelled her bowels, which she had kindly evacuated, also on our carpet. Two of my first five steps on the way to turn on the light landed in vomit and poop. One foot in each.” papahet1


“A bee. That was not a fun walk to the medical room as the sting and I guess some bee intestines (?) were still in my foot. 10 year old me was scared to walk in grass for a good while after thatHappy_Diabetic

Every rose has it's thorn...

“A good piece of rose bush that mum had forgotten to pick up after pruning. Multiple deep cuts along my arch. Never told her cos I didn't want her to feel horrible.” Formal-Asparagus-735

Going barefoot is comfortable and nice from time to time however, when things like this happen it equals insta-regret. Maybe we'll keep our shoes on from now on...

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