People Divulge The Opinion That Is The Smallest Hill They're Willing To Die On
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Not everyone is going to believe what you believe. Our own experiences and values add up to make us who we are. Without them, we'd all be the same amorphous blob of consciousness covering the planet in bland beliefs. You hold something in high regard, and that might mean someone else disagrees with you.

Hold your ground, and be ready to die on that hill, kind of like these people.

Reddit user, realduckbutter, wanted to know what you will never let go of when they asked:

"What’s the smallest hill you’re willing to die on?"

What is it about this hill that makes it worthwhile to fight over? Is it something ingrained in your core or something that you can never let go?

This Is Good, Great, And Dandy

"Oxford commas are GOOD and should be EMPLOYED LIBERALLY."


"I agree with this, I agree with this, and I agree with this."


Squats All Day

"Nice butts are better than big butts."


"Shape > Size"

"on that note, 99.9% of of people don’t give a damn about color imperfections or stretch marks. It’s completely irrelevant. The shape is what makes a nice butt."

"Edit: I admit that my statistic it totally made up. I made to say that MOST people don’t care."


Doesn't Hold Up

"KFC gravy isn't as good as it used to be."


"KFC isn't as good as it used to be. The biscuits are so hit or miss now."


Me Am No Good With Words And Things

"It's "I couldn't care less," not "I could care less." If you could care less, you care a little!"


"That’s what I’m saying!!! People make no sense sometimes"


The workplace is somewhere you (possibly) go to every day. If there's something about it you like or don't like, don't let it go.

Proper Bathroom Ambience

"Bathrooms at the work place should all be required to play music to help drown out the sounds being made"


"THANK YOU. I’ve thought this for years. Just some simple elevator music. Anything."

"I’d rather hear 10 hours of Yiruma’s River Flows In You than 10 seconds of whatever is flowing out of the poor guy next to me."


Better Be Some Money That Comes With That Title

"Don’t give me a “promotion” unless it comes with a pay raise. The only reason I would want a promotion is because I get paid more, not so I can flex my title on ppl"


"Flex that title into a raise somewhere else"


So Grateful

"All companies regardless of what industry they're in do their best work and are the most consumer friendly when they're in second or third place in their industry. The 'leader' is almost never the best option."


"The best service and the most exciting food is at two star Michelin restaurants because they’re playing offense not defense."


"Cashiers should be allowed to sit down during their shifts, ex. Aldi. There should be no reason why they need to keep standing in place for an entire shift"


"This is so f-cking American. I've never in my European life seen a cashier standing up."


Whatever it is about these hills we're all supposedly dying, you cannot deny the fact it's super fascinating to see bodies dropping on them.

Do Any Of Us Know What We're Eating?

"When people say “it has chemicals in it”. Your mom is chemicals. Everything is chemicals."


"The whole "don't put it in your body if you can't pronounce it" nonsense is infuriating. An apple has things in it most people couldn't pronounce if you wrote out the chemical composition. And does my having taken organic chem and biochem classes mean I can eat things others can't?"

"Don't even get me started on the anti-GMO crap."


Diamond Eyeglasses? Diamond Cups? Why Stop There?

"Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. Chemically. It’s purely marketing that makes you pay more for mined diamonds."


"I believe you may be wrong. They are purer than mined diamonds."

"I'm looking forward to windshields made out of diamond."


*tap, *tap, *tap

"Mobile gaming is better when it's simple games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja"


"Yeah I thought I wanted big impressive games on my phone but then I realized there’s no point. I’m never going to play on my phone over a console"


Holding Up The Line With Your Niceness

"Pay-it-forward drive-through chains are pointless. They aren’t really helping anyone, they’re just making everything awkward."


"Im a starbucks barista and like its a nice thing dont get me wrong, but the way our systems work things get confusing and orders or items get lost so people end up getting free but wrong orders :( it also puts the customer on the spot to make a decision to continue or not and i hate that it's so awkward. I always just say hey your order has been paid for have a great day!"


It Hurts So Good

"If Q-Tips were not meant to go deep in your ear canal, then God would not have put the g-spot in there"


Meet lots of people, develop a set of values, then enact those values upon yourself as you engage with the world. Be the person you want to be.

Tell us how you won't let anything go in the comments below.

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