People Divulge The Dumbest Reason Someone's Ever Broken Up With Them
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Some years back, I was dating someone who objected to what I ordered for dinner while we were sitting in a restaurant. They weren't eating my meal, so why did it matter? Well, it did to them. It was then that I decided that I wasn't about to stand for this type of controlling behavior. I informed them that if they didn't like it, they could leave. So they did. I dodged a bullet there, didn't I?

People told us all about their own experiences with dating when Redditor da_chosenone asked the online community,

"What's the dumbest reason someone broke up with you?"

"I told her..."

"I told her not to drink and drive."


Thank you for being a responsible human being! You undoubtedly saved some lives that night.

"Because I checked..."

"Because I checked there wasn't bird poop on a park bench before sitting on it. I wasn't manly enough to not look and just sit in bird poop."


Wait, wait, wait a sec... WHAT.

What is wrong with people?

I guess I'd be fine with that if I were you because I like my pants to stay clean.

"Our first kiss..."

"Our first kiss, which was a peck on the cheek before I walked into an exam, "wasn't passionate enough" and he based our entire relationship on that and dump me. Was nice enough to wait until the exam was over."


Oh, my. What a gentleman.


You dodged a bullet.

"I was her first..."

"I was her first everything. Kiss, sex, boyfriend. Her friends convinced her she needs to date other men to have an informed decision before deciding if I was the one. She dumped me. Two divorces later and she emailed me out of the blue wanting to chat."


Oh, hell no.

Kick her to the virtual curb.

"She said I looked..."

"She said I looked too young. Grew and never shaved my beard off after that."


"About five years ago..."

"About five years ago, I ended up having a miscarriage, I was more devastated than my ex was BUT the reason for the break up was actually his mother. She convinced him he should be with a woman who can actually give him a child rather than lose one. So for that reason, and quite a few more but that was the main one, he broke up with me."


That's how he reacted? Imagine how he would have been had you stayed.

You're better off––sorry for your loss.

"Her family didn't like..."

"Her family didn't like that I was white. We actually dated for a few years, but eventually, her parents convinced her."


"She thought Harry Potter..."

"She thought Harry Potter lured children into Satanism."


People still think that?

The early 2000s called and what their culture war nonsense back.

"My dad had heart surgery..."

"My dad had heart surgery and was in isolation with complications. The girl I was with at the time broke up with me because I wouldn't take her to the hospital to meet him while in isolation."


"A guy broke up with me..."

"A guy broke up with me because I hung out with my mom too much."


Given that there's a pandemic going on, I'm not exactly mad about not dating at the moment. Cuts out a lot of these issues. Maybe some people have gotten their acts together over the last year... we can only hope.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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