People Divulge The One Secret About Themselves No One Would Ever Expect

People Divulge The One Secret About Themselves No One Would Ever Expect

We are human, we contain multitudes. And in those multitudes are some surprising nuances about us as people.

We sort of develop public personalities that we assume around others, and hide bits of ourselves that we don't deem acceptable for public consumption. But just because we aren't public about those things doesn't mean they don't exist.

u/objectivelygrey asked:

What's one secret you have that nobody will expect from you?

Here were some of those answers.

Thanks, It Was The Drugs

I lost close to 50 pounds in the span of 3 months because I was doing so many drugs. My (super religious) family all complimented me on my "hard work" but they have no idea how I did it.


The Worst Kind Of Secret

I had a miscarriage and no one knew I was pregnant.


I had a miscarriage right after I got off birth control. I was waiting to surprise my husband. I miscarried the day before I was going to tell him. I couldn't bring myself to tell him, I knew it would devastate him. I'm so sorry you went through it alone.


Reality And Fantasy

I'm actually dead poor but I live in a country clubhouse that isn't mine and just was lend to me to take care of it by family members. I drive a nice sports sedan and a luxury SUV that are not mine ......I have been involved in the community as a respectable member and they think I'm a successful businessman, I get along very well with everybody and go to reunions that I'm invited and stuff. I have hung out with beautiful rich women that I never thought I would.

I try to take care of my body and present myself nicely but I'm an impostor. I have gotten great things thanks to this fake persona, but actually, I don't genuinely feel happy about it.

Everyone thinks I'm well-grounded when In reality I'm severely depressed that I still can't find my way in life due to other circumstances that I won't talk about in this post.


Nobody can know our true selves if we don't let ourselves be known.

Keeping The Silence

The boss I have that everyone loves and thinks is amazing? I think she's a sh*tty boss and a sh*tty person. I don't say anything, cos it would make things weird, so I just kind of play along.


It's Great For Anxiety

I'm the director of a preschool and over time have garnered respect from my community. No one knows I go home and smoke a ton every day after school.


I'm pretty sure somebody knows. You may not know, but they also smoke a ton every day after school.


Forging My Identity

I've changed a lot about myself when I was a kid.

I used to be one of those "strange" kids. People in my class didn't like me. I was also big - tall and chubby.

I had my secret plan to become someone else. Day by day I used to observe other girls. I tried to remember their moves and words. I even learned their jokes and practiced everything at home. I used to draw pictures of "future me" - slim, with nice hair, having my own style. I designed my personality and planned all my social life the way I wanted it to be. I even wrote a letter to the "future me". One of the sentences was like "just tell me that you finally have friends".

Then I changed my school and everything just started. I acted like I planned to, I looked like I wanted to. I even stopped growing up at a young age so I got middle-height and slim. I met wonderful friends and introduced them to each other to create a strong group. I used to party a lot and I had a lot of crazy adventures. People really wanted to spend time with me. It seemed so unreal even after few years. Sometimes I had this fear that one day I wake up as the lonely awkward kid I used to be before.

Some of my friends used to tell me that I was just lucky being pretty and popular. Nobody knew how much effort I've put to create the person I became. Now I'm a bit older and I do my best to stay sociable (which is more difficult when all your friends are more into stabilizing and start their families).


A Daddy's Girl

I am raising my daughter on my own, her mother didn't tell me she was pregnant and tried to put her up for adoption.

I am proud. Very proud. In my mind if I talk sh*t about my daughters mother if reflects poorly on me which in turn reflects poorly on our daughter. She didn't ask for any of this.


But Reddit is a safer space to divulge these secrets.

This Mortal Coil

Im extremely afraid of death, and I'm sure most people are. But when I think about it on some nights I just feel this complete emptiness inside me like as if I have already died. Maybe once that day comes it'll be such a surprise to me that I won't expect it or I'll be old and at peace with my life.


A New Nationality

I have a secret when it comes to talking to people or playing games online. I never actually told anyone the truth about where I'm from. I always wanted to be either Irish or English and I love those cultures but sadly I don't really enjoy the culture and tradition of my country (Poland) and I especially love English itself as a language so I've spent some time perfecting my accents and speaking with them on daily basis (online as it is where I spend most of my day anyways)

So everybody always assumes that I'm either English or Irish and I always say that I'm Irish living in Netherlands (so I can explain my Time zone being different from theirs) I always dreamed of moving there and I'm actually planning to once all the mess with Covid clears.

Obviously not England since Brexit but Ireland for sure. So here it is I don't admit to being Polish because I don't enjoy anything Polish. That includes, movies, music, language, traditions and all. I especially hate disco polo music to which everybody here listens all the freaking time...


Money Money Money

My grandfather was relatively wealthy (for our area) and left me a decent chunk of change. I haven't changed anything about my lifestyle besides wearing slightly nicer clothes than I used to, 99% of said money is collecting interest as we speak.


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